List of 20 best secondary schools in Nigeria

Top 20 Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria (Location and Cost) in 2021

Knowing the List of 20 best secondary schools in Nigeria is beneficial to most parents in Nigeria. This can be very helpful because the parent can streamline their choices and make the best decision for their child.

Every parent looks forward to a glorious future for their child. If you fall into that category then this post is for you. Compiled below is a list of secondary schools in Nigeria that offer the best in education and their tuition fees.

A secondary school setting is an arena that educates your child’s mind as they interact with other students who are their age mates. This can build a child’s academic acumen and help their personal growth.

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In terms of standards, there are different types of secondary schools. Going through this post will give you the necessary knowledge of the List of 20 best secondary schools in Nigeria.

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List of 20 Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria


This is a great school for many parents in Nigeria. It is located in Lekki, Lagos and apart from day students, they also have provision for boarding students. Dowen college was established in 1997 and ranks amongst the best school in Nigeria. 

Students sent to this school are exposed to good a balanced education in a good academic environment. The computer centers in the school and its library can prove beneficial for your child.

Tuition fees: N 1,250,000 – N 2,000,000

For more information, visit their official website


The college is known for its high-quality educational standard. Chrisland college filled and equipped with modern laboratories and air-conditioned classrooms that create a conducive learning environment for your child.

Tuition fee: N 2,000,000

Visit the School official website for more information


Atlantic Hall Secondary school was founded in 1989 by the Educational Trust Council (ETC).

It is located very close to the Atlantic Ocean in Epe.

On the school, grounds are facilities such as medical centers, well-equipped laboratories, sports facilities, and things that are required for comfortable and versatile education. These facilities help your child to assimilate effectively.

The school is known for social activities that can build your child.

Tuition fee: N2,270,000

Visit the School official website

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Founded in 1942, Hillcrest school is a Christian school. Your child studying here means that he or she is exposed to the Christian faith and environment.

Hillcrest is located in Jos, where the weather is great and enjoyable.

The school has three sections – elementary, middle and secondary school.

Tuition fee: N2,650,000

Visit the School official website for more information


Loyola is one of the classic secondary schools in Nigeria. She was founded in 1996 and is located in Abuja.

To study at Loyola isn’t cheap. It is amongst the 20 Best schools in Nigeria because of its great facilities to help and increase learning in students.

Tuition fee is N2,800,000

For more information visit the School official website


This boys-only secondary school was founded in 1933 by a group of Irish missionaries led by Archbishop Charles Heerey is Located in Onitsha, Anambra.

The school is a roman catholic school and aims at developing future leaders in a Christian environment.


King’s College is one of the oldest secondary schools in Nigeria and was founded in 1909.

It is located in Lagos and has one of the best day and boarding school facility.

Recently, they have been named the overall best secondary school in Nigeria, 2017.


Queen of the Rosary College, commonly known as QRC is an all-girls school located in Onitsha, Anambra State.

QRC is known for its top-notched educative setting and teaching in a catholic environment. They have produced amongst the best minds in the Nigerian academic circle.

Visit their official website for more information

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Grange schools are located in Ikeja, Lagos, and were founded in 1958 by British expatriates who wanted to bring quality British education to Nigeria.

Here your children are involved in arts, sports, and debating to increase their creativity and harness their teamwork spirit. Grange school came to the fourth overall best school in the 2017 WAEC results.

School fee: 1.8 Million to 3 Million Naira

For more information, Visit the School official website


Vivian Fowler Memorial college was founded in 1991 and is located in Ikeja, the capital of Lagos State. The college is considered one of the most prestigious private schools in the country and in West Africa.

Here is why the school is amongst the List of 20 best secondary schools in Nigeria. It has academically sound teachers who impart knowledge on your children if they get to study there. 

School Fee is N2,000,000 per session.

Visit their official website


This institution provides a world class standard education in an environment of learning and care.

They are located at Ogun State and observe the best education standard to produce the best students.

School fee: N3.7 Million per year

Visit their website for more information-

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This is the first British boarding school in Lagos, Nigeria. The school was established in September 2000.

LBS has increased in structure ever since its creation and now comprises of the following schools such as Lekki British Pre-School, Lekki British Junior School, Lekki British High School.

Your child will be imbibed into the mission of the school which is “helping students discover their talents within a disciplined and caring traditional British environment”.

LBS has facilities ranging from the Swimming pool, tennis, and basketball court.

School fees: N2,000,000 to N7,000,000

Visit the School official website for more information


Caleb is a British school with an international standard. They were founded in 1986 and ever since has trained its students according to the British international curriculum.

CBIS is a coeducational school located at Lekki, Lagos State Nigeria.

Your child studying here means that he or she is exposed to the ultra-modern facilities and highly-qualified teaching staff that will bring out the best in him/ her.

School fees: N501,000 – N750,000.

For more information visit the School Official website


Lumen Christi is an all-boys catholic school founded by His Grace, Most Rev. Dr. P.E. Ekpu in October 1986 at Uromi, Edo state.

Your child studying means that he/she is exposed to good morals as they are brought up in a catholic setting where their character and academics are improved upon.

School fees ranges from N144,499  to N377,898 for Basic 7 to SS3

For more information visit the School official website


Corona secondary school is located at Agbara Industrial Housing Estate, Ogun State. They were founded in 1992. Here is a reason why they are amongst the List of 20 best secondary schools in Nigeria.

At Corona, your child is trained according to the modern curriculum for WAEC and NECO exams. The standard and setting of the school are built to gear your child to his or her academic dream because the school cares about your children.

School fess – 2 Million to 2.5 Million naira per annum. For more information visit the School official website

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The white dove school was established in 2004 and is located at Lekki, Lagos state. They are known for their reputation in grooming children both in academics and sports.

The school runs a Nigerian and British Curriculum that prepares its students for WAEC and NECO.

Your child studying here means they will be brought up morally and academically because “manners make a man”. For more information visit the School official website

School fees: N301,000 – N500,000


Meadow hall was founded in 2002 and has its location in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

The school boasts of facilities such as a swimming pool, a melody room, and a state-of-the-art science laboratory.

School fees: N501,000 – N750,000

For more information on how to enroll your child, visit the School official website


Founded in 1985, Greenspring has two campuses in Lagos State. One of its campuses is located in Lekki and the other is at Anthony. Greenspring is a mixed day and boarding school.

Your child studying here means that he or she is exposed to a great learning environment that grooms them both morally and academically.

School fees range from 1.7 Million to 1.9 Million naira.

Visit their official website for more information


Avi-Cenna school is one of the top British schools in Nigeria that grooms your child in character and learning.

They are located at Ikeja, Lagos State.

School fees:  N522,000 to N2 Million

Visit the School official website for more information


Capital science academy is a coeducational school that has an option for boarding students.

It is amongst the List of 20 best secondary schools in Nigeria because it is academically sound and has produced some of the brightest minds in the 21st century. 

Their school fees is about 1 Million naira plus other little fees per annum

For more information, visit the School official website

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