Best Medical Scholarships for Students around the world in 2021

Medical Scholarships for Students around the world have been listen here. Are you a potential student of medicine and surgery degree or other medical courses and have been looking for scholarships to study abroad, this is what you need. Before you continue reading, you should equip yourself with the requirements of studying abroad, as an international student.

Medicine is not just a competitive course, you can only get 0.1% of unemployed people who have a bachelor in medicine and surgery.

The rest 99.9% of medicine and surgery graduates are either working or engaged in a graduate program in a medical school.

So, there is almost no option to be jobless after studying medicine and surgery.

Apart from the high probability of being employed, different students study medicine for different reasons, the reason could be as a calling, passion, to satisfy financial needs and also ensure job security for life and more.

Note: Unlike the common availability of graduate scholarships and awards in medicine, undergraduate scholarships for medicine and surgery are not easily found.

This is because to study medicine and surgery requires you to break the bank in most scenarios. 

Why Are Medical Students Offered Scholarships

There is a great need for medical researchers and qualified medical doctors all over the world.

They are not only needed in underdeveloped countries but also in technically advanced countries; because doctors are always needed on any planet where humans exist.

As a result of the above need for the availability of medical doctors around the world, many governments, organizations, and institutions are at the spate of funding scholarships for medical and surgery students.

In order to help offset the financial loads which students with good academic records and a desire for medicine and surgery will have to go through.

Is There Undergraduate Medical Scholarships for International Students?

Different universities in different countries of the world offer scholarships in medicine and surgery for local and international students.

This inclusion of international students in scholarship programs is not just to help the students with financial support or because scholarships are offered to students with good academic achievements and desire to study.

One of the primary reasons why scholarships are made available for foreign students is because every medical doctor is open to saving lives from any part of the world and not just in his/her country of origin alone.

We have seen many medical doctors, medical researchers, and internship students contribute largely to the health care of other nations, either by going abroad to practice or by attending to foreigners in his/her country.

This is the major reason so many Universities in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Germany, and more countries make scholarships available for local and international students.

However, if you are more interested in nursing schools, here are scholarships for nursing students you can apply for. Or veterinary schools, we have them all culled out for you.

List of medical scholarships to study in Australia or New Zealand

  • University of Wollongong scholarships: university of Wollongong in Australia offers scholarships to medical students in their medical school.  To find the comprehensive list and how to apply, this is the scholarship website.
  • AFPHM John Snow Scholarship:  AFPHM is known as the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine. This AFPHM John Snow scholarship seeks to create and enhance awareness among students in the medical field to help them identify and specialize in public health medicine as a potential career path. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be enrolled in a medical school at an Australian or New Zealand university. The scholarship worth is over $1,500. Check the scholarship website for more.
  • University of Melbourne Baillieu Research Scholarship: The university of Melbourne offers research scholarships for graduate students in the university’s medical school. However, this scholarship is restricted to only Australian students. Even with the restrictions, preference is given to students who are the descendants of the WW1 soldiers. If you are eligible, apply in the website.
  • University of Auckland John Hamel McaGregor Award in Medical Sciences: This scholarship is awarded to both domestic and international students. It is awarded for both undergraduate and postgraduate degree of a medical sciences degree. The John Hamel MacGregor award is tenable in the University of Auckland. Apply now in the website.

List of medical scholarships to study in Europe

  • AMC Amsterdam Merit Scholarships: This is a scholarship for non EU/EEA medical students.  It is awarded to master’s degree students in the University of Amsterdam in Netherlands. This is the scholarship website
  • Carl Duisberg Scholarships: This is a medical scholarship for students who are undergoing medical practice in their respective medical fields. It is awarded to international students who intend to study in Germany or German students who intend to continue their medical studies abroad. If you are an eligible candidate apply on the scholarship website
  • Karolinska Institutet Global Master’s Scholarships: This scholarship is awarded to students who have interest in the global master’s program. The global master’s program encompasses medical courses of diverse interests. All beneficiaries would study in the karolinska institutet located in Sweden. Apply here.
  • Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Scholarships and Grants: This research scholarship is awarded to students who are in the field of clinical or biomedical sciences. The prospective applicant must be ready to conduct an independent research in Denmark. If this defines you, then apply here.

