11 Effective Study Tips for Nigerian Undergraduates

11 Effective Study Tips for Nigerian Undergraduates

To graduate with an excellent grade (C.G.P.A.) is definitely the dream of every student. However, to attain this height, you need these 11 Effective Study Tips for Nigerian Undergraduates.  These tips for effective studies does not just apply to Nigerian students only.

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Without getting you bored with the length of the post, let’s dive straight into what I feel is the best and most effective study tips for students that decide to study in any Nigerian Tertiary institutions.

This post answers some of the frequently asked questions like:

  • What’s the best time to study?
  • Can I combine work and studies and still make distinctions?
  • Best Study tips
  • And lots more.

First, I congratulate you on your prowess to have made it into a Nigerian tertiary institution amidst the thousands who seek for the same positions yearly is highly commendable and implies that you’re ready for the big deal.

Let’s get to dishing out the 11 Effective Study Tips for Nigerian Undergraduates. If you read carefully, you would not want that this post didn’t mention Ten Best Study Tips, preferably Ten Effective Tips for Nigerian Undergraduates as what is best for one might not be useful for the other.

Still, the tips here have been proven and found useful amongst scholars.

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 Here is a list of the Eleven (11) Effective Study Tips for Nigerian Undergraduates.

It’s more honourable to admit that there is no specific formula to success around anything worth doing. But some systems have obeyed popular approaches.

In terms of reading and passing examinations with high C.G.P.A., here are formulas that can help you emerge:

Know Your Timetable

Could you not feel it’s that simple? Knowing your timetable enables you to regulate your time, especially for those who work and study.

With the nature of the country’s economy, one has to make ends meet while at the same time pursuing academic careers, which makes it seem not feasible to graduate with Distinction.

When a candidate knows very well about his or her timetable, it is considered one of the first moves for effective studies.

The second phase is to make proper use of the known routines in order to excel outside examination halls.

Be Passionate About Your Studies

Some course is not more competitive than usual, judging from the number of aspirants, graduates and others. This result has also increased the rate and measures of selection at various levels.

So being passionate about studies only does one thing for the candidates; keeping them ahead of others in the classes. 

But hey! There is never an excuse for failure. And know it that no course introduced in any tertiary institution is useless; each has its golden opportunities that can only be tapped by those who graduated with fantastic grades.

Attend All Lectures

I know this might be difficult for some students, especially those combining work and studies, but as I mentioned in #1 above, knowing your timetable helps you keep abreast of time and be at the right place at the right time.

The image above represents a typical lecture theatre in developed countries.

The poor academic facilities such as rooms, trained and qualified teachers and lecturers, policies, books and other materials are true. But please, do not let this difficulty discourage you.

Note also that studying with materials is good, but there are points a lecturer might give in class, which can help you excel in your examinations.

Get The Course Outline

It is no news that this Nigeria where a lecturer might not teach everything he outlined for the semester but expects you to know all.

It is also not an excuse for failure, and I advise that you know the outlined topics for the semester and study ahead of time.

Get The Study Materials For All Your Courses

Ouch! I feel the accelerated heartbeat already, considering the economic situation of your country. But see, there is nothing affordable on the planet.

Anyone that claims to be, ie either deceitful or non-existent. But to be ahead of the lecturer or being able to cover the outlined courses even without the lecturer.

So these findings depend significantly on your having the study materials. To cut costs, I suggest you borrow from your predecessors in any course.

Study Before Classes

This is very effective as it helps understand the lecturer as you must have come across everything he/she is going to lecture on. And It also enables you to prepare your questions for the lecturer on areas you are not clarified.

Get Past Questions For Every Course

In as much as you study with your textbooks and other study materials, it is also useful to go through the past questions for every course and attempt answering them.

And this helps you know the problems you’re likely to encounter during your exams and also helps you get prepared ahead of time.

Know The Study Time That Suits You

Don’t follow the trend of attending night classes when you know you cannot study for five minutes at night without dozing off.

Now, for instance; if taking your studies to the early hours of the morning helps you assimilate better, then I suggest you go with it.

Therefore you can as well consider at the end of each class as this can also help you understand the courses better, but hey follow the study pattern that works for you.

Attempt All Assignments

This answer is what I call the three A’s. No lecturer takes it lightly with students who fail to write or submit their assignments.

However both individual and group assignments are components of your Continuous Assessment, which in most tertiary institutions contribute about 30-40 marks to your cumulative result.

Failure to submit your assignments is more likely to cost you a distinction, no matter how brilliant you are.

Master your Time

Time management is a factor and character that distinguish high flyers with ordinary students from any institution. It is needful for an outstanding student that want to graduate with a good C.G.P.A., but how can you manage your time;

  • By creating a personal study time table for yourself and follow it
  • Cultivate the habit of writing down your total grades for the session before the session begins and work towards achieving your dream C.G.P.A. for the course.
  • Spending less time in social media, watching movies and unnecessary visitation of friends
  • Create time for adequate rest for yourself to keep the brain functioning well
  • Spend less time on social activities within the school, master your time, and you will achieve a great result beyond your expectations.
  • To meet up with these 11 Effective Study Tips for Nigerian Undergraduates, you need to stay aware of this type of distraction.

BecauseT.D.B. popularly know she has read till daybreak, it’s not necessary to read till dawn.

Because a student who has a good time-management skill will do nothing with the T.D.B. because you didn’t manage your time well when needed.

Many students fail to read before exams or test periods; as such, they felt T.D.B. is the best opinion for them to cover up with bulk handouts. Good student read ahead, learn to manage your time, time is the currency itself.

And as part of the work, 11 effective study tips for Nigerian Undergraduates, you should are informed to stick to what works best for your body system. Do not go for night classes because your friends are.

Above all, do well to manage your time to have good grades and graduate as one of the best, so that the best of you can be seen academically.

Choose Friends Who Have The Same Goal As You

I intentionally kept this for the last. You cannot achieve your goal of graduating with a first-class or a distinction

if the friends you hang around with are those who only think of the latest trending news, phones, fashion, and so on.

All the 11 Effective Study Tips for Nigerian Undergraduates listed cannot be achieved when you don’t have the right set of friends as they contribute significantly to your studies.

 There are more tips on How to Study as a Nigerian Student and graduate with Distinction, and You can check out more through this link.

But You can also check out our list of Undergraduate scholarships here and apply as scholarships help to cut down the costs of studies,

this will enable you to focus more on your academics and thereby achieve that dream of graduating with Distinction.

If this post(Effective Study Tips for Nigerian Undergraduates) was helpful,

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