How to Pay in Dollars Using Barter By Flutterwave

How to Pay in Dollars Using Barter By Flutterwave

This guide on how to pay in dollars with Barter by Flutterwave will help you learn how to pay foreign websites such as website hosting, email marketing, business management etc. that do not accept local debit or credit cards (ATM).

Please Note: As at the time of editing this content, the Federal Government of Nigeria has continued to put a stop to virtual card operations. Also, there is permanent ban on the use of Naira to purchase dollars. One of the means left is the use of domiciliary account. Find out more on this here.

Simply put, this is a solution that helps you complete your payment if you your card just got declined while trying to make payment.

Due to some banking policies and payment restrictions, making payment (in dollars) with a number foreign website becomes so difficult for internet users from several parts of Africa.

In Nigeria, for instance, the card limit for Naira card like Mastercard and Visa does not exceed $20. For this reason, your payments for web hosting, ecommerce stores, software account purchase will be declined.
Barter By Flutterwave, for years now, has been feeling this banking gap by providing adequate solutions to businesses and webmaster who make payment in other currencies.

What is a Virtual Card?

A virtual card is the credit or debit card (just like your regular ATM card) that can be used to make payments online without literally having it physical.

It is called virtual because it does not have any form of realness. You only get to use it as a properly that us based only on the internet.

With this card, you will bypass some level of local bank restrictions without breaking any law.

Webmasters and businesses make use of virtual card to make online payment in various foreign platforms and when it comes to Africa, Barter by Flutterwave is the king.

First, understand that Barter is an application (you can call it a software) that lets you send and receive money from abroad instantly. It works like a Mobile Wallet; its fast and has proven to be reliable.

How does Barter work?

When you send money into your barter account, the money will be stored in your Barter balance.

With this fund you can send to any barter account, bank account or even use the fund for the purchase utilities such as airtime. Ultimatly, barter helps you make payment in dollars.

This is from barter: To send money to someone in another country, you can do an instant Barter-to-Barter transfer to them. They will receive the transfer equivalent in their relevant currency in their Barter balance, which they can withdraw locally.

We are making this post to help you complete your online payment; and because it has continued to be one of the biggest challenges that our students, web entrepreneurs and other businesses face on the internet.

In this compellation, you will learn how to make payment using Barter by Flutterwave.

Following this method will help you get a virtual card, use its details to make payment across various websites such as email marketing platforms, hosting platforms and lots more.

To begin, let me show you the steps; but please ensure to follow correctly and feel free to leave a comment where you need further assistance.

Step One: Sign Up for Barter by Flutterwave

• To make use of Barter for payment, you must create an account with Flutterwave.
• Getting your account created you must have a means of verification (scanned and saved as a small image file or snapped with your phone).
• If you are a Nigerian user you need to have your Bank Verification Number (BVN) ready.
• Your also need to have your passport photograph (of be ready to get one with your phone as your register.

Step Two: Fund Your barter By Flutterwave Account

After creating your account, you will need to fund the account. You are funding the account in Naira and thereafter you will create a new card in Dollars.

Read this comprehensive article to learn how to create and fund your virtual card with Flutterwave.

Step Three: Make Payment with Your Virtual Card

Having completed the processes above, you can now use the details in the card for online purchase instead of your regular bank ATM.

To pay with Barter simply follow the following steps:

1. Ensure that you have funded your Barter wallet. You can read this guide to know how to fund your Barter wallet

2. Select the “Pay with Barter” option. 

3. Click on “Proceed” to be redirected to Barter by Flutterwave to complete your payment

4. Enter your Barter email or phone number and transaction pin.

5. Choose your desired source to complete payment


That is all you need to have your dollar payment made using Barter by Flutterwave.


Having Followed these methods correctly, we believe that you can now make your online payments without challenges.

Feel free to leave a comment (questions, appreciation and additional information you feel that we just missed regarding payment online in dollars using Barter by Flutterwave.

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