3 Best eLearning Platforms in Nigeria 2022

In this blog post you will learn everything about the best eLearning platforms in Nigeria – and how you can sign up to start learning profitable skills with some of the leading platforms.

E-learning is a name synonymous with school in that it’s a school hosted over the internet.

  1. Jobreaders as an e- learning platform in Nigeria emerged from a micro blog that was concerned with sharing job opportunities from (2014 till late 2020) when it grew into a fully fledged e-learning concept. Jobreader. org is currently powered as the leading e-learning platform that continues to grow its popularity across over 20 countries (mostly Asia, the United state and many countries in Africa)

Jobreaders is an e- learning platform by a community of industry leaders who are committed to transforming lives with their experiences and other professional knowledge.

Jobreaders mission is to connect industry leaders across the globe to share knowledge that transforms lives by transforming their own lives.

Being a well standard learning platform and organization, Jobreaders has continued to grow as the richest hub for profitable skills, businesses and carrer solution with emerging global relevance.

Types of information products

Jobreaders information products are designed to help student’s master skills with absolute clarity and efficient support and clarification

Popular products found in these best eLearning platforms in Nigeria include but not limited to:

  1. Online courses
  2. Digital books (eBooks)
  3. Blogs
  4. Webinars and other coding programs

Opportunities with Jobreaders

Jobreaders offers users with numerous opportunities such as;

  1. Free training: Jobreaders team through various channels extends knowledge. This channels includes
  2. Jobreaders blog
  3. Video channels
  4. Free master class, eBooks and webinars.
  5. Affiliate marketing: Jobreaders affiliate marketing offers you the opportunity to make money every week by simply helping people learn profitable skills. Jobreaders affiliate marketing is one rewarding way to use the internet, touching lives while you make massive income without owing a single product.

Who can join Jobreaders affiliate marketing?

Jobreaders affiliate marketing is designed for the following people;

  1. Bloggers
  2. Social media influencers
  3. Content creators
  4. Anyone who is passionate about helping people learn

FAQ about Jobreaders affiliate marketing

 There are various questions frequently asked online about Jobreaders affiliate program that will help you learn more about this life changing program.

I.How much can I make with Jobreaders affiliate program?

Answer; There is no limit placed on how much you can make with Jobreaders affiliate program. With the methods reveled in this complete free online course, one can start earning a few thousands every week without engaging in any stressful activity.

II.How can I join Jobreaders affiliate marketing program?

Answer; to become a Jobreader affiliate, you must satisfy the following conditions

  1. Be above 16 years
  2. Demonstrate compliance with community standards
  3. Be willing to help others learn profitable skills

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Community development programs

Jobreaders community development program is designed to extend digital skills to the end of the world – rooting from remote developing regions to global conferences with sole objectives to impact lives and provide profitable and lasting solutions to social and economic challenges.

Our projection is to produce 100 million solution providers and well paid experts across nations before 2025 leveraging diverse community development initiatives.

To learn more about Jobreaders or enroll for quality and profitable skill-based courses, kindly visit www.Jobreaders.org.

Expertnaire e- learning marketplace

Expertnaire is another e-learning platform in Nigeria that leverage affiliate marketing as an advertising model.

Expertnaire has lot of online courses from multiple vendors as a learning marketplace where teachers and learners meet for mostly self paced courses.

Courses at Expertnaire are created by different individuals and organizations and for the past few years, affiliate marketing has been use as a strategy to sell their resources and share commission between content creators, affiliate marketers and the platform Expertnaire.

Jobberman e-learning platform

Jobberman is a career platform similar with Jobreaders.org and offers various certification courses in partnership with local and international platforms.

Jobberman is primarily focused on job recruitment and placement across different career calls. If youre searching for free and paid certification progam by Nigerian and non-Nigerian expert and organization you can head over to Jobberman.com


E-learning platforms are online schools where anyone can learn and acquire certificates. If your goal is to learn profitable skills then simply head over to Jobreaders.org.   

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