5 Diehard Facts about Car Auctions in Nigeria (Experts’ View)

5 Diehard Facts about Car Auctions in Nigeria (Experts' View)

No one insists you believe any fact about car auctions in Nigeria because it firmly depends on your disposition and readiness for new information.

Over the years, and through some of our web platforms, we’d come to some level of realization that people find it more hard to unlearn than to learn; even as we find it hard to figure a lasting solution to the illusive dents caused by internet fraudsters in the minds of buyers.

Except for accurate information, sensitization and continuous reconnection, we have no better way of ensuring an adequate sensitization for her community.

Even newbies on the internet must have seen news regarding car auctions through several web pages, advertisements, and sometimes, across radio and Tele-Commercials. And as a matter of fact, most of the breaking and the non-breaking news about car auction in Nigeria aren’t anything to take home.

But, should we believe that car auction, in its entirety, is false? Anyways, you are about to find out in this journal. What does this imply?

If you are in a hurry for a used car in Nigeria, before you dive into some of the sites, there some clarifications that will be very vital for your purchasing journeys.

What is Car Auction?

Of course, it will be an aberration from reality when we continue with the discussion without helping you look at some latest definitions of the subject matter.

If you’re very familiar with the topic, we recommend you navigate to the subsequent sections of this post, for the sake of your time.

But aside that, you need to pay rapt attention to the simple details we have to offer for free. It’s no doubt that we are now into the business of cars and automobile reviews, but we’ve got a lot to offer in that respect.

Now, if you are not familiar with the term “auction”, we suggest you call a friend because car auction is simple a strategic means of selling cars using a known auction system.

This method of selling cars is rampant in countries like Japan and the United States, but due to the rapid technological proliferation, the custom has spread into most African countries.

In Nigeria, there are lots of reliable car auction hubs and digital platforms, but the practice is strictly for licensed automobile dealers in any country.

Types of Car Auctions 

If you can be patient, this article intends to guide your sense of purchasing. For this reason, we take time to help you see hidden facts within the ‘cheap cars for sale’ adverts that have become the definition of must online malls and advertising platforms.

Now you know that car auctions are real, but you are still likely to make some mistakes when you don’t get the gist properly. There are two types of car auctions anywhere in the world.

One is the safest place, while the other requires some level of expertise while dealing.

The Government Car Auction 

In countries like Nigeria, where the government still crown nepotism and corruption, it is relatively hard for the son of nobody to get accurate auction information.

The officials will instead make the purchases and resell to others at a fraction of the real cost.

But all things being equal, the government auction system used to be the most reliable. For instance; let’s assume that the police have 100,000 SUVs and later get funded with a few from some non-governmental organization.

The best (for the sake of space and a source of income), is for the department to get rid of the old vehicle. And based on favourable routines, the auction is always the best approach.

The government car auction used to be the best in that it is highly reliable.

One of the only challenge facing auctions at the country level is the level of brutality in competition. 

The Public Car Auction 

In this case, I have also heard stories of friends who got the best of cars through public car auctions.

In as much as I am aware that most of the vehicles are leftovers or vehicles produced from return policies (smiles), I’m sure that one can get something more than condemned vessels.

You must forgive my choice of words, but in most cases, it is as worst as that. Anyways, this is one of the reasons why we have to guide your moves in truth.

Online Car auction Systems

An online car auction may not have the most significant portion of this work is all about, but goes a long way to establishing an existence that most buyers are scared to approach.

Even as we may not teach you the simple steps to bid and know your online platforms, we must ensure you get the lists of places to try.

Online auction is now helping the two traditional auction methods go into real extinction (and that will happen very soon).

Are car Auctions Real?

This question, to the best of my knowledge, is the motivation behind this work, in that a lot of web query the web in manners that got our attention.

And as a matter of fact, this is one of the mistakes that dealers has always continued to learn from. People, in this part of the world, pass through opportunities daily without recognizing them. And one phobia lies in the reality of web contents.

People are often afraid to check out website contents, even when it matters so much to them; and that’s because of history.

However, it is a past that we no longer dwell on when car auctions is concerned in Nigeria. In this post, we are sharing a few facts about car auctions and how it concerns the nation that is embracing both technology and vast liberalism in respect to technology and automobile marketplaces.

5 Diehard Facts about Car Auctions in Nigeria (Experts’ View)

From the conversations above, you must admit that car auctions are not political promises. They are ventures that also need the uniqueness of our purchasing powers to thrive.

