$6000 Google Apprenticeship & Internship 2023 [Apply Now]

The Google Apprenticeship 2023 with the $6000 worth of its internships are open for eligible and qualified candidates from the regions and career fields listed in this guide.

The Google Paid Internship and Apprenticeship Program is designed to help you build your future with Google, and all eligible candidates are advised to apply from the selected countries in the world.

Since 2017, Google has helped millions of people discover their voices with the right jobs, internships and other remuneration-rich career opportunities. On this page, you will be learning about paid-internship opportunities, scholarships, and other mouthwatering offers from Google.

The Google paid internship program for 2023 is one of the numerous career opportunities at Google that provide space for every eligible candidate around the world. This page provides the program summary and how any candidate can submit an application for the ongoing internship considerations at Google.

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About Google Internship Programs

The Google Internship/apprenticeship program is fully sponsored by Google Inc, and with its partners, successful candidates enjoy paid learning and growing experiences.

Google leverages this ideology with the understanding that a diversity of attributes, experiences, skills and human perspectives can change the world when harnessed with good work. In other words, everyone deserves an opportunity to pursue connections in the technology industry and others, and also be able to build a reputable network with peers.

Google local and international scholarship programs are different from internships and apprenticeships in that they range from need-based to various community initiatives that are designed to empower global citizens from diverse academic and technical fields.

Applications are submitted differently for the various Google programs based on the entry schedules and this guide tapping focus on apprenticeship and internship program, readers and potential applicants need to have a comprehensive list for their applications.

List of Paid Google Internships and Apprenticeships

Here is a list of sixteen (16) available Google Apprenticeship and Internship Programs.

  1. Associate Product Manager Internship (Global)
  2. STEP Internship (Student Training in Engineering Program)
  3. Software Engineering Internship
  4. Apprenticeship at Google France (Paris)
  5. Higher Level Degree Apprenticeship (London)
  6. Business Intern, Veteran
  7. Digital Marketing Apprenticeship (London)
  8. BOLD-Internship
  9. Business Internship
  10. MBA Internship
  11. An Apprentice in Infrastructure Technology
  12. Internship in Information Technology
  13. Application Development Apprenticeship (Zurich)
  14. Dublin Software Development Apprenticeship (Dublin)
  15. Software Development Apprenticeship (London)
  16. Legal Internship (North America)

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Internship/Apprenticeship Categories by Google

There are two categories for Google Internships; one of the Internships+ is in Engineering and Technology, while the rest fall under the internship category for Business.

The internship for engineering and technology comprises training around software engineering, UX, product management, information technology, and a handful of other tech career aspects.

On the other hand, Google internships for business, on the other hand, deal with raising experts in the fields of sales, business law, marketing, people, and myriads of other fields in business.

How to Apply for Google Paid Internship and Apprenticeship Program

For each of the Google internships and apprenticeship programs, we have shed light on their forms and eligibility according to Google, but the application procedures almost follow similar paths. To apply for any of the schemes, candidates for any of the Google career opportunities need to understand the program focus as it will help in presenting the most suitable entry.

First, we always advise candidates for global opportunities as such to prepare by learning the roles that fit them. For prospective Google interns who demonstrate an interest in technology, it is essential to test one’s skills in the areas concerned with the particular program.

The same procedures go for other fields such as law, marketing, business, and engineering. Secondly, it is important that you search through all the available internships, jobs, and apprenticeships before applying.

Lastly, for all prospective applicants, it is critical to be compatible with the eligibility criteria listed by Google for any of the internship schemes. The application link is part of the contents of this article where we redirected you to the official website of the Google programs for application deadlines and schedules for the next sessions.

Who can Apply for Google Internship Programs?

The eligible group for Google internships and apprenticeship program include students and other eligible groups for Google internships, jobs, scholarships, and apprenticeships are covered by the scope of this content, and you can use this link to learn more about your roles with Google.

The Official Portal for Google Internships/Scholarships

Here is the official page for all the available programs and directions for your applications. If you have discovered internship opportunities with Google, visit the official page for Google Internships and Apprenticeships.

Alternatively, students and other groups who do not meet the internship eligibility might consider applying for, other possibly ongoing Google scholarship programs that are also listed here. Yearly, Google offers over 100,000 scholarships to eligible students and other groups around the world.

