How to Start a blog and What it costs

How to start a Blog-This is the Cost your’e Searching For

The cost is the first thing aspiring bloggers or site owners search for while learning How to Start a blog. And in this post, you’ll learn in details, to guide your procedure.
I’m also an ardent consumer of rich guides.  So you won’t be doing anything wrong listening to an expert here. But before that, have you really considered how to start a blog?
How much or what does it take to create and run a professional BLOG/WEBSITE has become the top query among aspiring web entrepreneurs and organizations considering blogs and websites for their brands. Here is the answer!
Not owning a website or blog cannot tell a complete story of your digital marketing, content creation or modern business journey.
Social media isn’t enough. And I don’t want the fear of the cost to be the reason anymore.

Popular Searches

The need to own a blog is seen in today’s business and career. It spans across industries, products, persons and brands.
And on this note, I’ve filtered lots of queries from a search engine, based on what people ask machines:
  1. What does it take to own a site?
  2. How much will it cost to host a blog?
  3. How much is a blog?
  4. How much does it cost to buy a domain name?
  5. How much does it cost to create a blog from scratch?

Now, let me tell you the truth.

 From my experience working with clients over the years, I’ve found out that the fear of failing, cost, and other uncertainties has, just like in other businesses, prevented many from making the bold step.
If fear is one of your reasons to not getting started, I don’t want that of cost to be one of the reasons.
It does not cost much to create and run a professional BLOG or design and host a WEBSITE

It should end here

The cost of creating a blog isn’t the same with what it takes to run a successful blog. But the best approach to understanding the dynamics of blogging is having an account first.
In details, here are types of account and how much it costs to create, host and buy the domain for a professional blog:


Learning how to start a blog, you need to know what it costs like. And this is an overview of the cost of creating and running your first blogs:

1. Purchase a Domain

 Many domain extensions are for purchase. But the most used among today’s bloggers is the .com whose price is around N3, 500 -4, 000 (or even less)
There are other domain extensions such as .ng (9,000-15,000), .gov (for government organizations only, .info, .org, etc
It depends on the needs and the lifestyles of your targeted audience. But it has been accepted that the extension’s effect to your blog or website is of negligible value.

2. Purchase the Cert and Pros

The domain name might need an SSL certificate for protection (and the way it is seen), the hosting needs protection from the public too.
If you’re paying for a purchased site, you need to debug the codes to avoid loopholes. It’s a little bit technical but you can shun all these when your sites still operate on a low key.

3. Purchase the Hosting

Hosting Accounts: You can get a hosting account as low as $1.5 per month and as high as $500 per month.
It’s not a factor of your choice, but the need for such web presence.
No, be a lie, and the cheaper options might even serve more than the overrated Bluehost and Hostgator $ rated accounts.
 In all, there are many hosting options that can give birth to awesome and efficient digital houses.
I want you to learn a few limits that some web developers may not share with you.
Hosting plans can make or completely mar your whole business efforts, in that it can affect the image you portray.

4. Pay for other Designs

 Other costs include the cost of designs such as logo (I know we have good graphics designers here), Stock images: My favourite is Pixabay who will give you amazing stock images for your site

5. Installation/customization

 WordPress templates (if you care for one) with its customization cost if you are new or not experienced. Thousands are free, while some premiums are paid.
Millions of plugins are free too (until you gather financial muscle to pay for premium versions). If you hired an expert for your work, this won’t be your burden.
In fact, there are many free and premium tools for creating websites from scratch, if your intention isn’t just blogging.

6. Content Creation

Being a site owner doesn’t make you a creative writer.
Employing the right machinery to work behind the scene isn’t a sign of professional sabotage. But if you can do it, you win.

How do I go about these?

 You don’t need to worry about that.  The essence of sharing it is to ensure you don’t think outside the range.
 You can also indicate interest to be assisted, as our series of web tutorials for aspiring site owners are yet to be exhausted.
Now, that you have learnt how to start a blog, with regards to the cost in view.
You can also indicate interest through the comment section for a link on how to create your own blog from scratch. You can also learn more from tons of business and tech reviews from this website.

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