2024 Google Internship Program (Worth $3300 USD)

Jump into the World of Google Internships: Get started with internships in business, engineering, technology, and more await you at Google, and here is an official updates to get you started with necessary application rudiments.

The Google Internship Program provides ambitious and leadership-oriented individuals with the opportunity to develop technical, design thinking, problem-solving, leadership, communication, and teamwork skills.

Interns can explore various teams, including Sales, Marketing, and People Operations, contributing to meaningful projects while building their careers. The program is open globally to undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students, offering paid internships with competitive hourly rates.

In this guide, you will learn beyond the basic things you need to know about this program and also get started with the application of Google Internship roles and other career opportunities that make up with post.

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First, let us explore the program and available options for all the eligible prospective interns at Google.

List of Google Internship Programs

Almost every career and candidates from all fields are eligible for the various Google Internships, and the descriptions below will help you ascertain your eligibility before we proceed with application processes and other vital information you may need to get started.

Here is a list of Google internship programs for 2024 career year:

  1. Business Internships: This internship program helps you break into a dynamic world of global business, where opportunities abound across multiple teams and roles. This internship is tailored for both undergraduate and graduate students outside the United States. The qualifications and application dates are as diverse as the locations, offering a chance for eager minds to contribute their skills to the global business landscape.
  2. STEP Internship (Student Training in Engineering Program): Google STEP internship helps you live your passion for technology in the STEP Internship. This program is a development project specifically crafted for students with a fervor for all things tech. With varying requirements and application dates based on location, it’s an immersive experience designed to nurture and challenge aspiring engineers.
  3. Software Engineering Internship: Desire to elevate your technical prowess on a global scale with the Software Engineering Internship? This program is open to both undergraduate and graduate/PhD students, this program offers a chance to tackle some of technology’s greatest challenges. With rolling application dates dependent on your chosen location, it provides flexibility for eager minds to contribute to cutting-edge projects.
  4. Associate Product Manager Internship: Be the bridge between the technical and business realms in the Associate Product Manager Internship. This global opportunity caters to those with a knack for both technology and strategic thinking. With varying requirements and application dates, it’s a chance to shape products and strategies that impact users worldwide.
  5. Legal Internship: Delve into the legal landscape with the Legal Internship, offered in select countries outside of North America. Open to students majoring or specializing in legal studies, this program provides a unique perspective on the intersection of law and technology. Applications typically open in October, inviting legal minds to contribute their expertise.
  6. BOLD Internship: Break into the world of Sales, Marketing, and People Operations with the BOLD Internship. Designed for rising undergraduate seniors, this program challenges interns to identify challenges, collaborate on solutions, and drive meaningful change. With applications opening in October, it’s a platform for aspiring professionals to leave a lasting impact.
  7. MBA Internship: Put your MBA education to practical use globally through the MBA Internship. Open to students currently enrolled in MBA programs, this internship comes with specific requirements tied to the location. Applications open in September and October, providing a unique opportunity to integrate academic knowledge into real-world scenarios.
  8. Korean Veteran Business Internship: Honor the legacy of Korean veterans in a specialized 6-month upskilling program. This internship offers exposure to multiple teams and roles within the business world at Google. Tailored for direct descendants of Korean veterans, it’s a unique opportunity to contribute to the legacy while gaining invaluable skills.
  9. Hardware Engineering Internship: Dive into the heart of technology by working on core Consumer Hardware products in the Hardware Engineering Internship. Collaborate on designing, developing, and deploying next-generation consumer hardware while ensuring reliability. It’s a chance to be at the forefront of innovation in the tech industry.

How to Apply for Google Internship 2024

Applying for a Google internship in 2024 involves a series of steps. To ensure you land your dream internship program with Google, here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Explore Available Internships: Visit the Google Careers site and navigate to the “Internships” section. Browse through the available internships to find positions that match your interests, skills, and academic background.
  2. Review Internship Details: Click on the internship listings to get detailed information about each program. Understand the specific requirements, qualifications, and application dates for the internships you are interested in.
  3. Prepare Necessary Documents: Ensure you have all the required documents ready. This may include your resume, cover letter, transcripts, and any other materials specified in the internship listing.
  4. Online Application: Follow the application link provided on the Google Careers site to start your online application. Complete all the required fields, providing accurate and up-to-date information.
  5. Application Review: After submitting your application, it will be reviewed by Google’s recruitment team. Make sure your resume and cover letter highlight your skills and experiences relevant to the internship.
  6. Interview Process: If selected, you may be invited for interviews. Google typically conducts multiple rounds of interviews, which may include technical assessments and behavioral interviews.
  7. Assessment and Evaluation: Complete any required assessments or evaluations as part of the selection process. This could include coding challenges or other relevant tasks.
  8. Offer and Acceptance: If successful, you will receive an internship offer. Review the terms, including compensation and start dates. Once satisfied, accept the offer as per the instructions provided.
  9. Pre-Internship Preparation: Prior to the internship start date, follow any pre-internship preparations or orientations provided by Google. This may include onboarding sessions or training.
  10. Enjoy Your Internship: Make the most of your internship experience at Google. Learn, collaborate, and contribute to projects within your team.

