How to get cheap student accommodation in Pretoria very fast

How to get cheap student accommodation in Pretoria is a source of concern because every student wants good and affordable accommodation, but the number of cheap student accommodation in Pretoria available is low.

Each year, a large number of students gain admission into higher institutions in Pretoria, and the struggle to get good accommodation increases.

The process of on how to get cheap student accommodation in Pretoria is considerably difficult. Students are always burdened with lots of financial demands and accommodation challenges.

While students in Pretoria spend continuously on textbooks, handouts, writing materials, and diverse huge fees, it still doesn’t include their accommodation fees, this makes getting cheap student accommodation in Pretoria a daunting experience. 

If you are a newly admitted student or you want to apply to any of the higher institutions in Pretoria, this article is for you.

The knowledge you will gain here will direct you on how to get good and cheap students’ accommodation.

Fortunately, you won’t have to go through the unsettling experience of searching for student accommodation.

We have put together sure tips that will help you scale through the process with ease.

Where is Pretoria located?

Pretoria is a splendid city in South Africa. It is an excellent city to study, as it is known for its good records and standard in education.

It is adventurous for students as the city offers interesting and exciting experiences for her students.

The city has first-class gardens, a Cultural History Museum, a Freedom Park, Pretoria zoo, eateries where students feel the awesome touch of nature, and ease off the accumulated stress of studies.

This makes Pretoria one of the best places to reside for any international student.

Do you care to know the types of Student Accommodation in Pretoria?

Due to the high number of students the school admits annually, the management adopted two types of accommodation: On-Campus Students Accommodation and Off-campus Students Accommodation.

The on-campus students’ accommodation is offered by most tertiary institutions in Pretoria. This accommodation is located on the school premises.

The good side of this students’ accommodation is that it is closer to the school where students receive their lectures and other school facilities such as the school library.

The challenge is that the opportunity is limited, and it is given to students on a first-come, first-served basis. Many students are not opportune to get on-campus students’ accommodation.

If you are in this situation, do not worry, there are other better offers.

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On-Campus students’ accommodation is also expensive compared to some other types of students’ accommodation.

Some universities like the University of Pretoria offers accommodation 1 – 6Km to the campuses – (off-campus).

Lists of campuses in University of Pretoria:

  • Hatfield Campus
  • Hillcrest Campus
  • Groenkloof Campus
  • Prinshof Campus
  • Onderstepoort Campus

How Much Does it Cost to Get Student Accommodation in Pretoria?

Off-campus students’ accommodation is located outside the school. Many are located close to the school.

This offers the students the same benefits the students staying on-campus enjoy, but at a lower rate depending on the student’s choice.

This students’ accommodation is of two types:

  • private apartment
  • Shared apartment.
  • 1. The private students’ accommodation offers the student a personal apartment and facility.
  • The student does not share the apartment and its facility, and this offers a high level of privacy for the student.

This type of accommodation is expensive compared to the shared apartments. It can be a room or more. It depends on the student’s choice and availability of funds.

Private accommodation costs R4, 250 – R4, 800 p/m. This depends on the choice of the student. Some spend above this.

Two bedrooms apartment costs R6, 600 – R9, 000 p/mThe cost can be more. Some apartments have more and better facilities and the proximity, these factors affect the cost of students’ accommodation.

2. Shared students’ accommodation is another type of off-campus accommodation. Two students or more, share an apartment and the facility. It is cheaper compared to private students’ accommodation.

This helps students to save cost, and ease off financial stress on the parents or sponsors. The students sharing accommodation help each other.

This creates a platform for socialization and friendship. Sharing room space costs +/-R1930 p/m.

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What are the factors to consider when choosing students’ accommodation in Pretoria?

If you desire to get accommodation around the school, consider the following factors;


 the essence of getting cheap accommodation will be defeated by so many expenses on transportation to school if the student’s accommodation is far from the institution.

Check the closeness of the accommodation to the school and enquire how much it costs to transport to your school.

Some off-campus accommodations are trek-able. This is the best option, and I recommend this. There are others that cost little though.


 It would be a futile effort to end education halfway due to death. It also will not be healthy to study in a place where the lives of students are threatened.

