How To pass Federal University, Gusau (FUGUS) Post UTME 2020

How To pass Federal University, Gusau (FUGUS) Post UTME 2020

How to pass Federal University, Gusau (FUGUS) Post UTME 2020 is the second face for an aspirant who has successfully scaled through JAMB UTME.

It is mostly recognized by schools as the best mode of the exam that will help them select the best from the huge number of applicants.

It will be pertinent for students to tackle this exam with all they have got because your jamb score alone can’t get you admitted.

However, most of you make the mistake of relaxing after the JAMB exam not knowing that what is ahead is not something to joke with.

Some of you at this point in time will be poised to know how to pass this exam very well, what they need to do in order not to score low.

Notwithstanding, you are at the right place if that is what you seek, I will be writing on the tips to score high in Post UTME.

The cut-off mark, eligibility, and how to apply for this exam

Federal University, Gusau,Zamfara State.

Federal University Gusau, also known as FUGUS, is located in Gusau, Zamfara State, Nigeria.

It was established in 2013 as the quest by the government of the day for education to reach everyone in the Country.

More so, it started with three faculties, Humanities and Education, Management and Social Science, and Science.

As a Federal University, it is merit-based and admission into the school has become competitive.

if you are seeking to be admitted into this citadel of learning, there must be something that you have to do which many who are competing with you don’t do.

In view of this competitiveness, you should adopt the following tips that will be discussed here so you can come out in flying colors from this exam.

How Can I Pass FUGUS Post UTME 2020?

Some students after seeing their JAMB score and it is high will say to themselves that they have arrived and relaxed without making effort to augment their JAMB score.

Let me bring to your notice that many persons are coming for this exam, those who didn’t score high in JAMB will be trying to put up a better score, also remember that Post UTME is the most determining factor in getting admission.

It will be against the record not to perform well in Post UTME while you had a good grade in JAMB.

The only way to surmount this task is by following these tips, it will help to make you perform wonders in this exam.

Consider it as evidence-based research that many successful candidates have followed and done well.

Understand The Nature Of The School’s Post UTME.

Every school has it’s own style when it comes to Post UTME, it is nice to unravel this style that the school adopts for the Post UTME exam.

This will give you leverage over it and also give you insight into what you should be expecting on that day.

Some schools might not follow the general method of setting questions for the 4 subjects you took in the jamb, they might opt for just English, Maths, and general knowledge.

Having this idea will help you to read in line with their method.

You can get this information by accessing the school’s past questions and answers, this material will tell you to know how they set their questions, a number of questions to be answered and the time limit.

It will help keep you on guard and prepare you for the task ahead.

If you are ignorant of this information, you will just go on that day to meet questions strange to you.

Reading alone is not the ultimate but are you reading what you are supposed to read, are you following the guide on possible questions.

This is the only way that you can come out of this exam with a smiling face.

Read Your Textbooks And Listen To News.

Textbook or notebooks is where the explanation to so many topics is lurking, reading them, will help you in mastering the topics.

A textbook is Paramount to your exam success, don’t rely on just past questions and answers, things might change and the old style of recycling questions won’t be adopted.

Always try to read regularly and keep your brain abreast with some of these topics, this single act will give you a whole lot of confidence for the exam, you won’t be jittery of the situation.

Try to listen to News and read current affairs, for some of the school’s that do set general knowledge questions, it is only through the above-mentioned outlet that you can get acquainted and be able to give the answer correctly.

Attend Tutorial Classes.

Tutorial Classes otherwise known as a lesson is highly recommended for an average student. You can’t understand most of the topics on your own.

Some of these topics require practical examples to be assimilated and you who are just a starter can’t do it on your own.

Take advantage of the numerous lesson centers littered here and there and help yourself, it will also pitch you against other students making you sit up.

Because seeing others being so serious and answering questions in class will also motivate you to do more on your own to match up.

Try not to follow the bandwagon when you attend these tutorial classes, some persons there are not actually coming to learn, rather they are coming to show off, do well to focus attention on your goal which is to score high in your Post UTME exam.

