Birmingham City University Scholarship 2021 |Admission in the UK

Aside from getting admission to the Institution, the Birmingham City University Scholarship 2021 will go a long way in ensuring you sail through various courses in the University, as a self-funded from any country in the world. Commonwealth Scholarship 2021 for Nigerian Students (Study in UK)

This page is a direct cull from the university official portal regarding the 2021 Birmingham City University Admission, with some of the scholarship portions for you.

However, as is accustomed to Jobreaders publications, we help you understand the nature of the offers you are in for, which helps you ascertain your eligibility for any of the opportunities published on this platform.

Tuition Fees for International Students

Your tuition fees (per year) cover normal tuition, examination costs, and membership of the Students’ Union. Fees for non-EU students are higher because the University does not receive any external support funding from the British Government.

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To find out how much your fees will be, please refer to the ‘Fees and How to Apply’ tab of the course you want to study. 

How to pay your tuition fees

Tuition fees are paid by equal installments at the beginning of each semester. Fees must be paid in Pounds Sterling.

Birmingham City University

Stories of alumni have confirmed the claim of the University as having unmoved confidence and being a proud and diverse community of students, who are striving to achieve their career goals and transform their lives.

As a career brand, we have also added this UK University as one of the best you can aim at, as a student who wants the best from the global scale of institutional ranking.

However, this will be an incomplete publication to hit the submit bottom without making reference to the tuition fees in the University.

If you have followed our previous publications on the best University in the United Kingdom for international students, you would have found out the style of choices I suggest for readers here at Jobreaders.

But that not being the case, one of the reasons for the Birmingham City University scholarship 2021 is due to the cost of studies in this school. It is comparatively higher for international students regarding a single fact the schools do not receive any other financial assistance from the Government. So, this necessitates you taking a look at the cost of studies at the University.

Tuition Fees

If we make you an offer of a place on a course on the basis that you are an overseas student, you will have to pay the higher rate ‘overseas’ tuition fee. However, if you can show a relevant connection to the UK or the EU, you may be classed as a ‘home’ student and be exempt from international fees.

If you fit into one of the following categories, you could be eligible to pay ‘home’ fees. You’ll need to complete a Fee Status Questionnaire to help us determine your status (see below).

  • Category 1 – Those who are ‘settled’ in the UK and meet the main residence requirement
  • Category 2 – Non-UK EEA Migrant Workers
  • Category 3 – Swiss ‘Worker’ and family
  • Category 4 – EU Nationals and family
  • Category 5 – Non-UK EU Nationals who have spent at least three years in the UK
  • Category 6 – EU National/Family member with Right of Permanent Residence
  • Category 7 – ‘Settle’ people who utilise a Right of Residence
  • Category 8 – Child of Swiss National
  • Category 9 – Child of a Turkish worker
  • Category 10 – Person with Refugee status or Humanitarian Protection and family.

You can download the Fee Status Questionnaire form and return it for assessment to [email protected] You must also send us copies of all relevant documents to support your claim. The rules relating to which students are charged the higher rate ‘overseas’ tuition fees are determined by the UK Government.

In addition to paying tuition fees, you’ll need living expenses to cover things like accommodation, food, heating, travel and books, and stationery.

To study in the UK, you will require a Tier 4 (General) adult student visa. UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) will require you to have at least £9,135 in your personal bank account for 28 days before submitting your application.

This figure is an estimate of your basic living costs during the first nine months of your studies, which covers most expenses after tuition fees.

The actual amount you’ll need depends on the type of accommodation you choose and your personal lifestyle.

In addition to fees, you will probably need to buy books and equipment for your course. You should also consider your living cost .

Living costs

It is important to carefully consider the financial implications of studying in the United Kingdom. In addition to paying tuition fees, you will need to cover your living expenses, including accommodation, food, heating, travel, books, and stationery, while you are studying in the UK.

The UK Border Agency requires you to have a minimum amount of savings in your bank account before it will issue you with a student visa to enable you to study in the UK.