Remember to check the specific details and timelines for the internship programs you are interested in, as they may vary. Additionally, stay updated with information from the Google Students blog and official Google social media channels for any announcements or changes to the application process.

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FAQs on Google Internship Program

Additionally, students can benefit significantly from reading FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on the topic of applying for Google internships. Here are some of the feedbacks that will help you get what you are looking for:

Do Google interns get paid?

Absolutely, Google values the contributions of its interns and acknowledges the importance of fair compensation for their dedication and hard work. Every Google intern is eligible for payment during their internship. The remuneration is not just a token of appreciation but a reflection of Google’s commitment to fostering a culture that values and invests in talent.

How much does Google Internship Pay?

The Google internship stipend amount varies based on factors such as the size and nature of the project, as well as the country’s purchasing power parity (PPP) value. Here are the details:

  • Minimum Stipend Amount: $1500 USD
  • Maximum Stipend Amount: $3300 USD

For large-sized projects, the base stipend amount is $6000 USD, which is then adjusted based on the PPP value of each country. The adjusted stipend for large projects has a minimum of $3000 USD and a maximum of $6600 USD.

In summary, instead of a fee, Google internships offer a stipend to interns for their contributions to the projects they work on.

What is the GPA requirement for Google Internship?

While Google doesn’t have a specific minimum GPA requirement for its internships, academic excellence, especially in technical areas, is highly valued. The company looks for individuals with a strong academic background and the ability to excel in their chosen field.

While a specific GPA is not outlined, showcasing your academic achievements and technical skills in your application can significantly enhance your chances of securing a Google internship.

What skills are required for Google internship?

To succeed in a Google internship, applicants are expected to demonstrate and exhibit a desire to develop the following key skills:

  1. Technical Skills: Proficiency in technical areas relevant to the internship role.
  2. Design Thinking: The ability to approach problems with a creative and innovative mindset.
  3. Problem Solving: Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  4. Leadership: Ambition and a leadership-oriented mindset.
  5. Communication: Effective communication skills to convey ideas and collaborate with others.
  6. Teamwork: The ability to work collaboratively in a team-oriented environment.

Applicants who showcase these skills are likely to stand out and be well-suited for a Google internship.

What do Google interns do?

Google interns, especially those in the BOLD Internship program, actively engage in various responsibilities across different teams. Specifically, BOLD interns contribute by:

  1. Identifying Challenges: Interns work on identifying challenges within their respective teams or projects.
  2. Collaborating on Solutions: They actively collaborate with team members to develop effective and innovative solutions.
  3. Driving Meaningful Change: Interns play a crucial role in driving meaningful change for both clients and users of Google’s products and services.
  4. Skill Development: The internship provides opportunities for interns to develop and enhance their skills, fostering personal and professional growth.
  5. Career Building: Interns have the chance to build their careers by gaining practical experience in Sales, Marketing, and People Operations at Google.

Overall, Google interns are integral contributors to their teams, actively participating in projects that make a real impact on the company and its users.

Where do Google interns live?

Google interns typically have the option to live in shared apartments in designated locations, and the company may provide housing stipends to support their accommodation.

For instance, in some cases, interns have the option to live in shared apartments in places like Crescent Village, with Google covering the rent. This approach provides interns with convenient housing arrangements, fostering a sense of community among the interns while ensuring a comfortable living environment.

Does Google internship ask for transcript?

Yes, Google typically requires applicants to submit a transcript from their university as part of the application process. An unofficial transcript is usually acceptable for this purpose. In addition to the transcript, having an updated resume is also an essential component of the application.

This documentation helps Google assess the academic qualifications and achievements of applicants during the selection process.

How much do Google interns make an hour?

Google interns typically earn between $33 and $61 per hour, with an average base salary of $44 per hour. This estimated total pay includes additional components such as cash bonus, stock, commission, profit sharing, or tips, though the average additional pay is $0 per hour.

Keep in mind that these figures are averages and can vary based on factors such as the specific internship role, location, and individual qualifications.


Google values academic excellence, particularly in technical areas, but there is no specific GPA requirement. Interns are encouraged to apply with an updated resume and university transcript (unofficial is acceptable).

The internship spans various fields like business, engineering, and technology, catering to diverse interests and career aspirations. The experience is not only rewarding but also comes with the flexibility of choosing housing options, making it an enriching and well-compensated professional development opportunity.

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