Category - Fully Funded Scholarships

Here is a list of about 2,000 ongoing Fully Funded Scholarships for students all over the world. These scholarship opportunities cover students for masters, undergraduate studies up till PhD.

What are the Fully Funded Scholarships?

These are scholarship awards that cover, possibly, all the expenses associated with the course (home or abroad).
In other words, the scholarship bodies cover from tuition to accommodation depending on their terms.

How are  Scholarships Found?

On daily basis, these scholarship opportunities are published as Masters Scholarships, undergraduate scholarships and scholarship opportunities for PhD students or those vying for further studies.

In this section of this career page, you will have all the information about latest and ongoing fully funded scholarships for national and international students all over the world.

How to Apply for Fully Funded Scholarships

Based on your home country, your choices of scholarship destination and worth, the discipline and other facts, you can search with the opportunities using the titles below:

You can also learn more about these scholarships here 

Note: There is no better way to seek scholarship opportunities than to be informed. You need to know the application dates, application requirements and also be prepared.