Be Punctual

Examination especially that of Post UTME is not something to be approached with pressure, you need a relaxed mind, why do I say this? Some students make the mistake of arriving late for their examination.

They might not have wanted it but because of some unforeseen circumstances, they arrive late.

It is recommended that you make your travel to the examination venue before the day of the exam, let me say 2-3 days considering the distance.

When you arrive early, you will sort out some issues like exam Hall, you don’t need to be galloping around on that day trying to get to your exam Hall, finding it on time gives peace of mind.

Know The Right Subjects To Write.

Each course has specific subjects that are directly related to it and is recommended by JAMB  for you to take in order to be qualified for such course of study.

Making wrong subject combination can be detrimental, I have seen a case where a student after applying for a particular course and getting it, got disqualified by the department because she didn’t write biology in Post UTME.

It is necessary to find out which subjects are required of you to write.

Also try to know the nature of the course you applied to, know the cut-off mark, and check if you stand a chance of getting admitted.

For e.g, if you are applying for Medicine but scored 180 in JAMB, you should know that the odds are very for you to beat.

My candid advice will be for you to change course and apply to a related course.


Most schools do allow change of course after the first year of study, so have it in mind that you can still land that your dream course if you are very Kean for it.

What Is Federal University,Gusau (FUGUS) 2020/2021 Cut-off Mark

Federal University, Gusau just like every other University set its cut-off mark to screen out those who don’t have the required score for the school.

This cut-off mark is what determines who is eligible for FUGUS Post UTME. It is the average score or benchmark which you have to get before you can be allowed to apply for FUGUS Post UTME.

The FUGUS cut-off mark is 160 if you scored 160 and above in JAMB, you are qualified to apply and sit for the Post UTME.

Mind you that being qualified is not a guarantee for admission, there is serious competition in this exam, you have to try so hard in other to beat this competition, read like you are writing the exam tomorrow.

When Will FUGUS Post UTME 2020/2021 Be Out.

It is the prerogative of the school management to decide when they will sell the FUGUS Post UTME 2020 form to suit their academic calendar. This usually happens between September – October.

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As at the time of writing this article, the form is not yet out on sale but soon enough, the school will start the process.

You have to keep visiting the site for more updates to know when the form is out on the sale.

How Much Is FUGUS Post UTME Form

The Federal ministry of education has a fixed amount for this form and it is an amount that shouldn’t take much from the students.

Higher institutions including FUGUS are obeying this directive.

FUGUS Post UTME form is sold for #2000 naira only excluding service charge by Banks and cyber Café, when going for the registration, make an extra budget to cover other expenses that might accrue from the process.

Eligibility/Requirements For FUGUS Post UTME

To be qualified for FUGUS Post UTME 2020, you have to possess the following

Candidates with a JAMB score of 160 and above and choose Federal University Gusau, as their first choice institution are eligible to apply.

Direct Entry(DE) candidates must have at least Lower Credit at National Diploma from an accredited Institutions or at least scored 7 points/ Merit in their NCE or IJMB results and chose the University as their First Choice.

How To Apply For FUGUS Post UTME

All qualified candidates who choose FUGUS as their first choice institution are to take the following procedure to register for their exam.

Visit the Official Website:

On the menu click on the link “Register for Screening” to commence the registration for the FUGUS Post UTME 2020 Screening Exercise.”

Enter your JAMB Reg. No (Jamb Registration number) and then click on the SUBMIT

A page will open with some relevant information about you.

Fill the remaining form entries in order to generate an invoice and proceed to any commercial bank within your location or online through any of the accepted debit cards to make payment.

The invoice contains the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR).

After the payment, you are  to login again using your JAMB NO and RRR to finish up your registration.

You are required to upload a recent passport size photograph of at most 20KB and of .jpeg Format. If you upload a photo greater than 20kb or a different type like .png or .pdf, it will be rejected.

After the registration, you are expected to print the screening slip.

You are to bring along with, the screening slip, UTME result slip, DE slip (for Direct entry only), evidence of payment, and original and photocopies of all your credentials that you used while filling the online registration form.

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