$60,000 Paid Google Internship and Apprenticeship Programs [APPLY]

2021 Google Apprenticeship Program: The Google Paid Internship and Apprenticeship Program is designed to help you build your future with Google; and all eligible candidates are advised to apply from the selected countries in the world.

Google leverage the ideology with the understanding that diversity of attributes, experiences, skills, and human perspectives can change the world when harnessed with good work.

In other words, everyone deserves an opportunity to pursue connections in the technology industry and others, and also be able to build a reputable network with peers.

To bridge the gap between the resources and the un-resources, Google has rolled out a number of scholarships and apprenticeship programmers that are meant to impact the globe with the program known as ‘Build your Future with Google‘.

Google Scholarships for 2021/2022

Google local and international scholarship programs are different from internships and apprientiships – it ranges from need-based to various community initiatives that are designed to empower global citizens from diverse academic and technical fields.

Applications are submitted differently for the various Google programs based on the entry schedules and eligibility criteria.

List of Google Internships and Apprenticeships

(Here is a list of sixteen (16) available Google Apprenticeship and Internship Programs)

  • Associate Product Manager Internship (Global)
  • STEP (Student Training in Engineering Program) Internship
  • Software Engineering Internship
  • Google France Apprenticeship (Paris)
  • Higher Level Degree Apprenticeship (London)
  • Business Intern, Veteran
  • Digital Marketing Apprenticeship (London)
  • BOLD Internship
  • Business Internship
  • MBA Internship
  • Infrastructure Technology Apprentice
  • Information technology Intern
  • Application Development Apprenticeship (Zurich)
  • Software Development Apprenticeship (Dublin)
  • Software Development Apprenticeship (London)
  • Legal Internship (North America)

There are two categories for Google Internships; one of the Internships+ in Engineering and technology while the rest fall under the internship category for Business.

The internship for Engineering and technology comprises the training around software engineering, UX, products management, information technology, and a handful of other tech career aspects.

The Google internships for Business on the other hand deal with raising experts in the fields of sales, business law, marketing, people, and myriads of other fields in business.

Application Procedures for Google Programs

In each of the following programs, we have shed light on their forms and eligibility according to Google, but the application procedures almost follow similar paths.

To apply for any of the schemes, you need to adhere to the guides listed, before following any of the links herein.

First, we always advise candidates for global opportunities as such to prepare by learning the roles fitting for them.

If you are more interested in the areas of technology, it is an essential move to test your skills in the areas concerned with the particular program.

The same goes for other fields like law, marketing, business, and Engineering.

Secondly, it is important that you search through all the available internships, jobs, and apprenticeships before application.

Meanwhile, we have assisted you by making a list of programs.

As you apply, make sure you are compatible with the eligibility criteria listed by Google for any of the internship schemes.

Last but not least is the application. The application link is part of the contents of this article where we redirected you to the official website of the Google programs for application deadlines and schedules for the next sessions.

Eligible Groups

Students and other eligible groups for Google internships, jobs, scholarships, and apprenticeships are covered by the scope of this content, and you can use this link to learn more about your roles with Google.

Frequently asked Questions

Some of the questions asked by the youth and our subscribers come from serious angels. It will be nice to address those regarding rewards and values for each of the Google Internship programs listed on this page.

Do Google pay their Interns ?

The good news is that most Google interns get a better payment than most regular employees.

Interns earn up to $5,678 on a monthly basis, and it amounts to $68,136, from Google.

Google applicants looking for positions should also consider the level of competition involved in the scheme.

The Google apprentice Salary contributes to the high competitiveness of the program, and we also want you to explore opportunities from other brands in the same payment capacity.

How old do you have to be to get an internship at Google?

Google accepts people even at 35-year old for an internship. Some from 18 and even above, and from records it has become obvious while searching for the best interns, Google do not consider age limitations.

Most of the Google internship programs created, most of the platforms do not specify the age limitation before considering people.

How do I get a job at Google with no experience?

There is no way to get a job without experience. These Google internship programs are designed to build your capacity in any of the areas of need for recruitment by Google.

Although some of the internship programs are not designed to foster Google recruitment. Some of the interns require experience and skills as the essences of employment unless in cases where graduate trainee measure is applied

Where do Google interns live?

Google includes consider where interns live, and include housing stipend in the amount offered.

This helps interns get places to live in the course of the programs. But all these depend on the location and type of internship in question.

In the most recent Google internships, they have options for candidates to live within the Crescent Village with a fully paid rent.

The tech giant considered housing is important. Though this might not play very well in other areas

Does Google care about GPA?

While making considerations for internship placemen, Google does not even request for CGPA inclusion into the application pages.

This goes a long way to answering the question of regards to academic excellence.

Google does not need a Test score for acceptance into any of the internship schemes rolled out.

Official Address for Google Internships

Here is the official page for all the available programs and directions for your applications. If you have discovered internship opportunities with Google.

Visit the official page for Google Internships and Apprenticeships  

Do you want to apply for Scholarships by Google?

Yearly, Google offers over 100,000 scholarships to eligible students and other groups around the world.

In conclusion, Our previous publications comprise the list of available Google scholarships, worth, and their application procedures.

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