List of medical scholarship to study in North America

  • AMA Minority Scholars Award: This scholarship is awarded to underrepresented students who are studying medicine in the United States. The underrepresented students include African Americans, American Indians, Alaskan natives, Native Hawaiians and Hispanics. If you are amongst this category, apply in the website
  • ASME Grants and Fellowships: if you intend to continue your medical education as a student, researcher or teacher in the United States of other foreign countries, then this is for you. You can apply here
  • UCLA David Geffen Medical Scholarships: This scholarship is awarded on Merit base to students both domestic and international who are enrolling in the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. The scholarship is covers all academic year of the medical program and it covers tuition, accommodation and other expenses.  To know more and apply, this is the scholarship website.
  • The Recovery Village Health Care Scholarship: This award is for United States students or permanent residents who are pursuing a medical program. Applicants must submit an essay to describe why you are passionate about the healthcare. A focus must be captured on substance abuse and mental health. Successful applicants are awarded with $1,000. This is the application website.

Top Schools to Get Scholarships for Medicine and Surgery Abroad

Though there are more scholarship opportunities for medical graduate students than there are for the medical undergraduate students, we have searched deeply and came up with top schools in top countries that have scholarship opportunities for medicine and surgery undergraduate students. 

Harvard University | USA

Harvard University Financial aid is offered to local and international students every year but it is basically for the students of the University.

It is important that every medical student will apply afresh for the financial aid application process in order to stand the chance of being selected. Interested students and all wait-listed admissions candidates can apply online for this scholarship.

You can check the application requirements of Harvard University Financial aid to also see when the next application will be available.

University of Melbourne | Australia

At the University of Melbourne Baillieu Research Scholarship, medical students are open to opportunities.

The Baillieu Research is a scholarship program organized by Honourable William Lawrence Baillieu and family every year to support local and international students financially by providing a living allowance, relocation allowance for medical students who do not live in Victoria and limited paid sick, maternity and parental leave.

The total scholarship amount is $97,200 and it is broken down into stipend and paid every two weeks. The scholarship is always available for application every 1st September to 31 October of every year.

This scholarship for medicine and surgery students is only available for existing students of the University of Melbourne and application is required.

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science | USA

There are different categories of scholarships available for local or international students and clerkship students at Mayo Clinic.

These scholarships recognize academic performance and encourage medical students to be committed and steadfast in their medical career paths.

Though the scholarship is available for all students, recipients of the scholarships are selected based on their professional path and performance in medical activities.

Local and International students who successfully became recipients of the scholarships are awarded $1,000, while clerkship students get about $2,500 to take care of their bills.

University of Auckland John Hamel MacGregor | New Zealand

Opening date: 20 September

Closing date: 1 November

University of Auckland John Hamel MacGregor Award in Medical Science: This scholarship is available for BMedSci (Hons) or for students at postgraduate research degree level in the Faculty of Medical and Health Studies at the University.

This scholarship is netted at $10,000 and it is available for full time or part-time students in the university. You are advised to always check to see if the scholarship application is open.

University of Calgary | Canada 

Cumming School of Medicine Awards at the University of Calgary is open for all local and international medical students to apply.

The Cumming School of Medicine offers outstanding Pathways to Medicine Scholarship award to support the registration and success of future MD students.

UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine | USA

Medical Scholarships offered by UCLA David Geffen is a scholarship award issued to local and international medical students on merit.

The UCLA David Geffen medical scholarships provide financial support for the students for four years.

These scholarships are for new local or international students entering the first year in the school for medicine and surgery.

The good side of these scholarships is that more than 20% of the entering students are guaranteed to receive these awards through merit.

You can learn more about the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine Medical Scholarships to help you make the appropriate decision.

University of Birmingham | United kingdom

This University has numerous scholarship opportunities for medical students who desire and are committed to building on their academic achievement in the field of their study but are having financial setbacks.

The University of Birmingham scholarships and awards are for local and international students in every course, including medicine and surgery.

See the requirements for application for the scholarships and awards.

There are some other schools that provide financial support for undergraduate students that one can apply with to propagate his/her academic dream in medicine and surgery but we picked the top schools with good offers for all international students.

Jobreaders through unabated intensive research will always present you with the most adequate information on any topic you might have thought of. See some of our recent topics that you will surely like to read:

These portals and schools share do not have all the available Scholarship to Study Medicine and Surgery Abroad.

Other courses are faculties from various other schools around the world also offer scholarships for the same categories of students worldwide.

As an international student or prospective student who seek scholarships are part of the external funding options for your studies in any of the countries.

You are encouraged to sign up for our free Email notifications or follow this category page for currently ongoing scholarships around your discipline.

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