Columbia University Admission Requirements & Tuition -4th Review

For aspiring students of Columbia University, this guide tends to provide a summarised guide with what may be requirements for an offer of admission, for each of its schools and departments.

Columbia University is very popular for its strength in research, a vast number of available undergraduate programs and groundbreaking curriculum.

Some of these applauded attributes have continued to place the school in the list of best-ranked universities in the United States, and across the world.

In our previous work, we reviewed the rate of admission acceptance/offer and student chances of getting admission into Columbia University.

However, this guide is focusing on Columbia University Admission procedures, tuition and a number of scholarships with other financial aid for students.

Before we get into the Columbia University Admission requirements and application procedures, here are some fun facts about the institution:

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Fun Facts about Columbia

The fun facts about Columbia show its positive impact on American society. Some of those facts are:

  1. Columbia’s Lion mascot inspired the idea behind the MGM Studio’s Lion
  2. Columbia’s Havemeyer 309 lecture hall has been used by Hollywood in many of her franchise movies such as Spiderman Kinsey, Ghostbusters, and Mona Lisa’s Smile
  3. Freshmen during orientation week exit the Lerner hall through the back door and enter the campus through the main gate to be introduced as Columbians for the first time in their lives
  4. Columbia University after the Catholic Church is the second-largest landowner in New York City
  5. In America, Columbia is the only school to have produced two baseball Hall of Fame players – Eddie Collins and Lou Gehrig
  6. Top celebrities have also graduated from Columbia. Some of them are Julia Stiles, Jake Gyllenhaal, and James Franco.

About Columbia University

As one of the leading members of the private Ivy League Research University, Columbia University is located in the city of New York, one of the best student destinations in the United States.

Columbia University ranks high among other top institutions like Oxford, Harvard University, MIT, University of East London and a host of other globally celebrated institutions.

Established in 1754 as King’s College on the ground of Trinity Church in Manhattan, it is ranked as one of the oldest schools in New York, and 5th oldest school in the United States.

Having evolved for dozens of years, Columbia University has 4,370 academic staff, and 33,413 students with over 50% made up of graduate students.

Columbia is also popularly famous as a rich centre of research across many faculties as a private research University.

Admission to Columbia University, New York

The admission requirements vary from course to course and are based on departments and faculties at Columbia University.

Columbia University provides an ideal home for three undergraduate schools, fourteen graduate and professional schools, a world-renowned medical centre, four affiliated colleges and seminaries, twenty-six libraries, and nearly two hundred research centres and institutes.

These top-notch academic and non-academic grounds make the school a top spot in the list of best student destinations in the world. Below is a step-by-step guide that aspiring students can follow to bag their dream admission.

What are the entry requirements for Columbia University?

Having a 4 to 5% acceptance rate clearly suggests that Columbia University is hard to get into. Students scoring between 1500 – 1560 on SAT or ACT stand better chances of admission.

The official admission requirement for admission to Columbia University is a GPA of 3.0, however, scoring higher makes your application more competitive.

NOTE: Columbia University extends admission to reach all backgrounds of students from every region of the world. GPA, SAT or ACt scores are just a few factors that help the school decide the offer of admission.

However, demonstrating good extracurricular activities and having made an impact makes an application competitive for admission across many faculties at Columbia University.

How to apply to Columbia University as an international student?

This school is 96% harder to get into, looking at the projected acceptance rate. However, here is a simple guide that will place your application more competitive for admission offers.

How can I get admission to Columbia University?

Here are simple steps to applying and getting admission to Columbia University (for domestic and international students):

Study the Academic Calendar

To start applying for admission at Columbia University, students need to study important dates and deadlines for each of the programs.

Via the official website of the institution, vital information is regularly published relating to when to start applications, policies and other news within and outside the institution.

Chose Are or Study

Students applying for any course at the University of Columbia must search via a special page on the website, to learn about the courses it is offering and also see a list of course requirements.

You research courses here by using the right word that describes the course, by selecting based on the subject areas or by the department.

Submit Application

Each of the admission applications must be submitted to the right school website of Columbia University.

Courses selected are listed in departments and these departments form the 17 graduate and undergraduate schools at Columbia University.

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Tuition at Columbia University

Tuition at Columbia University is not fixed, the course type and particular school could have an impact on the tuition. However, on average, an undergraduate pay tuition and other fee, based on their preferences.

At Columbia University, there is a flat tuition of $26,036 per semester. Students are also eligible to enrol for 10.5 to 19.5 credit hours each term; students enrolled in the part-time programs will be charged $1,834 per credit.

Payment advantages for students in the 5-term International Students Program are calculated at $27,490 each for the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 terms.

Lastly, students in Advanced Standing Program pay $11,004 for the previous Summer terms. This gives you a clue regarding the current tuition for Advance Standing Program students at Columbia University.

Ph.D. students registered for 9 or more credit hours in a term will be charged $26,722 and those registered between 3 and 8 credit hours in a term will be charged $14,474.

On the other hand, tuition and other fees projected for international students are not the same. Below, this guide will be answering some popular questions among aspiring students.

How much is the tuition for Columbia University for international students?

As aspiring students, the projection for tuition and overall cost at Columbia University is $27,490, after financial aid.

However, some financial aid may not be applicable to many international students. The average annual cost of study at Columbia University is $82,84 with its over 8,000 annual undergraduate enrolments.

To learn more about the current policies deciding tuition at Columbia University, here is the official financial explanation for all levels of students at Columbia.

What Other are Asking

Here are questions other aspiring students are asking regarding Columbia University admission, tuition and scholarship information. We are putting down these answers to help you learn more about the school.

How much is Columbia application fee international?

An $85 nonrefundable fee is required as part of an application to Columbia University. We are unable to refund the application fee under any circumstances, but you may qualify for a fee waiver.

What GPA do you need to get into Columbia?

To get admission to Columbia University, aspiring students should meet a minimum of 3.0 GPA from their previous institutions.

A Good score on SAT or ACT, with good previous work, may also influence your chances of getting admission to any of Columbia University departments.

Is it difficult to get into Columbia University?

What makes it difficult to get into Columbia University, as an aspiring student, is not meeting up to 70% to 90% of the admission criteria.

With an acceptance rate below 10%, it is obvious that scoring 95% among the overall factors makes your application more competitive and you stand a better chance of gaining admission.


Columbia University Admission Processes are the internal responsibility of Columbia University, in line with the principle of best practices and based on the educational policies of the United States of America. This review is designed to assist myriads of students from various parts of the world, who desire degrees, skills, study titles and certifications at Columbia.

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