Ensure that the accommodation is safe, and you will be safe staying in the place.

This is important to international students who are new in the city, and may not understand the native language of the indigenes. 

Get the contacts of the school security, and that of the area where you stay, this will serve, should there be an emergency.

Accommodation Facility:

Good accommodation facility entails:

  • Good and fast Wi-Fi
  • Water availability
  • Power supply
  • The state of the building

Good and fast Wi-Fi will help you browse and do your assignments in the comfort of your home, anytime.

Check if the building is new or deteriorating.

Also, check the condition of the kitchen, bathroom, lavatory, and water supply. The power supply is important to every student.

Make sure you check these facilities and certify them before payment. If they meet your taste, you can proceed to pay.

Do you desire to get student accommodation in Pretoria?

The quest to get good and affordable students’ accommodation increases as many gain admission in Pretoria. However, you can get an accommodation that suits your taste as this article has explained.

The guide below will help you navigate better on getting students’ accommodation in Pretoria.

1. Start Early:

if you are considering school accommodation since it is given on first-come, first-serve. So also if you are considering off-campus accommodation.

Start early to make arrangements to get one before the rush hour. Also, you should start the process as soon as you apply for admission.

You pay as soon as you obtain admission. Getting accommodation early will help you start lectures as soon as lectures start. This will save you from accumulated work later.

2. Research and Compare Options:

 Do not jump to conclusions quickly. Check other options and choose the best.

Here is the list of reliable agents that can help you get a suitable and affordable students’ accommodation in Pretoria:

3. Consider the size of your pocket: 

Consider your pocket to know how much you can afford for your accommodation. This will help other aspects of your studies not to suffer.

Map out how much you can afford for accommodation, and with the money seek the best option it can give you.

4. Ask questions:

 Ask other questions about accommodation. No one is an island. Many will be happy to help you get a good and affordable condition.

Asking questions helps you understand everything you need to know, especially from senior colleagues and the indigenes of the city.

List of cheap student’s accommodation in Pretoria 

This article gives you an edge over your colleagues. It also gives you the platform to help other students on how to get their dream of getting good students’ accommodation and to have a wonderful education experience in Pretoria.

The student accommodation in Pretoria that is considerably cheap is En-suit accommodation. The accommodation is shared with others, and this reduces the cost of the accommodation. The en-suite student’s accommodation costs -/+ R1, 930.

This is lower compared to individual apartments. It offers you the opportunity to make your meals the way you want it. In some institutions’ accommodation, students pay for both meals and accommodation.

Hatfield square| student’s accommodation in Pretoria:

the Hatfield square| student accommodation is another place to find cheap students accommodation in Pretoria.

Hatfield Square is virtually on the campus of the University of Pretoria, so its great TUKS students

  • Hatfield sharing dorm.
  • Hatfield apartment with kitchen.
  • Hatfield single dorm.
  • Hatfield square.
  • Sharing en-suit in Hatfield square and,
  • Studio.
  • Urban Nest accommodation is for students who are at the University of Pretoria Campuses close to the Nest. They offer cheap students accommodation that makes them stand out from other accommodations.
  • For students in Tshwane North TVET College, Urban Nest student accommodation is 26 minutes’ walk but 7minutes by bus. For students at the University of South Africa (Sunnyside campus, it is 28 minutes’ walk and 9 minutes by bus.
  • West city| student’s accommodation: another easy to get yet cheap accommodation in Pretoria is the west city. West city offers so much more than a bed and a desk. It offers has a well-inclusive rate that covers FREE uncapped Wi-Fi laundry, parking, a gym, a swimming pool, braai areas, study and computer centers as well as recreation and chill rooms. Also, the west city provides free bus transport to the TUT campus daily, so getting to class will be a breeze.

Where do I get the Pretoria students’ accommodation? 

If you don’t reside in Pretoria, the best place to begin your search for pretrial student’s accommodation is online.

Secondly, you can always get information from the official site of your school if you choose on-campus accommodation. To see the cheap student accommodation in Pretoria, visit the agent’s websites.


with the above information, we believe that as a student, finding the cheapest accommodation in Pretoria will not be a problem anymore.

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