Is a Communications Degree Worth it? See Salaries & Opportunities

As a student who seeks to major in  communications, you need to answer this question “is a Communications Degree worth it?” before you should start searching for the most appropriate schools that you can easily apply for and get admitted to study communications degree.

We are going to provide you with relevant details which you require to understand the intricacies in going for a communications degree.

This article seeks to expose you to all the unavoidable constraints you stand to face and the numerous benefits which you are going to enjoy as a result of acquiring a communications degree.

These benefits range from job opportunities to the salaries you are bound to receive in having a degree in communications.

The fact that communications cuts across all other disciplines can not be overemphasized, but before we go into details, you need to understand what is a communications degree and its worth.

What Is A Communications Degree?

Communications degree is a discipline which primarily creates awareness on how information is being carried to different audiences productively to satisfy some  given business goals. 

Benefits of Obtaining Communications Degrees

Getting a degree in communications will build you with the necessary communication skills needed by employers to achieve their business objectives. 

Students who enrol to get a degree in communications can work in any company available. That is because, with the right communication skills such as listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, communications majors tend to do well in carrying out organizations tasks. 

Communication degree will prepare you and your colleagues for your prospective organization activities.

This is because communication is really involved in every company’s activities and as it specifically maximizes companies’ output through effective and efficient community with customers and staff. 

As you are still trying to answer the question is a communications degree worth it? You must understand that you will really be of importance to every company you find yourself, because with your communication skills you will increase their productivity. 

You will be a glaring factor of  improvement to your team’s relationship through effective communication.

By acquiring the appropriate communication skills, it will foster operational engagement which could be between employees and customers or employees and management. 

It also provides clarity and direction for customers through effective interaction with workers in the organization.

Communications degree is very much important, especially in an organization where you will have to sell or market their products and services. And at the same time build a good business relationship with investors, customers and clients.

Why You Should Study Communications.

In trying to figure out if a communications degree is worth it, you should understand that a business communication degree is designed to teach you ways to build cogent arguments while engaging in business conversations.

During your period of acquiring a business communication degree in your desired university or college, you will be exposed to the most appropriate methods to constructively communicate your message to your audience.

This discipline combines theories and applications which are needed in business conversational requirements of any organization that you find yourself. 

One key thing about getting a degree in communication is that; it will develop you with the right communication skills to put what you know messages in such a way that they could easily be understood and used by others for servicing some purposes. 

However, you should always understand the requirements by the school of your choice to study communications. It is essential to ascertain their tuition fees and other possible expenses that getting a communications degree will cost.

Though, you can still look at the best scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students and different loan opportunities if you are a local or international student to help you accomplish your dream of getting a degree in business communication.

Is a Communications Degree Worth it?

As a professional in communication discipline, the amount of knowledge you have acquired through theoretical and practical exercise strongly determines the kind of communication career you will end up with.

You can work in different fields as well as different departments of different companies. You can be a:

  • Teacher
  • Meeting/Event Planner
  • Media Planner
  • College Alumni and Development Officers
  • Sales Representative
  • Social Media Manager
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Business Reporter
  • Health Educator
  • Brand Manager
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • And more.

Different Kinds of Communications Degrees

The first thing to have in mind before you begin to pursue a career in business communication is to know the type of communications degree that is best for you. You could get an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or PhD as a degree in Business Communications. However, they have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

With an associate degree, you might not be considered for some employment opportunities in many companies: especially sensitive positions. You need at least a bachelor’s degree in communications to advance your career potential in business communication.

 Moreover, most leadership positions require a master’s degree document and some years of experience to be considered for employment or operate at the peak of your career.

However, you can get a job by applying with your associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree and later on advance academic pursuit. As some companies have options of sponsoring your studies for advancement after you have added some remarkable values to them. Most times, if you are to become a principal director in the sector, you need a PhD in business communication.

Salary Ranking for Communications Degree Jobs

There are different salary scales for each position in any type of degree in business communications. With respect to salary, is a communications degree worth it? The answer to this is unambiguous. Just go through these lists of communications degree jobs with their respective salaries.

Associate Degree Jobs in Communications With Salaries

These are jobs you can get with an associate degree in communications with their salaries. The associate degree has the least salary scale among all other degrees in business communications. We have gotten some of the jobs you can get with an associate degree in communications. See some of the jobs with their salaries below.

Office Manager 

Salary: $45,000

Customer Service Representative

Salary: $31,000

Executive Assistant

Salary: $40,900

Sales Associate

Salary: $21,200

Technical Writer

Salary: $58,000

Bachelor’s Degree Jobs in Communications with Salaries

Salary associated with degree jobs in business communications is among the appreciated salary scale globally. We have collected jobs and salaries you can get with a bachelor’s degree in communications.  There are as follow:

Communications Specialist

Salary: $50,000

Public Relations Specialist

Salary: $45,300

Marketing Communications Specialist

Salary: $50,500

Online Marketing Content Writer

Salary: $47,100

Social Media Specialist

Salary: $37,800

Master’s Degree Jobs in Communication

Apart from Doctoral Degree jobs that have the highest salaries, master’s degree jobs in communications have the best salary options for employees.

Communications Director

Salary: $81,800

Marketing Communications Manager

Salary: $75,300

Public Relations Manager

Salary: $61,600

Senior Copywriter

Salary: $74,400

Community Relations Manager

Salary: $76,700

Doctoral Degree Jobs in Communication

Below are the jobs and salaries for you immediately you obtain a doctoral degree.

Postsecondary Professor

Salary: $78,000

Senior Researcher

Salary: $80,100

Research Fellow

Salary: $49,900

Public Relations Director

Salary: $101,500

Chief Communications Officer

Salary: $116,800

Business communications degrees are relevant professional degrees that will prepare you to enjoy numerous job opportunities and earn high salaries annually. So, is a communications degree worth it? Yes! Communications degree is  worth obtaining. Check the best schools to get your degrees easily with less tuition fees abroad in order to begin the adventure of accomplishing your career goals.

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