2023 High School Diploma Online (10 Affordable Schools)

High school diploma online is an online avenue for students to access education despite financial constraints and busy schedules due to work and engagement.

These virtual platforms provide basic knowledge in vital areas giving a good foundation for further studies. This is another related post you may want to check out:

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Despite tight schedules, financial constraints, health challenges and other forms of constraints that could completely hinder you from going to school.

These are schools that have amazing diploma online free school options, and that will provide platforms for education irrespective of challenges that would have totally hindered you.

Accredited High School Diploma Online

Here are best free accredited high school diploma issuers:

Park City Independent Online Adult High School

This is one of the free accredited high school diploma online. It is located in Scottsdale, AZ.

This institution is accredited by advanced and this program has a credit load of 24 credits within which 6 credits must be completed.

You can visit the official school website.

Indiana University High School

This school is located in Bloomington. It offers college prep and standard diploma pathways.

It is also licensed from Advanced and its tuition is $ 252 per course.

They offer mathematics, sciences, social science, health education and directed electives.

The Indiana university high school also offer free electives among other subjects.

To learn more about this accredited online school for diploma, kindly visit the official school website here.

University of Mississippi High School

The school gives free accredited high school diploma online; based in the University of Mississippi.

This is one the accredited high school online. At UMHS, students must complete at least 6.25 credits.

The University of Mississippi High School is one of the accredited online school offering English language and Arts, mathematics, science, and social science, foreign languages and other courses.

The tuition fees is around $ 375 for 1 unit courses, $250 for 1/ 2 unit courses, $425 for 1 unit AP courses  and $300 for ½  unit AP courses.


Mizzou K-12 Online High School

This is also a free accredited high school diploma online. It gives free accredited high school diploma online and it is based in Columbia. MO. It has also been accredited by Advanced.

The tuition-free is $500 per course. Missouri and US residents who are in the diploma are admitted into the program for a 50% discount in tuition.

The school offers English language, Arts, Math, Science, Social science, Fine Arts and world languages and electives.


Clintondale Virtual School

Clintondale virtual school is a unique program that allows all high schools across the country to take a high school class within 8 weeks. Also, it is based in Clinton Township, MI and it is accredited by Advanced.

The program is for students over 22 years and students enroll at any time in the year to take advantage of their classes delivered online with 24/7 access.

The tuition fee is between $200 – $250 per course.


Texas Success Academy

This school is based in Alington. TX. IT has a licensed from Advanced and Texas Education Agency.  The students receive all the classes at once and work at their pace.

The tuition is as follows, students with 0-11.5 credit pay $1,005 for 8 months. While students with more than 11.5 credits pay $905 or $ 105 per month. This class runs for 9 months.

The school offers courses in business information management, and in business management.

They also offer introduction to accounting and electrical technology and plumbing technology categories.


Liberty High School

This is one of the free accredited high school diploma courses online. it gives free accredited high school diploma online.

This school is located in Brattleboror, Vermont and it has been accredited by Vermont State Board Of Education and Better Business Bureau.

It is a great option for those who could not finish high school and the program is for adults of 18 years of age and above. It is designed to complete a high school education.

The school offers English, math, and social science. The program requires $300 as a down payment.

You can get more information HERE.

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Brigham Young University Adult Diploma

This school is based in Provo, U and it has a license from Advanced. The school is founded and guided by the church of Christ of latter-day saints.

They offer free tutoring and allow students from all high schools across the country to takes courses.

Brigham offer courses in Business, Fine Arts and Communication Engineering and Education.

The tuition fee is around $148 – $170 per course.

You can check the OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

Virtual Learning Academy (VLACS)

Virtual learning academy is based in Exeter, NH and it offers full and part time online opportunities for middle and high school students.

Also, it is accredited by the New Hampshire Board of Education as public charter school. It also offers courses in Business, Science, computer, world languages and Math.

The tuition fee is $110 for a 4- week plan and $ 350 for 15- week plan.


James Madison High School Online

James Madison high school online gives a free accredited high school diploma online. It is located in Norcross, GA and it is accredited by Advanced, DEAC and Council for Higher Accreditation (CHEA).

It offers and all year round open enrollment and have diploma in twenty- four courses.

For more information check the OFFICIAL WEBSITE.


Let us look at what others are asking regarding accredited high school diploma online, for eligible students:

Can I get my high school diploma after age 21?

Yes! You can yet your high school diploma after age 21. Some high schools offer high school adult diploma programs for adults over age 21 with very flexible methods. You can either get a high school diploma or take a GED exam.

In the US, you are only allowed into high school until you are 21. When you are above 21, you can only be allowed into the adult high school and the GED test can also be an alternative.

Such adult schools go the extra mile to provide evening and weekend classes for the students.

Can I take GED Classes Online for Free?

While you cannot take the main GED online, you can prepare for it online via various sites which provide tutorials for the examination.

Most GED courses require payment of money however, there are some websites that offer free GED courses online.

They offer free practice test and other supplementary study materials including videos and question breakdown.

Which Websites offer Free Online GED classes?

For your GED online, check out these sites:

  • Study .com
  • GED. Com
  • Testpreptoolkit.com
  • BestGEDClasses.org
  • MyCareerTools.com
  • Classroom.usahello.org
  • 4test.com
  • Finishyourdiploma.org

How Much Does it Take to get my High School Diploma Online?

Enrollment in the adult high school diploma program costs $99 per month and enrollment in the standard full-time high school diploma program costs $129 per month.

Special programs such as the honors program may cost extra. For annual tuition, Excel High charges $ 1,290 per school year.

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