How reliable are Jiji Cars? Here is a Blogger's View for Buyers 

How reliable are Jiji Cars? My Thought | Valentine Nnanyere

Recalling My First Encounter with Jiji Cars: A Tale from My University Days

Thinking about Jiji cars takes me back to the days when I first witnessed car deals while attending the Federal University of Technology Owerri. Those were the days that truly made me believe in the power of the internet.

At that time, I was already deeply involved in blogging and website development for various clients. Despite my engagement with the online world, it surprised me to witness the level of scepticism that still surrounds eCommerce in this part of the world.

Nevertheless, the success of eCommerce, online car sales, and platforms like Jiji vehicles have defied all odds and continued to thrive. Recent years have brought about significant changes, and failing to embrace these changes could lead to stagnancy or even obsolescence.

The mindset of a car dealer and a potential buyer browsing through Jiji cars is what sets them apart. It’s a distinction between optimism and doubt, yet neither exclusively belongs to one or the other.

Before delving into the main subject, I’d like to ask you a couple of questions. Have you explored car prices on the Jiji app? Are you genuinely considering patronizing Jiji cars? Regardless of your answers, this post aims to enlighten you about the features, risks, and benefits of opting for Jiji cars, especially if you are in Nigeria.

What do you know about Jiji or Jiji cars?

Navigating through the eCommerce store, you may have overlooked the arrangements, content, and commodities showcased that could reshape your purchasing decisions. You might wonder if this is a paid review, voluntary promotion, or an article born from observed excellence in the market. Whichever you deem fit, Jiji cars have consistently been a sub-brand associated with quality.

Beyond being one of the largest online markets in Nigeria, Jiji is committed to continuous improvement. Connecting thousands of buyers and sellers for almost every commodity, Jiji has been a prominent player in the market since 2014.

How to Buy Cars from Jiji

Did you know that Jiji implements a verification process to curb fraudulent activities, even though it allows anyone genuinely interested in buying or selling? Sellers create profiles, provide precise details about their products (in this case, cars), and leave their contacts for potential buyers.

Buyers interact directly with the sellers, and besides the premium advert fee, Jiji does not earn a fraction from the transactions. Verification of seller identities goes beyond basic information, extending to phone and location verification.

For added security, Jiji suggests some tips for buyers when dealing directly with sellers:

  • Do not pay in advance, especially for delivery.
  • Meet in a safe, public place.
  • Inspect the items before buying.
  • Pay only after collecting the purchased item.

Jiji’s Secure Payments/Transactions

Jiji offers a second category for those who prefer a mediated approach. Acting as an intermediary, Jiji makes transactions safer for both buyers and sellers, with some protection for the company’s services. Depending on the nature of the vehicle, the seller, and the buyer’s readiness, this approach provides an alternative for those considering Jiji cars.

According to their “About Us” page, Jiji provides Premium Services for those who want to sell and earn more. While we may not have exhausted the true meaning behind this, one implication is that premium products can be purchased directly through the website, adding to the platform’s credibility.

In Summary: The Four Steps to Buying Jiji Cars

  1. Search with the name of the car: Use the search panel and filters to find the car you need. has thousands of adverts, so be specific about the car you’re looking for. You can also search by brand, price range, year, and more.
  2. Contact a seller: Utilize the chat or phone call option on Jiji to discuss the car conditions and negotiate the price with the seller.
  3. Order for the car: Before proceeding, thoroughly check the seller. Jiji recommends meeting in a public place and paying only after you have the car.
  4. Rate the seller: Help build a safe and professional business community by rating your experience when purchasing a product. Your feedback assists others in making informed decisions.

Car Auctions in Nigeria: A Brief Insight

The ever-growing demand for better cars has driven car dealers to explore innovative options, including auctions. Despite the challenges facing this segment of the car industry in Nigeria, there are visible improvements that caught our attention and prompted a review.

For more information on car auctions in Nigeria, including prices and types of cars available, you can check out our latest reviews. Stay updated on scholarship news by visiting our Facebook page, following us on Twitter, signing up for our free newsletter, and joining our Instagram page for more updates.

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