Fordham Acceptance Rate & Tuition (3 Top Scholarships)

Fordham Acceptance Rate: This is a comprehensive review of Fordham University’s acceptance rate, tuition, available courses and several funding opportunities for students.

In this guide, we are exploring the Fordham acceptance rate for all levels of students, their projected tuition and other real costs of studying at Fordham University.

Also, in this guide, you will be learning about a handful of scholarships and career opportunities for students and graduates of this institution.

Fordham is the only Jesuit university in the entire New York and the third-oldest university in the region. Aside from being one of the leading institutions, students are enjoying small class sizes with a teacher-to-student ratio that makes learning rich with the top urban experience.

Before we proceed with the Fordham admission processes and how to get admission into Fordham University, let us learn more about the top achievements of the school and what is known for.

What is Fordham University Known For

Fordham University is a private Jesuit research university in New York, United States of America. With notable alumni such as

David Copperfield, Denzel Washington, Alan Alda, Alan Alda, Faith Evans, and Fordham have demonstrated their strength in adding and refining human values for global impact.

Fordham has 9 schools on 3 campuses, with over 15,000 students, and has remained one of the most ranked Catholic-owned universities in NYC.

Founded in 1841, Fordham currently has over 70 undergraduate programs and 130 graduate programs with several advanced certification programs.

There are three major degree programs you can find at Fordharm and they include:

  • a. Undergraduate Degrees
  • b. Graduate Degree and Programs
  • c. Accelerated Degree Programs

Note: To learn more about the degrees and available programs for any level of study at Fordham University, this central program page is a great place to get started.

Fordham University Ranking

Out of the 443 national universities in the United States, Fordham is ranked 74, scoring better than 83.6% of the rest of the institutions. New York, the city upon which Fordham is situated presents an urban aura for students and their visitors, placing the school in the list of elite preferences of top-ranking universities.

Fordham is also ranked 84th Best Value schools, among a list of other top ranks in critical academic and non-academic considerations.

As a fun fact, in New York, Fordham is over 83% more prestigious that the rest of the institutions.

Note: Universities and other schools’ rankings are based on their overall performances across a set of broad areas that are globally accepted for ranking, validating Fordham ranking as one of the best student destinations in the United States, and globally.  

General Fordham University Acceptance Rate

With a graduation rate of up to 83%, Fordham University’s acceptance rate is 58% with an average annual cost of $35,320 after financial aid.

Fordham enrols more than 9,000 that is making up the 15,000+ students across the 3 campuses and 9 schools.

NB: The Fordham acceptance rate of 58% means that for every 100 students applying for admission, about 58 candidates gain entry.

What this projection implies is that Fordham is not one of the schools that is hard to get into. However, in this guide, we are providing several admission requirements and useful links to get started.

What is Fordham University Acceptance Rate for International Students?

With Fordham’s acceptance rate projection of 58%, in a school of about 15,000, it has 16.67% of international students.

Current official information from the Fordham University website shows that it has about 15,000 students with 2500 international students. This gives you a clear figure of what the size of international students looks like, in the school.

For aspiring students who desire any degree, academic and non-academic title at Ford, the next section of this guide deals with Fordham University Admission, ad how to get started.

Fordham Admission

Fordham admission is open for students vying for undergraduate diplomas, graduate degrees, professional certificates, and a wide range of other programs and titles.

The Fordham University admission process is seamless in that at every stage of your efforts, there are professionals ready to assist. However, before applying to Fordham, students would know the 3 admission offices:

  • 1. Undergraduate Admission
  • 2. Graduate Admission
  • 3. Professional and Continuing Studies

Currently, Fordham offers more than 70 undergraduate and dozens of graduate and research programs. Admission into Fordham, students are enrolled into the following campuses:

  • a. Lincoln Center Campus
  • b. Rose Hill Campus
  • c. Westchester Campus

There are many programs to choose from, ranging from undergraduate degree programs, summer sessions, graduate degree programs and study abroad arrangements for eligible students.

Important to Know: Fordham University does not discriminate based on race, colour, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

Fordham Admission Portal

To ascertain student admission status, you will visit the Fordham Application Status Portal, and to get started, you will need to begin from the right page for your course.

Gaining admission into Fordham is relatively easier, for students who meet the general admission criteria and those specifically necessary for the respective courses and programs.

To learn more about Fordham University Admission processes, or get started with the current applications, students should visit the official admission page.

