How the UNN E-Voting System tackles Electoral Malpractices in Nigerian Universities

How To Vote Out Electoral Malpractices With UNN E-Voting System

Student Union Government (SUG) election 2020: This Is How the UNN E-Voting System tackles Electoral Malpractices in Nigerian Universities

But the question is, will the nation adopt this system for the sake of democracy in Africa? This article, however, answers many questions concerning the newly introduced voting system by the University of Nigeria Nsukka, to solve post and pre-electoral malpractices.

Recall that last year, the University board postponed the SUG election for reasons intentionally kept hidden from the public.

No one can act ignorant of the fact the electoral irregularities have been the reason behind several unrests across campuses in Africa.

When the negative political atmosphere is tacked in Nigerian Universities and Campuses, the cases of national political errors will be much easier to deal with. The electronic voting system of the prestigious University should be considered a sample for the nation to adopt in the mainstream political linkages.

How was the UNN e-Voting System used for SUG Election?

Like a Lion (University of Nigeria Nsukka’s Student) who is eligible to cast a vote for the 2020 SUG election, this guide will put you through on the use of the digital voting system.

The second phase of the SUG Voting:

Also, note that the election is to be free and fair. Due to this reason, the administration has divided the voting processes into the following:

For the processes:

  1. Visit your Faculty for Enrollment
  2. Visits the University portal
  3. Login with your credential
  4. Select e-Voting (on the day of the election)
  5. Or Visit this link for details:

Well, it is as simple as that. Also, any attempt to bypass the given procedures will be considered an act punishable by law and an offence that can rub one off his or her entitlement as the student of the great institution.

Benefits of the UNN e-Voting System for Nigerian Universities 

There is no doubt, both civilization and corruption emanate from our tertiary institution. It is now more welcome than ever to witness innovative corrections erupting from the same institutions. 

The importance of this digital sanitization is why we consider this move is considered an awakening to the political elites and hungry thieves in the Nigerian political corridors.

Having been a Nigerian student, it is not subject to doubt that the use of this UNN e-voting system will ensure correction in the following areas:

Electoral Violence and Cult Clashes 

Not sure of the reason why the school postponed the previous Student Government election, reputable sources believe that efforts constituted up to prevent the apparent cult clashes that were already surfacing the school and its environs.

But irrespective of the fact that this might not be true, history has a way of backing the truth.

Post and pre-electoral violence that follow Student Government Elections among various Nigerian campuses always take the units of cult wars, which either fight electoral impunity or political betrayals.

But as the case may be, the transparency that will be given birth by this system of election can never provide the deadly push with a space to thrive.

On this note, the UNN e-voting system will prove the doubts that there can be a violent free election in the land.

Manipulations and Election rigging 

Student Government Elections, just like the mainstream elections in Nigeria was characterized by series of ill practices such as stealing of electoral materials, altering the electoral results, and influencing the electoral stakeholder in more ways than one.

But should the UNN e-Voting system be given the right programming and technical follow up, the outcome will shower the campus community with a very transparent result that will even be very difficult for any of the stakeholders to alter, having all the concerned teams as digital watchdogs.

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Having known that the system wasn’t designed with the open-source intentions, the users (voting students) will be able to monitor their results or even demand traceable copies of their casted votes, and from the digital team; which will, in turns, comprise of both parties.

In other words, it will not be possible for any of the parties to influence the digital outcomes of the electoral gambles.

But on this end, it is crucial to look at the possible challenges that may undermine the efforts of the University in ensuring a free and fair election for the Student Union Government, using the UNN e-voting system:

Challenges that may Face UNN e-Voting System and Election Results

Being reluctant can best describe an average African student. We are likely going to face the following problems in the first instances of the use of this e-voting electoral system in our schools. This factor and may also affect the system in the following aspects: 

The Voting and the Volume 

It is no longer news that the University of Nigeria Nsukka has introduced the UNN e-voting system to strengthen the fates of the electorates.

But it will still be news among myriads of students that it has come to secure their votes.

Recalcitrant attitudes among fellows and inability to see through the futuristic innovation might still prevent many students from turning up in mass to cast their votes.

Our Recommendations for the University of Nigeria Nsukka and other Universities in Nigeria that are about to queue into the e-voting methods of selecting their SUG executives are as follow:

Compulsory Voting by Students 

To make progress, we recommend that a system should be devices to ensure that every student exercises his/her franchise responsibilities.

Moreso, it is one effective way to know the actual number of eligible voters and also, the number of voting candidates. This fact is provable, in that school have the power to recount through faculty and departmental indices.

That notwithstanding, cultivating the habits of electoral and political participation will culminate throughout the entire system of the federation.

And in turn, it will ensure the awakening needed to flush out irregularities and impunity in the nation’s political spheres.

On that note, it is evident that Nigerian and other African schools should emulate this UNN e-voting system, and states as well, for effective leadership and representation.

Opportunities for Nigerian Students

Aside from the UNN e-voting system, the school electoral practices, etc., there are scholarships, business grants, and other opportunities that any of you can apply for and stand good chances of being selected. That is why we compiled this list of Undergraduate Scholarships to help you get funded.

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