How to Apply for The MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF)

Talented and qualified candidates should keep in touch with these details on how to How to Apply for The MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) 2021

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All about the MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF)

Multichoice is an entertainment industry in Africa and a platform dedicated to preserving, promoting, and sharing the lifestyle, customs, and behavioral habits of the African heritage across the globe through the medium of storytelling.

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This organization is deliberate about adding her voice in promoting Africa to the world by explicitly enhancing Africa‘s creative industries. 

In pursuant to the above goals, Multichoice Africa shares African stories in various languages through 17 local m-net channels. we have also reviewed the Manatee School of Arts Admission Requirements

The Entertainment Industry Africa

It’s fallacious how people narrow the whole industry to movies and celebrities.  Of course, Nigerian Nollywood has been globally recognized as one of the largest producers of film in the world.

And being an integral part of arts, the sector has contributed mainly to the 2.3% GDP that entertainment and recreating has injected into the Nigerian economy in the year 2016. In Africa, it is the largest win.

However, there are tons of other self-made entertainers outside the spotlight of Nollywood and its allies.
It starts from stand-up comedy to social media brands on arts and comedy from other African countries.

But the music industry is another yard that has been untouched for years, ignoring the significant impact of innovation and creativity from every angle of the art. Mana, these facts are beyond the scope of this content.

What is Multichoice Talent Factory?

Multichoice Talent Factory 2020 is a developmental approach stemming from the goals of multichoice Africa whose is towards creating a network between different creative industries in Africa to enable them to interact on the common ground of their ardor to achieve progress.

Multichoice Talent Factory has its objective on a tripod. Multi-Talent Factory Academics, Multi-Talent Factory Portal, and Multi-Talent factory Industry Masterclasses.

The above will be discussed seriatim.

Multichoice Talent Factory Academy

The Multi-Talent Factory Academy is an organization that covers three(3) regions and thirteen (13) countries across Africa.

It’s an educative arm of Multichoice Talent Factory saddled with the responsibility to train and develop sixty (60) young deserving and talented candidates who are interested in film and television production through an accredited twelve(12) months training program which covers both the theoretical and practical lessons in cinematography, editing, audio production, and storytelling.

The Multichoice Talent Factory Academy offers its training through accredited regional Multichoice Talented Factory Academies based in Kenya (for East Africa), Nigeria (for West Africa), and Zambia ( for Southern Africa).

Multichoice Talent Factory portal also works in partnership with other respected indigenous academic institutions.

The Multichoice Talented Factory Portal 

Multichoice Talent Factory 2020 Portal is a platform that cuts across African countries in other to meet the needs of the fast-growing African creative industry.

It is an interactive E-platform enhancing networking between the African film industry, creating an E- community for talent and opportunity to the interface.

Multichoice talent factory portal is specifically saddled with the responsibility of keeping the creative industry up to date with industry news and expanding its horizon across the globe.

Multichoice Talent Masterclasses

Multichoice Talent Masterclass was launched in 2019, and its aim is to further enhance the technical skills of industry creatives in cinematography, audio, and storytelling in order to produce experts in these fields to make richer the content of African creative.

Multichoice Talent Masterclass creates a platform where an industry expert for industry professionals facilitates effective workshops.

The Masterclasses have been presented in several countries, including Angola, Kenya, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Namibia, Botswana, Ethiopia, and Zambia.

These arm of Multichoice Talent Factory have also received support from international industry partners such as Dolby laboratories and FOX Portugal. 

Who can apply for the Multichoice Talent Factory (MTF)) 2020?

Interested candidates must have industry experience or relevant post-school qualifications in filmmaking. Interested candidates must be from the following African countries, namely. 

Kenya, Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania,  Namibia, Ethiopia, Botswana, Uganda, and Zambia.

All these entries go to Multichoice Talent Factory Academy.

Sixty (60) students will be selected from each region) for the fully-funded program at three (3) different academic institutions located in Southern Africa (Lusaka, Zambia), East Africa (Nairobi, Kenya), and West Africa (Lagos Nigeria) and headed by prominent industry leaders Barry Lwando, Njoki Muhoho, and Femi Odugbemi respectively.

Benefits of participating in Multichoice Talent Factory (MTF) 2020

Participants in the Multichoice Talent Factory go home with theoretical and practical experience in the film industry, storytelling, audio production, and directing.

It also provides candidates with an opportunity for direct mentorship and networking with other creative experts.

It provides an opportunity for young filmmakers to work on a live set of local TV productions and create original content that will be aired on Multichoice platforms such as DSTV, GOTV, and SHOW MAX.

How to Register for Multichoice Talent factory

The registration portal remains  and you can follow the details therein to know the actual application time, date and deadline.

Previously, the 60 students (20 for each region) – were selected from 13 African countries where MultiChoice operates.

The 13 Markets eligible for entry include:

WEST AFRICA: Nigeria, Ghana, EAST AFRICA: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania; SOUTHERN AFRICA: Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Angola, Mozambique

Contact Details for MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) 2020

Join the MTF social media conversation on the hashtag #MultichoiceTalentFactory and follow/join:

·        Instagram: @multichoicetalentfactory;

·       Twitter: @MCTalentFactory

·       Facebook: @multichoiceafricatalentfactory

If you have any questions about the MultiChoice Talent Factory, please contact us on [email protected]


Lastly, Multichoice Talent Factory also has in the previous year’s exposed candidates to real-life productions, which include the Kenyan Hub students working on music realities such as COKE STUDIO, PAMBIO, TURN UP, etc.

The Zambian class also worked on a reality show DATE MY FAMILY, TOP ZED, music show, and drama series CHINTELEW.

In 2019, a more significant opportunity was introduced by Multichoice Talent Factory Master class series aimed at upskilling industry professionals by offering exclusive access to practical,expert-ledd industry skills workshop in various countries which brings talent and opportunity together.




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