Buhari Offers Scholarship to Students (From Current Study to PhD) 

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu has Buhari Offers Scholarship to students who emerged winners of the Young Scientists Presidential Award Competition, scholarships from now till their PhD levels. 2020 2020 Science, Technology & Innovation Expo showcases the strength with life-changing opportunity for three students of secondary schools in Nigeria, who were distinguished at the event on 16th March 2020. related work can be accessed via  Jobreaders Scholarship

President Muhammadu Buhari made this known to the public, through his twitter handle on the day of the event, and Jobreaders team gathered that this is not the first by the President, in the phase talent rewards and support for technology in Nigeria. 

The bursary was forced open to supporting the current and future academic dreams of the following young students, from Nigeria:

  1. Akintade Akanbi
  2. Uwakwe Kamsiyochukwu and 
  3. Aimofumhe Sigmus.

These candidates were from different geopolitical and ethnic zones, and from different family and social backgrounds, striking balance and a fair share of their innovative potentials as young Nigerians. Amidst continuous currency (Naira) devaluation, security challenges and other political uproars in the nation, the president shows a progression in his admission; and this has been witnessed in different perspectives. 

The Young Scientists Presidential Award Competition

This is a presidential award scheme that is designed to search and recognize efforts of domestic innovations and commitment toward technological and scientific growth in Nigeria. The Young Scientists Presidential Award Competition has been in existence for a while and follows very thorough and credible award procedures. 

Buhari Offers Scholarship to Students (From Current Study to PhD) 

Meanwhile, for young students who feel thrilled at the sight of this achievement by students of secondary school, should go through the qualities can help them achieve the same in their respective schools.  

Other Academic Bursaries in Nigeria 

The powers that lay in the respective offices of the governors of the federation coffers in them the ability to fund the academic and other career paths of eligible and qualified students in various levels. 

Under several schemes, there are institutions that spearhead the needs of these students, through the states’ ministry of education. Under this framework is the state scholarship board, that grand and disburse funds for education, travel purposes of young Nigerians and other needs.

However, not all the States in Nigeria have active fundraising platforms for their citizens through the boards, even though they are institution zed. Another shortcoming is the political jeopardy and nepotism that is yet to be erased in many systems. 

Aside from these factors, the Lagos state government has been up and doing in their mode of selecting and awarding Lagos state Student for studying abroad or domestically. 

Through these scholarship schemes studying and obtaining the degree, certificates have been reaching the sons of nobodies in the lands of Lagos. That notwithstanding, there are other states whose government consider education and the place of the fewer privileges in the making of their policies and governors’ personal considerations. 

As part of our efforts here at jobreaders.org, we make sure that we share the right information that can help any career dream. Be it online degree opportunities, scholarship and grans for international students and other forms of educational grants. We make these publications on a daily basis, with reference to the offering Universities (Institutions), government and other locatable sources.

Therefore encourages students and guardians to sign up to our mailing Newsletter, for subsequent career opportunities through this portal. Now, it’s time to learn a few qualities that guarantee global career and educational opportunities. 

Qualities that Attract Global Opportunities 

For any opportunity or award announced, there was a time of application, submission, prayers and preparation. No one appears with awards unplanned. So far, these are qualities we believe can attract global academic, business and other opportunities around the world:

Good Academic Grades 

For one to stand distinguished by governments, schools and individual philanthropists, for funding, there must be a proof of academic excellence. Synergism demands that the possibilities of standing out should involve a number of factors. This is because demonstrating financial needs may not be enough, to invoke national or institutional consideration for certain offers.

That helps us define the difference between graduating with degree and certificates and graduating with reputable CGPA. The latter case is more desired and respected across every industry, in that it portrays commitment and ability to demonstrate excellence. 

So, to stand more viable for global opportunities in business, education and other, one needs to strive for great results that will serve as the social and technical proofs. 

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The ability to become a celebrity in any filed is the ability to remained focused on a course, in a defined manner. For instance, if one dreams of being an academic authority and invests reasonable resources to ensuring achievement, the marks one column of preparedness in that sense. 

As a potential thought leader, business head and academic stronghold, the readiness to welcome international recognition start with the little decisions that you take now. 

Having a strong perception and pictorial representation of the desires direction, and being ready to tackle challenges, is a prime case study for all successful candidates in the past. Being prepared for global opportunities is one out of the many factors the drive the change, and that leads us to the next factor of consideration. 


To globally emerge requires that candidates build global nets and reputations; it is required to be felt across all career paths. Flexibility in meaningful connections and ability to engage and keep contacts is a very essential skill that most century scholars neglect. 

In this context, global opportunities can be attracted as results from reference and recognition for expertise. And in the case of reference, opportunities are always made available for prospects who have been proven worthy of certain positions. For this fact, we consider networking with people in one’s key interest and also some touch of diversity and flexibility.

Ultimately, it is our core recommendation that one remains informed about opportunities, events and these world-class calls through reputable web platforms and sources

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