Below are the facts that you must take home about car auctions:

  1. A car auction is For Everyone: Irrespective of the fact that the business is regulated for only the licenses automobile dealers, it needs you (the reader) and I (the writer), to thrive. The prospects are the two set of persons mentioned above.
  2. It’s a Business Strategy, not a Community Development Project: Let assumes I deal on cars. And in my car stand I have some set of vehicles that have overstayed their welcome. The best way to give them out is through auction. But that does not mean free. Another example is in cases where cars get damaged, and dealers don’t see needs to keep investing in them. So, car auction is way far from charity, even though you get them cheap.
  3. Auctions make it affordable: Don’t let the villagers scare you aware of purchasing your car. Through actions, people get the most exotic vehicles with just peanuts.
  4. Everything online is not Fraudulent: Internet fraudsters have made it very hard for our fathers to believe the web again, but that’s not called for many talks. Believe does not erase the facts that great thing happens via the internet.
  5. You can get New Cars: The term ‘car auctions’ does not suggest a business of old or uses cars for sale.

The video below is from the first-ever public car auction in Nigeria ( Lagos State)  


Frequently Asked Questions about Car Auction

There are popular questions that we have to address appropriately. They might sound funny, but they are extracts from real-time questions from buyers who are ready through the search Engines.

Although the queries might not be as frequent as it looks, they are more critical than most of the lies you’d been fed with; sometimes by smugglers who prove to be smarter than the real business car dealers or those who know about car auctions.

  1. Is it a good idea to buy a car from an auction?
  2. What are the best car auction sites?
  3. How much cheaper are cars at auction?
  4. How do you buy a car from auction online?

Where can I buy Auction Cars in Nigeria?

Gone are the days when one has to travel across the border for cars and car auctions.

Online car auctioning became more popular because of the widespread of tech values across the world, and through these websites, you can bid and get the best of cars with a great sense of affordability.

Before it used to be a movie of the mere advertisement, but the different reality is that you can comfortably buy cars through auction (online or offline) in various Nigerian markets.

Technology being our focus for this weeks’ review, we decide to start with the car auctions online:

Online Car Auctions in Nigeria

Of course, car auctions online has been gaining serious momentum since the use of the internet has been accepted by a very wide margin. In light of this, you can freely trade upon platforms that present what catches your fantasy and desires for cars.

The sites below have been spotted doing the right things for a while.

  1. Awoof Car’s Auction
  2. Copart.com and 
  3. Auctionexport.com

Now, before proceeding with hasty bidding and car purchase from these auction platforms, one may want to learn a bit about their modes of operations and differences. 

Awoof Cars Auction 

This company is Nigeria’s first indigenous car auction site that has been chosen as an actual element of conversation, by many reviewers.

The internet-based auction software has built an enviable reputation over the years, following their timely delivery and testimonies across the federation.

And to bid and purchase auction cars from this company, one has to do the following:

  • Register as a member of the platforms 
  • And learn more about their auctioning windows.

Auction Export

The Auctionexport.com is another reliable alternative for Nigerian buyers in that it has been consistently serving the Nigerian market through car auctions.

The truth being that it is not a Nigerian company did not, as well, question the fact that the reliability rating is commendable for interested prospects from Nigeria.

The company is one of those car dealerships certified by the reputable Better Business Bureau (BBB), whose primary goals include fairness, transparency, accountability and trust.

Over the years, the company has never been found wanting in the core representation of these obligations. And if our guess can be accurate, we feel it’s the reason they could penetrate the Nigerian market without notice.

Currently, a report has it that they have over two hundred thousand (200,000 cars available).

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The other car auction websites that primarily serve the Nigerian market include Surestbid.com and Copart.com.

Being the last to be mentioned in this review does not mean that they are the least among where to buy cars through auctions in Nigeria.

Offline car Auctions in Nigeria 

The offline Car auction in Nigeria is a vast market that is yet to be fully exploited.

Besides being one of the most reliable motivations for this article, there is a confident trust that it will soon be on the booming edge.

The fact that the Nigerian Association of Auctioneers (NAA) has only about one hundred and twenty does not pen down any sense of encouragement, but the results so far have been astonishing.

The Nigerian Customs Service Auction system has been the top figure in the order, even as we have a more transparent bidding environment.

The Nigerian Customs Car Auction

Cars are impounded regularly across borders and our only functional seaport.

The Nigerian Customs Service, as the only means of fair trading, use the auction system while selling off the impounded vehicles.

And as a matter of truth, that used to be the single reliable car auction hub in Nigeria. And based on the stand of this journal, is categorized to the Government Auctions.

The actual conditions of these vehicles are published before thrown open for bidding, by the masses. And it has been one of the essential factors that sanitized the auction ecosystem for a very long time.

But these claims do not counter the limit that the NCS does not offer any form of guarantee on the vehicles sold.

One other shortcoming facing the Customs auctions is the fact the in Nigeria; Lagos State houses the largest and only operational seaport.

However, to ensure you don’t get lost in a bid to own a car through auction, the official video by the Nigerian Customs Service spokesman will keep you off the wrong street. 

The Nigerian Customs Car Auction Warning 

From this, you will realize that even as the Nigerian Customs Service has reliable car auction platforms in Nigeria, you can be scammed be fraudsters within.

And to avoid these ugly stories, avoid taking shortcuts while you genuinely seek the beauty of life.

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