UniSA Registration Fee – Admission and Scholarships 2023/2024

As one of the biggest open distance learning institution in Africa, Unisa is leading with easy admission, a number of scholarships and grants for students. In this guide, you will learn all you need to know about the institution and a number of opportunities for students and guardians.

For students who are willing, Unisa registration fees, the full summary, and student resources are important details contained in this article. Unisa is Africa’s largest open distance learning institution and the world’s longest-standing dedicated university for distance education.

It is quite obvious that Unisa have almost a third of all South African students enrolled. Throughout the years, Unisa was possibly the only university in South Africa to have provided all citizens with access to education.

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Irrespective of race, color, or religion, and the uniqueness of the Unisa registration fees. The world-class study is spearheaded by the Study, Postgraduate Studies, Creativity and Commercialization portfolio, and community involvement by our Community Engagement and Outreach Policy. The vision of “shaping futures in the name of humanity towards the African university” pushes us to find answers to the educational and developmental challenges of Africa.

What You Need to Know about UniSA

Unisa was established as the University of the Cape of Good Hope in 1873. In 1946, the institution became the world’s first public university to teach exclusively through distance education. In history, this vibrant past is reflected, particularly in the vast and impressive alumni database. Some of whom are to be found among the world’s most senior tiers of society.

Today, given our roots in South Africa and the African continent, Unisa can truly claim to be the University of Africa in the service of humanity. Unisa knows that we need to adapt to the fast-paced 21st century higher education environment quickly.

This heights is reflected in our style and heritage of leadership in management. In addition, exploiting the fresh and emerging potential of ICT technologies is one of our key goals. Thus, the university was catapulted into a fully modern world.

There also deliver an unmatched variety of study opportunities, ranging from short courses and credential programs to degrees and diplomas. Unisa registration fees are totally different from other institutions. For three and four years, to approximately 400,000 current students.

What UniSA Does

This online school, UniSa, is getting more traction and has already been known for high-standard virtual education for both local and international students. In summary, here are the three (3) core business areas of UniSA:

  1. Teaching: Unisa follows an open distance learning (ODL) model of teaching and offers an unparalleled range of study choices.
  • Research: UniSA’s second core area of business, research, is spearheaded by our Research, Postgraduate Studies, Innovation and Commercialization Portfolio.
  • Community Engagement & Outreach: As a leading educational institution, we remain mindful of our significant role in building ongoing relationships with the community.
  • Arts and culture: Unisa places great importance on the celebration and promotion of our African roots, arts and culture; through various endeavour, including the Archaeology and Anthropology Museum, Music Directorate and Little Theatre.

How to Apply for Undergraduate Study at UniSA

Copy of your credentials for college. Visit hhttp:/mb.usaf.ac.za / za/ for a list of appropriate entry school requirements per region. To complete your Unisa registration and have your fee paid, here is a number of required documents:

  • Copy of your (if applicable) tertiary college credentials.
  • Copy of a passport photograph.
  • Copy of your certificate of marriage (if applicable) or declaration of divorce (if applicable).
  • If they are not in English or Afrikaans, original sworn translations of documents.
  • M30 form-Application for a Conditional Exemption Certificate (ONLY for bachelor’s degree entry-not for BTech degree studies) (PDF 33 KB) and accompanying documentation if you are applying for an exemption certificate.
  • Honors degrees and applications for postgraduate diplomas:
  • Print, including the legend, of your tertiary academic credentials.
  • Copy of a passport of yours.

(If necessary and if the names on your college record do not complement the names on your passport) marriage / divorce papers.

Initial sworn translations, whether they are not in English or Afrikaans, of documents.

How to Apply for Postgraduate Study at UniSA

To apply for your masters and other postgraduate studies in UniSA, students are to follow the following guidelines, with copies of all official university documents, including all passed papers / modules, received percentages, and the ledger. You may not need to apply school records to Unisa.

  • A copy of your passport or ID.
  • A study summary, CV and any additional documentation as specified in the criteria for entry for the relevant certification under the criteria for the departmental focus area.
  • If you plan to apply for a certificate offered by the College of Science, Engineering and Technology for entry.
  • Before uploading your application, please contact the college because you need a letter of approval from the college department to be uploaded as part of your application.
  • Departmental forms (available under the study focus areas of the college) for the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
  • Letter of RPL approval if you have applied for admission via RPL.

kindly Note:

It is important to note that extra documents may be required for some qualifications.

Unisa retains the right at any time to request the original documentation and / or to validate the correctness of the documents submitted.

For uploading supporting materials, please remember the following rules:

  • Files are not permitted to be larger than 2 MB (2048 KB) each.
  • Only records in black and white can be requested.
  • Only PDF (Adobe Acrobat Portable Text Format File), DOC (Word Document File) or TIF (Image File) file types are permitted.
  • The maximum permitted number of files is 5.
  • Scanners or electronic instruments are not issued by Unisa.
  • Before beginning the application process, please ensure the records are in an electronic format.
  • Unisa Application Fee for the Second Semester of 2020

Undergraduate qualifications (higher credentials, diplomas & degrees, intermediate credentials, intermediate diplomas, certificates for BTechs & postgraduates):

Frequently Asked Questions about UniSA

Being that students from all over the world seek entrance into the online university, many questions arise regarding how to get vital information that can lead to student success all-through their experience in the school. As our mandate to research and provide the most accurate information for learners, we are providing answers to these numerous questions to strengthen this guide.

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How much is Unisa fees for international students?

Answer: UniSA Online single courses cost ranges from $2,875 per course (undergraduate) and $3,313 (postgraduate). This report was based on the previous sessions and students are advised refer to the program page for the specific Unisa registration fees. However, this general information is also critical international students studying a single course that is not part of a degree (ie if you are enrolled as a non-award international student).

How much is UniSA study fees/tuition?

What it costs to study in UniSA depends on the degree and also on the number of modules that students seek. However, on the average student registers at a cost range from R1 815,00 to R7 550,00 per module. It is worthy to note that students register for between 4 to 6 modules per year using the average stated cost above.  

Is UniSA Fully Online?

UniSA as at the time of creating this guide only offer Online courses. Classes are had online and have all have all been designed for 100% virtual learning.

Is Unisa registration Open this Year?

The UniSA free online registration for master’s and doctoral qualifications is usually open from March. Click here to start your free online registration from the comfort of your home.

Question for Readers:

Are there more things you would love to learn about UniSA? Feel free to locate the comment section below this post, our correspondents will be glad to put you through. As conventional with Jobreaders.org, we reiterate our stand and mandate – which is to help you tap into global career opportunities and lucrative skills, as a global citizen.

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