Presidential Service Award UF 2021 – Start Applying Here

Discover more about the PRESIDENTIAL SERVICE AWARD UF that was founded through the president’s council on service and civic participation in 2003.

This is aimed at supporting intellectual students and staff with the attributes or actions of improving the standards of their community.

These goals are pointed at developing the community with the skills learned from the institution applied for.

This award is very essential for students and any other professional fields to achieve the purpose of connecting with the people in the community by assisting the affairs within the community.

The presidential service award is pointed at the undergraduates and the graduates who have wholeheartedly signed the will of helping their community grow and achieve high standard of living.

Mind you, the award is awarded especially to graduates that have taken part in over 200 community services and undergraduates giving over 400 community services.

NOTE: The application closes on February 17.

The Award is focused on assisting students who have verbally fought for the benefit of themselves and others in the communities through promoting social justice, equality, and other positive social factors.

It is more like compensation for their loyalty and commitment to offering services to the people and the community.

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Eligible for the Presidential Service Award

  • Applicants must be able to provide an essay of at least 200 words giving a response to these three following questions below;
  • Your involvement in service activities during your time as a UF student
  • Impact have you made with a community partner(s)?
  • Have you learned from this experience?

Additional Information

  • The competition for this award is very complex making it difficult for every student who applies to get a chance of winning. Thus, any late registration won’t be accepted.
  • Lucky winners of the award will be notified through the office of the president of the United States of America or any other recognized offices. Award winners will be notified by the end of March 2021
  • Must have a letter of recommendation from the faculty member who worked with the student in the class or research project
  • Students must submit a short 200-500 word essay
  • Outstanding Service among Graduate/Professional Students
  • for undergraduate students, You must have completed 400 hours of community service
  • All applicants must have completed 200 hours of community service
  • A list of community partners’ contact information. Why? That’s where you get to receive verification.
  • Photo of nominee working with community partners or a professional headshot

What does a certifying organization refer to?

It is an organization that has been granted authority through an application with the purpose of reviewing and processing PVSA with the aim of distributing to interested volunteers.

They also create community education for interested volunteers to enable them to deliver more excellent services to their community.

The organizations below can be qualified for the Presidential Service Award UF if they fulfill all the requirements:

  • Nonprofit organization
  • Business
  • Schools
  • National Service programs
  • Membership of trade associations and many more

Requirements of the Certifying an Organization:

  • only US citizens, residents, and a lawfully admitted citizen can apply
  • It’s a must to pay the cost of the awards and the shipping fee (in case it is charged)
  • After receiving the awards, ensure you distribute to volunteers
  • Take the Certifying Organization e-course once every 12 months

Procedures to maintaining the eligibility status of PVSA

  • Conduct business both ethically and without deception
  • Revoke a PVSA when information is presented that any awardee did not meet the criteria for the Award
  • Maintain a data bank that provides the capability to retrieve all information upon which an award was based
  • The applicant must participate in voluntary service for the benefit of others to be fully certified for this award

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Steps by steps instructions to follow to become a Certifying Organization:

  • Take the short e-course on the website
  • Complete and submit the certifying organization application online.
  • Your application will be reviewed and processed within 15 business days during which you get notification of your status

Eligibility for volunteer:

  • citizen of the country or lawful permanent resident of the United States
  • Age must be 5+
  • Must be able to complete an eligible service within a 12-month period and over a lifetime

Eligible Services

  • Voluntary services that benefit others
  • National service programs
  • Travel stipends, transit/parking passes, membership passes, and expense reimbursements

Eligible Services do not include the following factors:

  • Conducting worship service
  • Proselytizing
  • Donating funds
  • Political lobbying
  • Religious instruction

Additional Awards:

Leadership and Service Advocate of the Year Award

Requirements for the Leadership and Service Advocate of the Year Award

  • The applicants cannot be the current UF faculty or staff member
  • Letter of Recommendation

Outstanding Service Learning

This is to recognize a UF undergraduate, graduate, or professional student who was enrolled in a service-learning.

Here, the Presidential Service Award UF award also recognizes applicants that did community-based research as part of a course.

The process also goes beyond the activities in classes and continues as providing services to the community.

What are the requirements for the outstanding Service Learning?

  • Eligible for the Presidential Service Award
  • Must have a letter of recommendation from the faculty member who worked with the student in the class or research project
  • Students must submit a short 200-500 word essay

Undergraduate Students

The award under this category will only recognize students with exemplary community services.

What are the requirements for the Outstanding Service among Undergraduate Students?

  • Must be an undergraduate student.
  • Eligible for the Presidential Service Award
  • Students must submit a short 200-500 word essay

What are the requirements for the Outstanding Service among Graduate and Professional Students?

  • Must be a graduate or professional student.
  • Eligible for the Presidential Service Award
  • Students must submit a short 200-500 word essay answering the following question

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The Presidential Service Award UF was brought up for the concern it has for people by motivating them.

It also keep them working for the betterment of the community.

Remember, the Presidential Award is opened to all people who are capable and eligible for the award.

So, if you are passionate about helping your community grow and expand your horizon of learning also, this is the best time you can apply for this award.

I wish you good luck in all your endeavours and ensure to drop a comment below this post.

IF you have questions, please do ensure to bring them up in the comment section and I promise fast delivery!

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