Aaron Minc's scholarship eligibility and requirements

Aaron Minc’s Scholarship | Eligibility and Requirements

Do you desire to pursue education but can’t fund it? Aaron Minc Scholarships, Minc law firm provides Aaron Minc scholarship as one of the ways to support education.

The scholarship is open to high school seniors as a means of supporting and encouraging them to go to college. It is open to students from every major and all areas of study in the United States.

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What is the Minc’s law firm known for?

Minc law firm is well known for its services which are geared towards supporting businesses.

It is dedicated to protecting victims of a rigged system, the firm has won five stars for its speedy resolution of client’s complaints.

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It is a behemoth in online defamation, negative editorial cases and up till now, it has

worked for the removal of more than 25000 negative web pages that contained negative information against its clients.

The number of clients served is more than 1300 and each year the firm receives upwards of 7000 requests for help.

The Minc law firm has represented clients in about 125 cases in 22 states and 3 countries with many of the clients satisfied at the outcome of the litigation.

The law firm pioneered a niche in the legal industry which none was given any thought before. Their trailblazing work has received widespread recognition and acclaim worldwide.

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They are known as the leaders.

Wondering why the Aaron Minc scholarship came about?

Aaron Minc, an attorney known for specializing in legal issues concerning internet

defamation and digital privacy, graduated from law school with debt and a family to support during the recession of 2008.

When Aaron Minc graduated from law school, there was only one thing on his mind, he had to find himself a job as a lawyer.

There were several people looking up to him as the breadwinner, and the debt he had

incurred in law school was a constant reminder that he needed to make a living, and fast.

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At the time, however, the effects of the Great Recession of 2008 were felt across nearly every sector of the economy.

The legal industry was no different, and that’s why none of the law firms Aaron approached for a job paid any attention to his law school grades or qualifications.

 He wasn’t able to get a job after months of searching. Aaron Minc knew better than to forfeit his search for the career and life he had always dreamt of.

Besides changing jobs from litigation boutiques to construction firms, Minc kept his desire to one day become a corporate attorney in a big firm alive. Not long into the search for his big break, Minc had a “eureka moment.”

One day, while working at a boutique firm, Aaron met a new client who was ready to do anything to remove negative information against him from a website– RipoffReport.com that was when a monk break happened.

Aaron Oblivious of what would transpire next, Aaron offered to help and shortly after had successfully removed the negative report removed – something numerous lawyers before him had failed to do.

 Aaron started by helping clients get libellous comments off the scam alert website. After posting this on his professional blog he started receiving hundreds of calls for assistance.

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Aaron and his Cleveland-based law firm, Minc Law, receive between 20 to 30 daily requests

from defamation and revenge porn victims seeking to remove libellous and illegal content from websites, blogs, and popular online bulletin boards.   

He has since made it his sole business to remove damaging, negative, personal, and defamatory content and information from online publications and website, growing his practice to over 10 employees in just two years.

The Minc Law Scholarship was created with the belief that everyone who wants to continue learning in college should get the chance to do so.

Minc Law has created a scholarship to give college students the chance to further their

education by awarding one person with the sum of $1500 to be applied to their college Scholarships in USA Archives get tuition bill.

The Aaron Minc scholarship provides students from all areas of study with an opportunity to achieve their career goals.

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What is the requirement and who is eligible for the Aaron Minc scholarship?

The Aaron Minc scholarship shows the commitment of the Mind law firm to education and to supporting students in the United States.

There are criteria to be met before one can apply but the first thing to note is that it is only opened to students from the United States.

Besides this, applicants are expected to have all of the following;

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  • The applicant must have chosen a college and university with an acceptable course of study.
  • The applicant must be a graduate from high school and must have been approved into a college or any university in the United States.
  • Applicants who are presently registered in the college or university but have not reached their final year.
  • Each applicant will be asked to submit a short essay discussing cyberbullying, and fill out an application. The award for this scholarship is $1,500, and all applications must be submitted on or before the closing date.
  • The major entry requirements still remain that all applicants must be US citizens from any of the 50 states that make up the United States of America.
  • Language requirements; it is compulsory that all applicants have the appropriate English language.
  • Then the applicants are to send all supporting documents by uploading them online. Some of these documents include proof of enrolment.

What are the benefits of the Aaron Minc scholarship?

Aaron Minc scholarship provides financial support to high school students who desire to further their education in the colleges, and are not financially buoyant but are able to pass

the competition. and also meet up with the criteria to encourage them to study more in higher college.

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It provides the student with the sum of $1500 which is meant to contribute to the student’s college bill.

How do I apply for the Aaron Minc scholarship?

To begin the application, interested applicants are to fill in an online form by registering online on the Aaron Minc scholarship official website.

You can also visit the official website here to apply now.


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