Master’s degree in Molecular Biology in USA | 10 Best Schools

Here are the 10 best schools in the USA to acquire a master’s degree in molecular biology. With the rise in relevance of molecular biology in modern sciences, individuals possessing a bachelor’s degree in biology-related courses are always encouraged to further in the field.

Are you interested in bagging a master’s in molecular biology in one of the best schools then here’s your run to guide? Read till the end.

What is molecular biology?

Molecular Biology is a field of science intertwined between chemistry and biology.

But, it is particular to the aspect of biochemistry and genetics respectively.

It has to do with the understanding of interactions in cell systems.

And, the interrelationship of Deoxyribonucleic acids- DNA, Ribonucleic acids- RNA and protein synthesis coupled with the principles of its regulations.

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It basically has to do with the study of the replication, transcription and translation processes of genetic materials.

The preceding statement is the central dogma of molecular biology.

Why should I acquire a master’s degree in molecular biology?

Complacency must never be an option in the journey of an academic career.

Also, knowledge gleaned from first degrees cannot suffice the knowledge needed in building a career.

One must go the extra mile in acquiring more knowledge.

Learning never stops.  I am science-oriented, studied genetics and biotechnology as a first degree but to advance and have the capacity for opportunities that surfaces I must step up my game.

Having a master’s degree singles you in the crowd, it gives the upper hand because you are seen as a professional kind of amongst others.

A master’s degree affords you the opportunity of specializing in a field and this you would gain in taking this step.

So much benefits is accrued with this, the list is quite endless.

I am sure by now you are getting an unwavering conviction as to acquiring a masters in molecular biology.

Keep on reading as I will unveil the list of best schools in the USA for this purpose.

What first degree must I possess to be eligible for master’s degree in molecular biology?

It is very expensive to get admission into the master degree.

Unlike first degrees which you could actually pick any course of interest, a master’s degree is more specific.

As earlier said, a master’s degree deals with specialization, so you must have studied a relevant course or a course in sync to your choosing now.

For example; I cannot study pharmacy as a first degree and proceed to study environmental science with a master’s degree.

This being said, an intending applicant for a master’s degree in molecular biology must have studied in first degree biological sciences related courses like genetics, biotechnology, biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology and so on.

This is a core admission requirement in any school of your choosing.

How long would it take to acquire a master’s degree in molecular biology?

This brings about a variation of length in course study time.

Although the usual time spans from one to two years this may not always be the case as it can be higher than.

Having known these, we are moving straight ahead to list best schools and their cost in the United States which offers master’s degree in molecular biology.

Of course, you will concede to the fact that for an evolving field of science, the very best of institution is required to dish out needed knowledge.

Here are the schools in no particular order.

Emporia State University

It was established in the year 1863. Its main campus is situated in the city of Emporia, USA.

The varsity offers varied master’s degree programs and has a student to faculty ratio of 18:1 encouraging adequate learning via interactions.

However, the master’s degree in molecular biology program costs USD 7,236.

Some admission requirements are; 2.50 minimum GPA, 79 minimum incoming TOEFL Ibt, however, 6.00 minimum incoming IELTS, 49 minimum PTE. Also, GRE and GMAT are required. Log on to the school website for more.  

Grand Valley State University

It is a public university, having its main campus situated in Allendale, Michigan, USA.

The school affords post-graduate students professional research opportunities to aid fast learning.

GVSU also provide scholarship opportunities, public services, and career events to aid employers and students or alumni in acquiring full-time jobs and internship.

University of Toledo

The University is situated in the city of Toledo in Ohio, United States.

It is a research-intensive varsity with adequate facilities and has almost 20,500 students in attendance for various programs.

Also, UT offers accommodation to students on campus.

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

This university is situated in Tallahassee and was founded in the year 1887.

It was formerly known as the State Normal College for colored students. It has gained accreditation for its offered programs.

The master’s degree in molecular biology costs USD 33,140.

Ohio University

The university is known as the oldest public university in Ohio with a student’s numerical strength of over 23,000.

This university is situated in Athens and was established in the year 1804.

It offers various bachelors and post-graduate programs including molecular biology.

Obtaining a master’s degree in molecular biology has a costing of USD 17,436.

Eastern Michigan University

This varsity situated in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. The University is inclined in research. It has over 21,105 students in attendance with a 73% acceptance rate.

Higher learning commission accredited the university.

Additionally, it is ranked 285 and 230 in the SchoolApply ranking and US News (National) respectively.

Some admission requirements are; 2.70 minimum GPA, 79 minimum incoming TOEFL Ibt, 6.50 minimum incoming IELTS, 53 minimum, 143 minimum incoming GRE and 450 minimum incoming GMAT.

The fee costing for the master’s degree in molecular biology is USD 35,800.

Adelphi University

This is a private varsity situated in Garden city, New York, United States with varied programs for post graduate studies.

It has an acceptance rate of 72.4% and students’ numerical strength of over 5,071.

The school has a flair for offering world class education and this has gained them a high repute.

It is ranked in the top 10 percent of national universities in the United States. It is accredited by the middle states commission on higher education.

The fee for a master’s degree in the molecular biology program is USD 40,500.

University of South Florida

This is a public research varsity located in Tampa, Florida, United States. Also, it has three campuses where master’s degree programs are offered.

The school offers financial support to aid students to gain international placements. The master’s degree program for molecular biology costs USD 15,864.

Arizona state university

It is known as the largest public university in the United States.

The varsity also has different campuses with a wide varieties of courses.

The master’s degree costing for molecular biology is USD 23,544.

Washington State University

Washington State University is a public varsity with its main campus situated in Pullman, Washington, USA. The university is very good at research.

on the other hand, It has an acceptance rate of 72%, and over 24,904 students enrolled in various programs.

However, experiential learning is offered to students which are necessary for easy learning. Also, on-campus employment is offered to students.

The Northwest Commission accredits it on colleges and universities, and it’s ranked among the top 100 public schools in the United States.

The stipulated tuition fee for the master’s degree in the molecular biology program is USD 11, 897.


A master’s degree is essential for an academia with juicy benefits. Go to the official website of your school of choosing to apply for possible enrollment.

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