List of Documents Required to Study Abroad in Different Countries

To study abroad, there are documents required, to help the institution, the country, and its immigration department ascertain your eligibility and readiness for courses in the community.

These are study abroad documents that many students patronize agents for professional assistance. And we believe that by the end of this section of our international study guides, you will learn:

  • The documents you need to study abroad
  • Your key priorities as an international student, and
  • How to Apply for Admission in Foreign Countries

Having explored the various options for students to travel abroad for their studies, we have come to the conclusion that scholarship offers are of the schemes that ease the burden on parents and individual students.

And as such recommend that prospective international students should also start applying for scholarships, in their discipline and country of choice.

The said, learning the required documents for your studies abroad should be the next most important practice, because it has denied many students their ample opportunities.

But there is a question that most of these prospective students fail to ask themselves, regarding opportunities, shortcomings, and other factors that surround international studies.

Why do I need to Study Abroad?

If you have wondered why up to 30% of students in your country migrate to other nations for their studies, you are not alone.

One of our open online surveys reveals that more than 60% of domestic students wish they had gained admission to study abroad due to limitations and non-satisfaction.

The quality of education, professional network, cultural experience, and human values built through international studies cannot be underestimated. The great benefits of studying abroad will be unending if we decide to make a list.

Countries, individuals, and schools in developed nations are also funding dreams of many students from these countries through scholarships and open grants.

These present you with rare opportunities to apply and be selected for scholarships into your desired states and schools, and will keep publishing these opportunities, to help you fulfill your dreams.

What are the Documents Required to Study Abroad?

These documents you may need to present before you can be accepted for studies abroad ( from countries and top Universities) serve as proof of academic experience, work ( if necessary), reason for study  in the country, and other personal reasons that still needs to be presented.

However, for clarity sake, it is better to make a complete list of Documents Required to Study Abroad:

Application Forms

Application forms include personal and academic forms filled and signed, form issues by institutions and local governments, births, and lots more.

These documents are needed in every aspect of your journey for admission, scholarships, and any other forms of study abroad process.

Certain application forms are needed from students who wish to study abroad at the University application points, and visa procurement moments; and they include both original and photocopied versions of the documents that we advise students to keep handy.

But the most important files among these documents will still be singled out in the course of this publication.


For students who are traveling abroad for master and higher learning, undergraduates, and other categories who file through transfer, the transcript is an essential travel-abroad document that always features in all countries and institutions.

A transcript in this regard is an official academic document that houses students’ records from the first year until the graduate or the current level. It contains the number of courses take, and the grade (CGPA for University standards).

There are two types of transcripts that serve and you need to watch out before approaching your schools for the copy.

Most institutions only demand a digital copy of the transcript from the university while in some cases, students can send a scanned copy to their destination schools.

Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose is one of the most important documents required to travel abroad in that upon it, other applications are established.

Just as the name implies it is a written note that explains (in clear terms), the reason for your choice of a particular state, school, and country.

From the school’s offer of admission to the embassy requirements, a statement of purpose remain a vital file that guarantees application success for prospective international students.

My personal take on this: students should invest quality time in preparing on the documents they are to submit for these purposes. But special emphasis should be given to the writing of a statement of purpose.

My reason is that I have seen many students turned down, and their applications rejected. Although reasons may not be a statement as to why you were disqualified for the admission or visa, the statement of purpose is the young secret.

Letter of Recommendation

This travel abroad document is an official letter that is mostly written by our university professors, heads of department, or other professional managers for students seeking admission abroad.

This letter highlights the achievements of the students, the records, experience, skills, and communication in the desired fields.

This is another important piece of information that enables the admission council to gain insight into students’ lives, and to decide their chances for admission.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume

A CV or a resume will give a comprehensive insight into your academic and professional history.

In our free CV sample, we highlighted the key roles of each of the items that are required to feature in a good CV and you can download this copy now.

We also highlighted the needs and how to put in all your academic and professional records in a very compelling format, for their own consideration.

It is also very important to remain in alignment with the necessary details because a bad CV can ruin all efforts.

You can always reach us for your premium CV services which include reviews and professional writing assistance.

Test Score

The demand for (types) varies from country to country and from institutions as well. A test score can also be referred to, as proof of language proficiency that is demanded international studies.

For instance, having a test score in English, French, Dutch, or any of the popular languages is proof that you can use the language for learning purposes.

The certificates to be presented for any of the languages include the TOEFL, IETS, and C1 Advance etc. but are based on the demand from the institution and country of destination.

In as much as you need these documents to study abroad, you deserve quality information about schools in the country, scholarships and other funding opportunities for international students in the states.

You can always come back to for current information on these global opportunities, funding opportunities, and grants for international students.

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