Fordham Admission Requirements

Here is a complete list of general admission requirements for local and international students at Fordham:

1. Resume/Curriculum Vitae

To start your application for Fordham Admission, you must submit a CV or resume, during the first instance of the online application.

2. Personal Statement

You are required to submit a personal statement during the online application for any level of study at Fordham University.

3. Letters of Recommendation

All applicants must submit two letters of recommendation. These letters may be submitted during the online application. In other words, your recommenders will need to complete an online form for the application. The paper requirement is to be submitted to the GSE Office of Admission in official sealed envelopes.

4. GRE/MAT Exams

Applicants for PhD, MST ( or GRE equivalent programs) and several other programs will need to submit standardized test scores. For students who are not certain as to whether or not their program will require GRE/MAT or any other standardized test score, it will be useful to contact Fordham Admission Office.

NOTE: Criteria for admission at Fordham vary from school to school and in some cases, come courses extend their requirements to some specific documents.

Generally, it is based on the degree and particular specialty, that requirements are drawn. Also note that you can directly refer to the academic program page for all the special requirements, including prerequisites for any specific program.

Fordham Admission Requirements For International Students

Aside from the general Fordham admission requirements such as resume, personal statement, letters of recommendation and transcript, international students should provide some additional documents.

Here is a list of additional Admission Requirements for International Students:

a. Test Requirements

Most courses at Fordham are taught in English Language and for this reason, international students must provide test scores as part of the English Language Proficiency Test.

NB: This requirement is for Graduate students who do not have English Language as their native language.

Below are the projected scores that Fordham accepts from international students:

  • IELTS & IELTS Indicator – 7.0+
  • Duolingo English Test (DET) – 125+
  • TOEFL iBT – 90+ (Fordham code: 2259)
  • TOEFL ITP Level 1 Test with Vericant Interview option (only for Chinese students) –  575+

b. Evaluation of Credential

At Fordham, international students must provide a translation of their transcript, if it is in a foreign language. Secondly and generally, international students, must provide a course-by-course evaluation of their transcripts with conversion to a U.S grading scale.

What this implies ( based on how credential evaluation works) is that each transcript needs to be converted into their final GPA, and to a U.S scale.

Note: Fordham University only accept evaluation from World Education Service (WES), as the only brand providing services to international applicants. For more information about your credential evaluation, refer to

Fordham Admission Deadline

Usually, Fordham admission application start dates range from January to June. Aspiring students should expect the Fordham admission deadline around June.

However, this projection is based on previous events, and we kindly recommend that you refer to the official admission portal which we have included in this guide.

Note: Based on the previous season, and the application for Spring Semester, Fordham set November 1 as the deadline.  

Fordham University Tuition

General tuition for undergraduate programs at Fordham is $973 per credit, however, what it costs to study per year ( including tuition and other fees) will vary largely due to program and candidature.

Tuition and fee at Fordham vary from school to school, based on your courses and whether or not you are from the United States. Also, there is quite several financial aids that could cut down or completely take care of the entire tuition.

Example: Tuition at Fordhard for undergraduates at the Gabelli School of Business is $56,920 per year for full-time and $1,897 per credit for part-time.

Note: This tuition projection is based on the previous academic sessions.

To learn about the tuition for your school of courses at Fordham University, kindly see the official cost and financing options page, for all current tuition at the institution.

On average, undergraduate students pay $56,161 per year on tuition at Fordham University, based on records from 2021 to 2022. On the other side of the study previous study project the annual cost of study at $81,186 ( outside financial aid) and this includes Fordham University tuition plus room and board with several other fees.

Scholarships at Fordham University

Here is a list of scholarships for local and international students at Fordham University:

  • 1. Maurice J. and Carolyn Dursi Cunniffe Presidential Scholarship
  • 2. Excellence in Theatre Scholarship
  • 3. Fordham Recognition Scholarship
  • 4. Dean’s Scholarship
  • 5. Fordham Theatre Scholarship.
  • 7. Loyola Scholarships.
  • 8. Faber Award

To get started with any of the scholarship applications, students must learn about their eligibility and when to submit applications at the right scholarship portal.

Fordham University offers sufficient scholarships to international students, aside from national merit and need-based scholarships which most of the students may not be eligible for.

International scholarship awards at Fordham take several factors into account, and they include academic history, performance profit, leadership and a list of others.

These full scholarships at Fordham for international students are 4-year scholarships that one may receive for up to 8 semesters. Some of these scholarships are more competitive, and eligible candidates receive them upon admission.