List of Ongoing Google Internships
  • Google paid internships that are open for your applications include:
  • Business Internship
  • Information Technology Internship
  • SETP Internship
  • Software Engineering Internship
  • Associate product manager Internship
  • Legal Internship (Law)
  • Google BOLD Internship
  • MBA Internship
  • Korean Veteran Business Internship

Other programs that relate to this topic are Generation Google Scholarship (APAC), and the Computer Science Summer Institute.

Application Portal: Start here with your free online application for all Google internship programs for 2023/2024.

About Google Apprenticeships

The Google apprenticeship is one of the core study programs at Google that offers you a real-world experience with paid options for successful candidates.

To become eligible, a student needs to possess:

  • Strong academic performance at any level of education or transferable experience.
  • Ability to speak and write in English and/or the local language fluently and idiomatically, depending on the track.
  • Have the authorization to work in the country where you are applying.

List of Ongoing Google Apprenticeship Programs:
  • Google Sales and Marketing Apprenticeship
  • Software Engineering Apprenticeship
  • Customer Engineering Apprenticeship
  • Digital Marketing Apprenticeship
  • Data Analytics Apprenticeship
  • Information Technology Apprenticeship
  • Data Center Technician Apprenticeship
  • Project Management Apprenticeship

How to Apply for Google Apprenticeship 2023

To start your free online application for any of the outlined apprenticeship programs, candidates must go through the following routines:

  • 1) Ascertain Eligibility: One must be certain that he or she is eligible for any of the available apprenticeship programs.
  • 2) Get the required Documents: To stand a better chance of being selected for the program, Google has a specified number of documents that you must submit, and you can get these via the official portal here.
  • 3) Know the Application Time: Late applications are not permitted and you are to submit all necessary documents before the application deadline.

Kindly Note: Most Google Apprenticeship kicks off September 2023 and it is expected that your online application must have been concluded 4 months before the start date. So, do well to visit the online portal for the right application date. Alternatively, you can check out other available programs within your eligibility status.

Also, if the application deadline is passed before seeing this post, consider applying for the Microsoft annual internship; or start applying for other local and international internship programs that are currently ongoing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Without a doubt, Google is one of the largest career hubs for myriads of careers and skills and for decades today, this brand has continued to institutionalize solutions by leveraging talents from all over the world.

Yearly, users and prospective teams do ask questions regarding the internships, scholarships and apprenticeship programs. As customary without guides, we go the extra mile to make sure you get what you are looking for.

How old do you have to be to get an internship at Google?

Most countries’ organizations consider 45 years as the benchmark for certain workforce recruitment. However, records have it that Google internships do consider applicants who are even up to 35 years old.

However, it is prominent that one reads the eligibility and criteria sections of any of the Google career opportunities before setting for application.

In addition, understanding the program focus ( such as the reason for the program) and tailoring applications to meet this demand could also increase your chances of being considered for any of the grants, scholarships, apprenticeships and internships that we publish from Google.

Take note: The majority of Google internship programs created, and the majority of platforms, do not specify an age limit before considering people.

When do Google Apprenticeship Applications Open?

The Google Apprenticeship and Internship applications opening vary based on the program type. Based on the previous entry, the apprenticeship application starts from April to around the 1st of October. However, to remain up to date with when to start your free online application, it we recommend that you check out this guide here and remain in touch via any form of notification options.

Are Google internships paid?

Yes, Google pays interns and the source has it that an internet earned up to $43/hour with an additional $3,000 stipend per month, for housing.

This mouthwatering remuneration makes Google-paid internships very lucrative and competitive for all prospects. On the other hand, this could become an explanation for why we take our time to outline tips that could help every qualified applicant.

What is a STEP Internship at Google?

Google STEP stands for Student Training in Engineering Program formally known as Engineering Practicum. This program is one of the paid Google internship schemes and here is a complete guide on how to become an Engineering Intern at Google.

How Do I Get a Summer Internship at Google?

As a student who desires placement at Google as an intern, it is expected that your updated resume is ready. Secondly, you will also need to provide a transcript from your current school and this may not even be the official copy since your Resume will have these essential timelines that will help your application stand out.

What is Google Internship Salary?

In the United States, Google pays $31.16 hourly on average and this remuneration stands taller across the nation. Indeed had reported that this Google internship salary is gathered from reliable data, directly from past and present employees at Google. What this implies is that the salary of an Intern at Google does not fall anything below $31.16, in the United States.


The Google Internship and Apprenticeship program for 2023/2024 could be ongoing ( depending on the time you stumble upon this guide). The eligibility and application procedures are part of the texts and links included in this post and suitable and qualified applications are welcomed from all parts of the world.

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