How to Pass Federal University Birnin Kebbi (FUBK) Post UTME 2021

Aspirants are hereby given the opportunity to learn How to Pass Federal University Birnin Kebbi (FUBK) Post UTME 2021. Noting that the first phase is JAMB and the second phase is POST UTME/screening that determines students’ chances into the institution.

After succeeding through JAMB examination by performing well, another serious and important task lies ahead of you, if you are to be admitted, it is POST UTME.

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For University aspirants at this level, the battle is not over yet, you have to face another hurdle which is POST UTME.

This is an important determining factor that decides who gets admitted into the school, most higher institutions adhere to this phase because it is said to be devoid of irregularities thereby predicting students who will do well in the University.

Many times, students do fail this particular examination even when they have performed well in jamb because they were not properly guided.

They lacked the requisite information that could have prepared them very well for the task ahead. POST UTME examination is not so difficult if you did follow the outline for the exam, it is so simple and the questions are not much like that of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board.

In cognizance of this prevailing problem bedeviling POST UTME candidates, I decided to put up this guide that will help you surmount this forthcoming task.

What will be enlisted here is based on research and expert advice owing to years of experience. The following guide will help you.

Federal University, Birrin Kebbi(FUBK), Kebbi State.

Federal university Kebbi is located in a town called Birrin Kebbi in Kebbi State, North West, Nigeria and was founded in 2013 under the administration of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR.

 The university also has a large student body and admits students irrespective of their religious and cultural background.

Just like your average federal university, it has a diverse student body and it is moderately populated.

Federal University Birnin Kebbi academic programmes include; bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Education, science, technology, nursing, social, and management sciences.

The university is moderately competitive in terms of admission. Federal University Burning Kebbi, provides accommodation for its students but staying on campus is not compulsory and a number of students live off-campus. The university has a good road network, electricity and the cost of living aren’t too high.

For you to school here, mind you it runs on transparency, no room for favouritism, you have to merit being their students.what does this tell?

As a prospective student, it Should remind you that this is not the time for play, it is time to be serious and get the business done.

What Can I Do To Pass Federal University,Birnin Kebbi( FUBK),POST UTME 2021/2022

A lot of students do take the wrong approach to FUBK Post UTME 2021 exam and at the last, it will not yield any fruit.

POST UTME exam is not like your regular exam in secondary school where you make your mark for yourself and only concerned about not failing exams.

POST UTME exam is an exam where you are facing a serious and tough competition against so many prospective students who are also vying to be in the school.

Take, for example, the number of applicants to the school is 15thousand while the school can only take 5thousand, so about 10thousand will not be admitted.

This shows that you have to beat so many students to be admitted and how can you achievement that ,it is by making indept enquiry aboutyour chosen school.

Federal University, Birnin Kebbi (FUBK) POST UTME is not an exam to be approched without being fully prepared and knowing what is required of you. It is important to study regularly and practice the past questions and answers.

Read Regularly

For you to pass FUBK 2021/2022 POST UTME,there is need for regular and timely studying .

Most students don’t read ,some go as far as saying that CBT exams are not difficult that no matter the questions,you can dabble into an answer.

This approach is particularly wrong and can only land you into failure.

Starting on time to read is precious when going for POST UTME exam especially that of FUBK .

There is every need for you to cover the syllables which is big and not starting on time to read will make you not to cover this syllables.

Covering the syllable will give you a lot of confidence over the exam, oh yes, when you read most of the topics and can take up questions from those topics, you will see that fear will disappear and courage will set in.

Waiting till exam approaches to read is not advisable, you will be reading under tension, assimilation level will be low and this can put you into pressure which will make you resign to fate.

No, this should not be, a stitch in time saves line, try as much as you can to start reading on time if you really want to be among the newly admitted students into FUBK cum next session.

Practice The Past Questions And Answers

It is very pertinent for an aspirant who is to write FUBK POST UTME 2021/2022 to practice the past question and answers.

This will give a glimpse of what the exam looks like and how the questions are being set. Being conversant with this will help you in getting good grades in the exam.

POST UTME past questions and answers are like expo, questions are being lifted from previous POST UTME exam questions and you can only be lucky to get the answer if you have come across it in your practice and noted it.

It is good to practice this material regularly and noting important points.

NB: Don’t solely rely on past questions and answers, questions might be twisted or the school might decide to drift away from what they normally do and create an entirely new set of questions.

You will be lost in the exam Hall if you didn’t study your textbooks. Endeavor to study your textbook and also your past questions, the two will definitely help you to succeed.

We are already in the digital age, you can get these past questions and answers for FUBK POST UTME online in PDF format.

