21 Best MTN Data Plans: New Codes and Subscriptions in 2024

Stay online with these best MTN data plans; choose from the list of affordable data subscriptions for personal or business needs. In this post, we are exploring all the MTN data subscriptions with a number of other plans that will help you make the best use of your SIM.

In our interconnected world, virtually everyone needs data. Business professionals rely on it for communication and market research, students use it for learning and collaboration, and remote workers depend on it for virtual connectivity.

Gamers, entertainment enthusiasts, and social media users require data for their online activities, while travelers use it for navigation and bookings. Researchers, academics, and tech enthusiasts utilize data to stay informed about the latest developments in their fields.

In essence, data has become an essential commodity for individuals across various sectors, shaping how we work, learn, and stay connected in our digital landscape. However, to make the best of the MTN tariffs and data subscriptions, you will need to learn about the new MTN codes.


Here is the list of all the MTN New codes with their functions:

  • *USSD Code for Data Bundles: 312#
    • Access the latest MTN data bundles effortlessly with the new USSD code *312#.
  • *USSD Code for Airtime Recharge: 311#
    • Recharge your MTN airtime seamlessly using the convenient USSD code *311#.
  • *USSD Code for Airtime and Data Borrowing: 303#
    • Need airtime or data urgently? Dial *303# to borrow on the MTN network hassle-free.
  • *USSD Code for Data Balance Check: 323#
    • Stay informed about your data usage by checking your balance with the new USSD code *323#.
  • *USSD Code for Airtime Balance Check: 310#
    • Monitor your airtime balance effortlessly with the new USSD code *310#.
  • *USSD Code for Data Sharing: 321#
    • Share data with friends and family seamlessly using the new USSD code *321#.
  • *VAS Code on MTN Network: 305#
    • Explore Value-Added Services (VAS) with the new code *305# on the MTN network.
  • *NIN Code: 996#
    • Manage your National Identification Number (NIN) on MTN, including linking and checking, using the new code *996#.
  • Customer Care Number: 300
    • Reach MTN customer care effortlessly with the new customer care number 300.

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Let’s start with the biggest data plans and then move down to other more affordable plans for your connectivity with MTN:

MTN SME Data Plans

MTN SME DataShare stands as an innovative prepaid service tailored to meet the connectivity needs of business owners. This unique offering empowers business proprietors to not only purchase substantial data bundles but also to seamlessly share these data allocations among their staff members. In essence, it is a purpose-built solution designed to enhance connectivity and streamline internet access within the organizational framework.

This service caters specifically to the dynamic requirements of growing businesses, providing a centralized platform for managing and distributing internet usage across the entire workforce. Through MTN SME DataShare, business owners gain unparalleled control over their data expenditure while ensuring that their staff members enjoy consistent and reliable internet connectivity.

How do I activate SME data?

Activating SME Data:

To activate SME data, simply text 505 to 131 or dial 461215#. Choose from a range of sharable data sizes, including 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 5GB, and 10GB. Share your selected data with any beneficiary by sending the SMS template below to 131, or dial 4616# and follow the prompted instructions.

Here is a list of all MTN SME data plans with their activation codes:

BundlePrice(N)Validity (days)Share CountOpt-In SMS keywordOpt-Out SMS keywordShort String

SME Data Share

MTN SME DataShare is a convenient prepaid service designed for business owners to purchase data bundles and seamlessly share them with their staff. Tailored for growing enterprises, this service empowers businesses to centrally manage internet usage across their workforce.

Key Features:

  • Data transfer through SMS, USSD, or myMTN App.
  • Shareable with anyone within the organization.
  • The data sponsor retains control over the allocation of data.
  • Multiple data plans available.


  • Facilitates internet access for all staff, whether on the move or geographically dispersed.
  • Enables efficient planning and management of internet spend for the entire workforce.

To enjoy the advantages of MTN SME DataShare, migrate to the MTN BizPlus tariff plan by dialing 46011#. Experience a simple, intuitive self-service solution that puts you in full control of data allocation and usage throughout your business.

