Scholarships Available at Eastern Idaho Technical College | Programs and tuition

Attending a technical college is a great experience. The scholarships available at Eastern Idaho Technical college can prove very useful to you if you are interested in the technical fields.

Studying and training with a scholarship is beneficial because you get to pay less than the required amount. It can be helpful especially in cases where you are lacking funds and need financial assistance.

In this blog post, you will be informed on the scholarships available at Eastern Idaho technical college, and how you can apply and become a beneficiary of such a scholarship.

Understanding where the college is vital to your application. Let’s have a look at the Eastern Idaho Technical College and what it is all about.

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Eastern Idaho Technical College

The Eastern Idaho Technical College was founded in 1969 as Eastern Idaho Vocational Technical School and later became a technical college called Eastern Idaho Technical College.

She is located at Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States.

Eastern Idaho Technical College is divided into sections namely Business, Office and Technology, Health Professions; Trades and Industry; and General Education.

For adults who are also looking forward to basic education, Eastern Idaho Technical College also offers courses in adult basic education, GED testing, and workforce training.

The Eastern Idaho Technical College has an interesting motto that reads “ Real education. Real jobs.

Real-life”. Looking closely at this motto, one can understand that the college believes in education and impacting lives.

Lives are impacted through their jobs as finances matter in everyone’s life.

The current president of Eastern Idaho Technical College is Rick Aman who is a Doctorate holder.

And his drive for excellence has led to the increased innovations that have been witnessed in the school lately. The college as of 2018 had over 1300 students enrolled in their programs.

Programs offered at Eastern Idaho Technical College

The programs offered at Eastern Idaho are very hands-on and most require physical pieces of training and practice.

The Scholarships Available at Eastern Idaho Technical College can be a boost to you while you enroll in any of their available programs.

The programs offered are listed below:

  • Business & Technology: There are a lot of great benefits in this area. You can look into this by visiting the  Business & Technology section of the institute to find out which aspects of business interest you.
  • Health professions: as a health professional you need to constantly stay updated. Visit the Health Professions section for more information.
  • Trade and Industry: this aspect of the country has evolved over the years and new innovations are taking over the market. To get yourself enrolled and equipped with such insights visit the Trades & Industry section.
  • General Education: If you are an adult and looking for how to climb up the academic ladder, this is for you. for more information visit General Education and see what you want from them.
  • College & Career Readiness Center: To be prepared for your career you need to be trained. Visit the College & Career Readiness Center for more information
  • Job corps: Visit Job Corps  for more information
  • Online Learning: This has become the vogue in today’s world. Visit the Online Learning platform to see courses available for you.
  • Outreach Centers: here you are trained at several outreach centers of CEI. For more information, Visit Outreach Centers.

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Scholarships Available at Eastern Idaho Technical College 

Having in mind that the number of students enrolled in college is increasing year by year.

The Eastern Idaho Technical College has brought out a financial aid scheme that offers scholarships to those opting to enroll.

There are three (3) scholarships currently being offered at the college and they are namely:

CEI (College of Eastern Idaho) Foundation Scholarships

This scholarship is made available to CEI students and prospective students through the CEI Foundation.

There are criteria that envelop your application into this scholarship and they are:

  • To be a recipient, you must be enrolled in at least one (1) credit hour to receive the funding
  • Institutional scholarship awards given directly by the College will not exceed the cost of tuition, fees, or books and may not be paid out to the student

Having this in mind you can evaluate whether the college will offer you what you need. It is important that you also get a good letter of recommendation as this will aid your application for the scholarship.

For more information on this scholarship, kindly visit

State Scholarships

Scholarships available at Eastern Idaho Technical College are also offered by Idaho State.

The Idaho State Board of Education is those that fund this scholarship. After enrollment into the technical college, you can apply for this scholarship and acquire it.

For more information regarding this, kindly visit the Idaho State Board of Education website. Read through effectively and see how you can benefit from it while enrolled at the college.

External Scholarships

External scholarships can be beneficial to you. Especially if you don’t meet up to the state scholarship and the CEI scholarship.

But there is a little catch to the external scholarship.

The scholarship is rewarded based on the criteria set by the donor or the sponsoring organization.

While Applying for the scholarship, it is your responsibility to complete any and/or all requirements that are set forth by the sponsor for continuing eligibility.

These requirements can be in the form of a GPA or a specific course of study. If you don’t meet up to the set standards in the requirements, you will be opted out of the scholarship program.

I know you might have questions regarding this and You are encouraged to contact your scholarship sponsors with further questions.

However, while applying for the above-mentioned scholarships available at Eastern Idaho Technical College, you must notify the Financial Aid Office or the CEI Foundation Office.

Even if you receive any other external scholarships you must provide proof to have the scholarship funds added to your account.

Note: kindly notify the Financial Aid Office of any new changes so that your schedule can be arranged accordingly in a timely manner.

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Why should I opt for the scholarship?

Opting for the scholarships available at Eastern Idaho Technical College can help reduce the financial burden of fees on you and help you stay focused on your program.

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Enrolling into these scholarships will also put you on the beneficiaries’ group network where you can interact with different minds in your field.

In summary, a technical college such as the Eastern Idaho Technical college can offer you a lot of opportunities in the vocational industry.

I really hope this blog post was helpful and useful to you. For more updates such as this, kindly subscribe to our newsletter and get frequent and informed updates.

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