How to Pass Abia State University (ABSU) Post UTME 2021/2022

On the notice that Abia State University Post UTME 2021date is out, the next in the mind of many would-be how can I pass the Post UTME, for chances of admission this session.

But this guide is designed to get you ready, apply, take the examination, and scale through without many years to wait at home.

About the University

Abia State University (ABSU) is situated in Uturu, Abia State. It was founded in Nigeria in 1981 and is a prestigious university known for high educational standards and believes that education empowers individuals towards excellence and service.

As a graduate, I will be advising you with secrets that I used to gain admission into the university and look at this article as an advantage you have for getting the edge over your peers in passing your Abia State Post UTME for the 2021/2022 session.

This is your one-stop guide on how to apply for the Abia State University POST UTME 2021/2022.

Go through this guide and get the right tips and key information to focus on as you prepare to write their exams and most importantly…to smash it.

Here are Things to know while preparing for your Post UTME


This is a major question in which many pupils who just concluded their secondary school education should ask themselves.

The reason is that making your decision to enter the university is not a single day thought but rather it involves analysis and planning.

Before making a choice of course to study ask yourself some pertinent questions such as

  1. Where do I see myself in the next 4-5 years?
  2. What industry do I want to work in or develop ideas in?
  3. What courses do these industries require?
  4. Which of those courses can I go for? (judge this from your study ability and how well you think you can perform in such course)
  5. Have I researched on those courses to know whether they are going obsolete? (this is so that you don’t jump into a course because of an expected profit and find out later in life that such a course isn’t needed in the world)
  6. How will I benefit from the course of my choice both in the industry and out of the industry?
  7. Am I prepared to do what is required of me in such a course?

After asking yourself these questions and have answered them within you, then I believe you are ready to face the life of an undergraduate.


I know this is a very crucial question for anyone planning to take the next step in their educational lives. Studying is integral to a successful distinction in writing the Abia State University Post UTME Exam.

Studying involves the reading and solving the past questions of the Abia State University Post UTME exams, asking answers to questions you don’t know (make sure you leave no stone unturned because you might be surprised to see such a question pop up in your exam paper) and repeated revision.

Burning the night candle is essential in achieving a good result in the Post UTME exam. By this I don’t just mean reading at night, you should make out time during the day to read your secondary school notes and textbooks and most especially the Abia  State University Post UTME past questions.

Making out time during the day also involves cutting short of fun time and having an extreme focus on the goal ahead. Since you have a target to enter the university then you should have an acute focus on it and don’t waste time because in the end if you fail, the blame only comes back to you for not putting in enough efforts (although I pray that you don’t fail but rather succeed).

Remember, little droplets of water forms and ocean. This means that every second, minute, and hour you put into studying and preparation will guarantee you a pass and entry into the Abia State University.  


This information on the purchase of the Abia State University Post UTME form is normally published through the official website of the university and here is how to go about getting the needed details for the exam.

At the time this article was written there has been no press release on the exact day for the commencement of the sales of Post UTME forms from the Abia State University.

We advise prospective candidates to frequently drop their questions about the date and time of the exam and any other questions regarding the Post UTME  in the comment box below. Our keen and industrious administrators will make more research and provide you with more details.

In the mean time let me guide you on some details about the application to the Abia State University Post UTME 2021/2022 forms.


Purchasing of the Post Utme form is the first and most important step to writing the exam.

Remember, don’t ever get your information from anyone aside what the school has said on its official website.

We don’t want you to fall prey to scammers out there who are only looking for ways to collect money from young and innocent secondary school graduates.

The application begins with visiting the official Post UTME link as prescribed by the university portal and following the instructions provided. As the portal opens you will get a message such as

Online Application Commences for 2021/2022 ABSU POST-UTME Aptitude Test.

Below are examples of how the pages will appear on the website after you have clicked on the Post UTME link

Here is the official website of the university www.

Look for the section on the website that says application for Post UTME and follow the steps.


Candidates who choose Abia State University, Uturu as the First choice in the 2021 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exam (UTME)  are hereby invited to apply for an aptitude test, provided such candidates scored a minimum of 180 in their JAMB (Joint Admission Matriculation Board).

Those who did not choose ABSU as their first choice University but scored a minimum of 180 in their UTME can also apply on the condition that they visit the JAMB website for a change of institution.

Application commences on __________ and closes on ___________

Wishing you good luck as you prepare for the Post UTME exam. Always check back on us and leave a comment for us to guide you through.

We also recommend you read through people’s thoughts on how you can scale through your courses in other Nigerian State, Federal and Private Universities.

You can leave your commend on the post below, we will update you with current information in the school.

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