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This Business & Technology blog section is purely for Businesses, People, and Community. We publish the latest tech values, money, platforms, people and the use of the internet in making the world a better place.

This category showcases in-depth knowledge of various businesses in the modern spheres, with impacts of technologies (Android and other Google Products), Digital Marketing, Automobiles, and Other Devices.

But most importantly, share deep insight into Business & Technology as they affect humanity.

You must have wondered why so many people do not suffer so much, to earn money or a functional life that they desire-it is because of technology and science.

It is on this note that we make efforts daily, to provide contents for scholarship who need growth in various industries; be it internet, offline, oil, development etc.

Can Businesses thrive without Technology?

Today, the answer is yes. But there is one difference between thriving and being successful and winning.

Most winning businesses today make extreme use of technology and social strategies. 

That is one of the reasons we educate business owners, prospective business people, and organizations; to embrace sophisticated and straightforward tools that we create here at Jobreaders.