In summary, we can agree on the total living cost as an international student using the table below:

General expensesApproximate yearly cost
University accommodation (from 39 – 51 weeks)From £5,483 to £7,013
Food, and other shopping£2,600
Gas and electricity£2,080
Insurance for personal belongings£15 – £117
Laundry (using a laundrette)£240
Course related costs: books/stationery/photocopying/binding£450
Subscriptions to journals/magazines£36
Bus pass – 3 terms + summer pass (travel)£390
Television licence£145.50
Mobile telephone£240
Social activity costs – depends on activities£600 – £960
Kitchen utensils, plates and cutlery£35
Police registration (if applicable)£34
Additional itemsCost per item
Coat / jacket£55
Waterproof shoes£50
Basic computer£500
International phone cardFrom £5
Prescribed medicine per item (from 1 April 2019)£9
TOTUM student card£14.99

Honestly, the cost of living and studying in the United Kingdom might be very exorbitant for students from developing nations.

This is why we always recommend you apply for any of the scholarship opportunities provided by the University. This leads us to the City University pages, to help you know what you are in for.

We offer a range of scholarship opportunities for international undergraduates which you may be eligible to receive or apply for.

Please note that scholarships are only available to self-funding students. And students are only eligible to receive ONE bursary – whichever is greater.

*The following list below are all the courses that are exempt from a bursary:

  • PhD,
  • ACCA
  • Conservatoire and BSA courses
  • Top-ups for Masters courses
  • Short courses that are less than one academic year
  • Part-time or distance learning
  • Study Abroad programmes
  • Exchange programmes
  • Pre-sessional English
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Law (PGDL)

Undergraduate Scholarships

There are various scholarship packages for students in the University, but for different students. This scholarship is for the   non-EU only and we believe that you might be eligible to apply.

Every year we provide a number of scholarships recognising the talents of our international students, which will be applied towards the cost of your tuition fees.

All non-EU international students enrolling on an undergraduate course in September 2020 will be eligible for a scholarship of up to £2,000. This is awarded based on your academic background.

The following courses are exempt from this scholarship:

  • ACCA
  • Conservatoire courses (Music and Theatre)

Status: Open – scholarship offer will be made when we make you a course offer.

Please note that Birmingham City University Scholarship scholarships are only available to self-funding students and those studying on a full time course for at least one academic year.

Undergraduate Scholarships – EU only

To welcome all new EU undergraduate degree students starting in 2021, we’re giving away at least £150 worth of credit to spend in a host of ways, on books and a range of learning materials. Even better, it doesn’t have to be repaid.

The following courses are exempt from this scholarship:

  • ACCA
  • Conservatoire courses (Music and Theatre)

Status: Open – scholarship offer will be made when we make you a course offer.

Prompt Payment Bursary

If you pay your tuition fees in full before travelling to, or during your enrolment in the UK, you will be entitled to a £300 prompt payment discount.

This discount applies to the amount you owe after any scholarships or bursaries have been deducted from your tuition fee.

The following courses are exempt from this scholarship:

  • ACCA

You need a Bank Account

Studies in Birmingham City University are study in the UK and therefore, here are the documents you must have to to open a bank account:

  • Passport
  • Letter of enrolment confirming your UK and home addresses (available after enrolment from the Faculty Course Office).
  • Your University unconditional offer letter that you received at your home residential address (the bank is looking for evidence that the university has corresponded with you at your place of residence).
  • Your University or private accommodation contract for your term-time accommodation.
  • A recent bank statement or credit card statement from your home bank translated in to English and containing your residential address (the statement must be less than three months old).

UK banks operate careful checks on each application before opening an account and you may have to wait for a couple of weeks before your account is opened.

Because of this, we suggest you bring around £300 in cash and a further £300 in travellers cheques to cover you for the first month.

We also strongly advise students to take out travel insurance in case you lose any money or personal documents, or face travel delays.

If you’re bringing a bankers draft with you, it should be in sterling and drawn on a UK bank so that you can avoid unnecessary delays in accessing your money.

Who is Eligible for Birmingham City University Scholarship 2021?

From the schools descriptions above, I have clearly helped you see who can apply. , meanwhile, you can also succeed in this page for other ongoing scholarships that might be within your reach of eligibility. Also, subscribe to our mailing list. We will keep sending you personalized emails about opportunities in the United Kingdom and other nations in the world. Have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below. And don’t forget to join our official Facebook page for better interactions.

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