Cheapest MTN Data Plans

Discovering the right MTN data plan can greatly enhance your connectivity experience. Explore these options to find the one that suits your needs:

  1. Data4ME:
    • Access unique special data offers, such as the N300 for 1.5GB data plan.
    • Check available plans by directly accessing the platform menu with *121#.
  2. Topdeal4ME:
    • Similar to Data4ME, Topdeal4ME offers daily, weekly, and monthly data plans.
    • Dial *121# or 1211# to explore affordable options like the MTN N50 for 200MB.
  3. MTN Always-On Plan:
    • Introducing budget-friendly data plans, including the 500MB Daily for 30 days.
    • Explore plans and subscription codes for a reliable data experience.
  4. My MTN App Offers:
    • Utilize the MyMTN App for exclusive data deals.
    • Download the app, navigate to “Offers,” and activate special plans.
  5. MTN Double Data Plan:
    • Enjoy double the value on your subscriptions with the MTN double data plan.
    • Activate by sending “DOUBLE” to 323, followed by “PROMO” and “FREE.”

Stay connected with these diverse MTN data plans, catering to different preferences and needs.

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At this point we are exploring feedbacks to questions from MNT users and other in this category. The primary goal, however, is to help you make a more informed decision as you purchase the next data plan.

How to get 30GB on MTN?

To acquire 30GB on MTN, follow these steps. If the free 30GB data isn’t automatically received upon inserting the SIM into the MiFi, send ‘Activate’ to 312 via SMS.

For dedicated MiFi bundle plans ranging from N2,000 to N60,000, visit https://mymtn.com.ng or your MiFi Portal. Alternatively, dial 312500# from your linked line to activate MiFi plans. Ensure a seamless experience by initiating the activation process through these convenient channels.

What is the cheapest data plan for MTN?

When it comes to finding the most cost-effective MTN data plan, consider the following comparison of data tariff plans, showcasing data allowance ranges and the lowest price with the highest data allocation:

Data Tariff PlansData Allowance (Range)Lowest Price & Highest Data Allowance
Daily Plan40MB – 1GB1GB for N300
2-Day Plan2GB – 2.5GB2.5GB for N500
Weekly Plan450MB – 6GB6GB for N1500
Monthly Plan1.5GB+2GB for YT – 200GBAlways-On 45GB for N6000 (1.5G daily allocation)
Explore these options to identify the most budget-friendly MTN data plan that suits your needs.

How do I migrate to MTN cheap data plan?

To switch to the MTN cheap data plan on MTN Pulse, utilize the following methods:

  • Text 406 to 312.
  • Dial 4061# or 1232*2#.
  • myMTN App: Log in to the myMTN NG App, navigate to ‘Airtime balance’ or ‘Data balance’ on the Home Page. Choose your current plan at the top, click ‘Change Plan,’ select ‘MTN Pulse,’ and confirm the migration. Opt for the most convenient channel to seamlessly transition to the budget-friendly MTN Pulse data plan.

How do I migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun?

To migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun, purchase a new SIM, complete the registration and activation process, and then choose the MTN YafunYafun tariff plan from the USSD Menu.

In case you don’t select a tariff plan during activation, you will automatically be migrated to the YafunYafun plan by default. Ensure a seamless transition by opting for the YafunYafun plan through the USSD Menu during the initial setup.

What is the code for MTN Flexi bundle?

To subscribe to the MTN Flexi bundle, simply dial *138# today. This code allows you to purchase any desired amount of data, and the best part is, your bundles never expire. Experience the flexibility you need with MTN Flexi – just dial *138#, and we’ve got you covered everywhere you go.

What are the benefits of MTN better talk?

MTN BetaTalk stands out as a prepaid tariff plan offering customers compelling benefits. With a remarkable 250% airtime bonus and 250% data bonus on every recharge ranging from N1 to N999, users enjoy enhanced value for their money.

Furthermore, for recharges of N1000 and above, subscribers receive a substantial 250% airtime bonus along with a flat N2500 for data activities, providing an attractive package that aligns with diverse communication and data needs.

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