Financial Aid at Fordham

Here is a complete list of financial aid for students at Fordham University:

  • Fordham aid, which includes grants and scholarships
  • Federal and state grants
  • Work-study jobs
  • Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans

To learn more about financial aid for students at Fordham, kindly visit this dedicated page to also learn how to get started with the application.

The question as to whether or not  Fordham University awards full financial aid to international students, is part of the things you will learn from the eligibility section of this financial aid page on the school’s website.


The additional guides and answers below are directed to real questions that aspiring students and researchers are asking regarding the acceptance rate, Fordham university Admission processes, tuition, scholarships and other available financial aid for domestic and international students at Fordham.

What is Fordham University Known For?

Here is a list of prominent facts that Fordham University is known for: Fordham is one of the oldest schools in New York, founded in 1841.

Fordham is a top globally recognized Jesuit, Catholic University with over 500 years of rich educational timeline.

Aside from the institution’s various hallmarks, it is a religious order with international pedigrees in education and rich intellectual offerings and values.

What GPA do you need for Fordham?

Officially, students need to provide a previous GPA of not less than 3.0, as part of the general admission criteria at Fordham University. International students will also need to provide a WES evaluation of their transcript ( course-by-course) and translated it into the English Language.

Additionally, the minimum GPA you need to get admission into Fordham is 3.0 but to provide a more competitive application for admission decision, a GPA of 3.0+ will be great.

What is the lowest GPA accepted by Fordham?

The lowest GPA that Fordham University accepts for admission consideration is 3.0 but having 3.5 to 4.0+ places your application at a competitive edge.

Note: GPA is one of the various admission criteria listed in this guide and it is worth noting that Fordham makes admission decisions based on its fair admission policies.

For students in the United States and international students vying for any of its degrees, Fordham provides you with an easy online application that you can complete from any part of the world.

Is Fordham University an Ivy?

Fordham University is not an Ivy League School; it is, however, notable for being a reputable Jesuit University in the United States. One critical factor that qualifies Fordham as an elite school is the fact that it has one of the smallest size of classes among top Universities in the world.

As one of the leading prestigious schools with a higher retention rate, over 80% of Fordham students graduate in their appropriate course years.

Is it hard getting into Fordham?

With a general application rate of 58%, it suggests that Fordham is relatively not too hard to get into. In clear explanation, for every 100 applicants for various admission, more than 50 candidates are likely to be offered admission.

In summary,  Fordham is not a  highly selective school to get into – however, this could be based on the program, your candidature and several other factors outside the scope of this review.

Does Fordham give financial aid to international students?

Yes, Fordham University offers need-based financial aid to international students who meet the admission requirements and demonstrate financial need.

The average financial aid for local and international students at Fordham is $39,486 per year and is mostly due in February.

Kindly Note: Fordham only awards financial aid to a limited number of international students who apply for undergraduate studies.  

Does Fordham require interviews?

Fordham required a personal interview for admission.

This required interview is seen as an avenue for the school to discuss your background and educational goals. Also, Fordharm will be learning how any of the degrees/programs you choose will be helping in meeting your objectives.

How long does Fordham take to make a decision?

How long it takes Fordham to decide on your admission is based on the annual application schedule. Admission decision at Fordham is released on a rolling basis ( and usually happen around April).

How to know the exact time (days, weeks or months) it will take, is stipulated at the Fordham admission page for each of the entry seasons.

Note: The regular admission decision at Fordham is a non-binding application plan, and every student is advised to carry out an earlier application at the specified dates.

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Will I get accepted to Fordham?

Yes. You may be accepted at Fordham University, to undergo your undergraduate, postgraduate or other level of study/research. However, to know whether or not you will be accepted at Fordham, you will need to meet the minimum criteria for admission – as shown here.

Secondly. you will need to apply at the most appropriate time as admission decisions make be carried out based on the first-come principle.

Lastly, you will need to meet with the admission team during the interview ( if required), to explain your educational background and how this course will be helping you meet your overall objective.

Does Fordham give scholarships to international students?

Fordham University awards need-based and other scholarships to international students, aside from national merit and need-based scholarships for which most of the students may not be eligible.

How much is the application fee for Fordham University for international students?

Fordham University’s application fee is $70; this fee is flat for both local and international students.

Note: Paying the application fee of $70 does not guarantee your admission but the fee for the admission application processing, and covers the essay ( although options), writing and every process of the admission process until a decision is made.  


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