This mode will make it handy for you and easily accessible. You can just pick up your phone in your free period and start going through it.

Be Punctual

On the day of the examination, you should be early to the exam venue, in fact, try to be there before the officials arrive, It is necessary and helpful.

If you are living in a far place, don’t make your travel a day to the exam or the day of the examination, it is dangerous. You don’t own the road, it will be good if you travel 2days to the exam.

This will help you to feel relaxed, know the environment, locate your exam venue on time, and also sort accommodation issues.

If you happen to be late, you will not be relaxed, feel jittery and this can’t be helpful to you in the exam.

It can only make you even forget how to write your name but we don’t pray for that, so for you to avert this, try as much as possible to be on the exam venue on time.

Know  Your Course Combination

Every chosen course of study has its own prerequisite, knowing the criteria is Paramount.

We have recorded cases where students make the wrong subject combinations for their chosen course, thereby depriving them of the opportunity of being admitted into their dream course even when they have a high score.

Try to see the brochure and know those subjects that should be written for a given course.

Before now, you should have known your jamb score and also ascertained the previous cut-off mark for FUBK POST UTME.

Checking this out will help in knowing if you stand a chance of getting that course you chose.

If you don’t stand a better chance try to change course to one with lower score requirement. Change of course can be carried out in the school portal and must be done before POST UTME exam.

What is FUBK POST UTME 2021/2022 Cut-off Mark

The cut-off mark is the average score that a prospective student should score to be qualified for the FUBK POST UTME exam.

It is the benchmark that is used in determining who is eligible to sit for FUBK Post UTME 2021 exam, if your score is not up to the established score by the school, you will not be eligible.

The cut-off mark for FUBK POST UTME is 180, you can only be qualified for this exam if you scored 180 and above in jamb.

The school does not have a specific cut-off mark for a given course, so far you made 180, and above in your jamb, you are qualified to sit for any course.

The high number of students that apply to FUBK, has made it competitive, the need for you to study.

When will FUBK Post UTME 2021/2022 Registration Start?

The screening form (FUBK Post UTME 2021) is announced by the Federal University, and students are advised to adhere to the full instructions.

So, as you wait for the POST UTME date to be announced, do the needful by reading because the odd is high and you have to beat it, also try to always check this site for more updates on when the form will be released.

What Is The Cost Of FUBK POST UTME 2021?

Jamb which is the umbrella body of admission into higher institutions always brings out a fixed amount on which POST UTME form will be sold, FUBK as Federal Institution abides by this rule.

The cost of FUBK POST UTME form goes for N2000 only, anyone asking more than this, is not genuine and a scammer.

You have to note that it is only the form that costs N2000, but you have to incur service charge which might take the price to N2500, so when going for registration, budget N3000 to counter miscellaneous expenses.

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What’s The Nature Of FUBK POST UTME Exam

Federal University Birnin Kebbi, holds her screening exercise in two phases, unlike your regular Universities that just have their POST UTME exam.

This takes about 2-3 weeks to be completed. All eligible students are to proceed for this phased exercise when the date is announced.

The first one is the pre-screening exercise, you are to come for this with your jamb result slip and your O’level result.

 The second exercise commences when the list of candidates from the first phase gets published. The qualified candidates will be invited for another screening exam.


For you to be qualified for the FUBK Post UTME 2021, you must have chosen it as first choice institution in jamb and also scored 180 and above which is the jamb general cut-off mark.

For direct entry students,the minimum requirement is lower credit in national diploma or higher national diploma.

How Can I Apply For FUBK POST UTME 2021?

Qualified Candidates are advised to visit the University portal at to apply with the sum of N2,000.00 Naira only.

This shall be paid for the screening exercise through any commercial bank nationwide, through the use of Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) with a generated invoice from the University portal.

Registration Procedure

The following steps are to be followed for successful registration:

Login to the Admission Screening Portal using your JAMB Number as username, and surname as password

Upon successful Login, provide a functional phone number and email address. Then

click on Generate Invoice

You Will Be Redirected To Remita Immediately, Wait For Some Seconds

Print the Remita and Proceed to any commercial bank to make payment

Log back to to complete registration

For any enquiry, please email us at [email protected]

Conclusion: I believe we have given a lot of what you should do to make your academic dream come through, the ball is now on your court. You should endeavor to follow these tips religious if truly you want to be in school by next term.

One more important thing is for you to have the confidence and believe that you can pass the exam very well, this thought will definitely push you to do more in other to salvage you from failure.

We will be updating you here on the current happening in FUBK, we will report to you as it breaks if there is anything that you don’t seem to understand or wanna make further inquiries, please do well to leave your question in the comment section and we will reply to you asap. Goodluck.

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