How I Became a Pro Web Developer without Paying a Coach

Even before the Pandemic, one could still become a professional web developer without having to pay a coach in this real world. And instead of spending so much on the overcrowded classes, you might consider learning how I did it.

People were paying hundreds to seat with top Training brands and experts, but I wasn’t that buoyant as a Nigerian student who managed to pay for his hostel accommodation.

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How I Became a Pro Web Developer in Just One Month

Being enrolled to study Computer science in a Nigerian tertiary institution was one of the greatest disappointments.

Just because I perceived the department as to where I would be taught how to utilize computer gadgets. Things were not what I was looking up for.

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But I had to convert the disappointment into some positive energies.

Then, I didn’t have plenty of friends, but I had a few of them who would always come up with amazing ideas and concepts. One was a great graphics designer.

And having watched him over some months, I realized that most of the Illustrative designs were copies he got from web templates.

Secondly, most of those more robust designs, he learned how to fix them using video guides on YouTube

The Decision

I decided to start up my PHP tutorials on the same YouTube. I went online for some videos and started consuming lots of series on both elementary and advanced PHP development.

That night, I did not have much to do with sleeping.

Not just because I needed to be a web developer, but because I just found a new teacher. I downloaded, watched over and over again with little understanding.

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And later, I fell in love with their descriptions. Today (2018), I only need to see a site’s behaviors to decipher the whole contents of development

Isn’t that amazing?

Just search the web (with the right keyword), describing the nature of sites you want to be developing, download their videos, and try their procedures.

Do that over and over again, to master the hacks. You don’t need a certificate to do marvelous things on the web.

Try is out!

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