African Investigative Journalisms Conference (AIJC) Bursary 2020

African Investigative Journalisms Conference (AIJC) Bursary 2020 is For African Students in the fields of Journalism. For many African journalism students, this is a great avenue to boost their careers.

This has been marked as one of the biggest events in Africa as regards to journalism. Having knowledge of its application matters to many students who wish to take part.

In this blog post, you will be taught how to apply and the deadline because we at jobreaders care about your career growth.

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The African Investigative Journalisms Conference (AIJC)

The AIJC is organized by the Journalism Department of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. The AIJC will be holding it’s 16th annual edition of the conference.

The aim of the African Investigative Journalisms Conference (AIJC) Bursary 2020 is to build bright African journalists who can always bring out the truth to the world unadulterated.

This is a great training ground for upcoming journalists like you. You will have the chance to intermingle with the best in the industry and get answers to some tough questions that you might not have been able to answer earlier on.

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Advantages of the African Investigative Journalisms Conference (AIJC) Bursary 2020 

There are some great advantages to the gathering of individuals in the same field. Here are some noteworthy advantages of the African Investigative Journalisms Conference (AIJC) Bursary 2020.

  1. Large Network of journalists: this can be a boost for you as a young journalist coming up. You can network amongst many high profile journalists who can help build your career in future
  2. Opportunity to share experiences: You get to actively share experiences in sessions assigned for it with many African journalists. This can help build your mindset for different scenarios in the field of investigative journalism.
  3. A great avenue for the acquisition of new skills: Learning new skills will be of ease as you interact with journalists from all over Africa and the world at large.
  4. Learning new ways in the field of investigative journalism: At the conference, you will learn new and innovative ways of being employed in the field of journalism.
  5. Exposure to fellowships and grants: You will be informed first hand with the fellowships and grants that can be of benefit to you. This can be a great boost to the advancement of your career.
  6. Fellowships for students: AIJC 2020 will be offering 100 fellowships to student journalists.

The Speakers at African Investigative Journalisms Conference (AIJC) Bursary 2020

Knowing the speakers who are to present topics at any conference can be joyful to many. Here is a list of the speakers that will be present to educate the many young journalists as you at the conference.

  1. Adebayo Okeowo
  2. Adekuni Yusuf
  3. Aderemi Ojenkunle
  4. Adi Eyal
  5. Adriaan Basson
  6. Alastair Otter
  7. Allan Cheboi
  8. Amine Amara
  9. Amy Wilson-Chapman
  10. Anas Anas
  11. Andre Fourie
  12. Angela Quintal
  13. Anne Koch
  14. Arnaud Ouedraogo
  15. Asha Mwilu
  16. Benon Olukah
  17. Brenda Zulu
  18. Collins Mtika
  19. Crystal Chow

And many more internationally known journalists. To find out more about the speakers, you can visit


  • To be found eligible you must be from an African country
  • You must be a student currently in your final year pursuing your journalism degree or doing your master’s degree in journalism

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How to apply?

To apply requires you to do so through the official website and also to download the official mobile app for the conference to book your seats.

To make it simple for you, we at jobreaders have broken the steps down to ease your application. They are:

  1. Submit your application form and a motivational letter that expresses why you would love to attend the conference
  2. Get your letter submitted with a letter of support using a university’s letterhead

To apply, do so through the official website

Deadline for application

The deadline is 18th September, 2020. Apply through the official website

Date and Venue of the Conference

The conference is to held from October 6th to October 30that and it is online.

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