KZN Health Vacancies – Health Career Opportunities [Apply]

KZN health vacancies – health career opportunities is an act of establishing and executing a Hospital Rationalization Strategy for health care opportunities.

The Detailed Engagement Strategy to increase the performance of hospitals is also funded.

As Chairman, Chief Financial Officer, and Medical Officer, the KwaZulu Natal Department of Health is inviting applications for recruitment.

A safe, organized, interconnected, and systematic health system at all levels is to be developed and enforced by the KZN health vacancies – health career opportunities.

To provide universal access to health services, based on the Primary Health Care approach across the District Health System.

In KwaZulu-Natal, KZN health vacancies – health career opportunities have a working vision of meeting the optimum health of people.

The Department faces a significant shortage of scarce and essential skills that the reliable and effective delivery of health care is undermined.

The agency has put different initiatives in place for the advancement of human capital, and are directed at addressing the lack of limited and essential talent.

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The ever-growing need for wellness, however, Professionals require a radical solution to relieve the lack of shortages and critical knowledge.

We have seen our communities as a province, especially poor ones.

A variety of illnesses, such as HIV and AIDS, burdened rural populations.  

With the advent of strains of MDR and XDR TB, the growing number of deaths due to illnesses, and this definitely allows the province to resolve the lack of skills in these fields with scarce and essential abilities.

Core Values of KZN Health Vacancy

  • Trustworthiness, dignity, and fairness
  • Open contact, openness, and consultation
  • Professionalism, duty, and devotion to quality
  • Loyalty and sympathy
  • Ongoing learning, full of transition, and creativity.

As outlined in the 2015 to 2019 Strategic Plan, the strategic priorities of the Department are:

1. Strengthen the performance of the health system by finalizing regulations, frameworks, programs, and processes to create an enabling atmosphere for the effective procurement of care.

In order to ensure optimal use of scarce services, strengthened leadership and administration at all levels of the health care system.

PHC re-engineering and the introduction of the Perfect Clinic Realization and Repair Program (Operation Phakisa) with an increased emphasis on neighborhood and household coverage.

The introduction of Emergency Response Services and Forensic Pathology Services transformation plans.

2. Implementation and rigorous control of the Comprehensive 90-90-90 plan to low the burden of HIV, AIDS, and TB and enhance health outcomes. Decreasing the burden of disease.

Integrated maternal, infant, and female health interventions to reduce morbidity and mortality.

Increased emphasis on non-communicable disease prevention and control, including initiatives to increase safe lifestyle services.

Scale-up in malaria control services in order to ensure zero new local infections by 2020.

Universal health coverage: In the light of the white paper on NHI, scale up the roll-out, tracking, and assessment of National Health Insurance (NHI) programs to other districts.

Planning of health services and distribution of service, supported by research, to identify areas of service strain.

3. To advise the Vital Post List and the Long-term Human Resource Plan on developing human capital for health, finalize the study of organizational processes.

In partnership with the University of KwaZulu-Natal, in northern KZN, the first stage pilot for decentralized training in a PHC model; developing performance management.

Improved health care delivery: to increase professional quality and patient loyalty, vigorously enforce and track the National Core Requirements in all services.

Develop reforms in pharmaceutical production and distribution, including the introduction of the direct supply and cross-docking model and the distribution of drugs on a group basis.

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Various Vacancy at the KZN Head Office

At the KZN health vacancies – health career opportunities, there are Different vacancies at the Head Office which are listed below.

Day of Closure: 13/11/2020.

Medical Head Departments (different disciplines)

Artisan Chief,


Assistant Manager: Nursing (Monitoring and Evaluation)

Nursing Assistant Manager (Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialty)

Nurse Assistant Manager (Pediatrics)

Nurse Assistant Manager (ICU)

Nursing (Orthopedics) Assistant Manager

(Infection Prevention Practitioner) Clinical Program Co-coordinator

Co-coordinator (grade 1) of the Clinical Program (Quality Assurance Manager)

Supply Chain Operations Assistant Director

Assistant Director: Accounting for Finances

Assistant Director: Accounting for Administration

Practitioner in the supply chain: Assets Controller and Damage Management Officer

Practitioner of the Supply Chain: Procurement and market control

Assistant Manager: Practices in Human Resources

Practitioners in Human Resources: Recruitment and Evaluation

Assistant Director: Support and Admin Resources for Auxiliary

Chief of Cleaning and Grounds

Clerk Admin (supervisor)

Officer for Protection

The Clinical Technologist

User of Switchboards

Dr. Pixley Ka Isaka Memorial Hospital Register Clerk,

Vacancy at the KZN District Office

Operational Boss

Paramedic medicine

Officer of Critical Care: Grade 3

Officer of Emergency Care: Grade 1

Nursing (PHC) Operational Manager

Specialty of Trained Nurse

Coordinator of Clinical Services

Sessions with Medical Officer

Nursing Deputy Boss

Medical Officer: NHI or PHC Clinics required

Grade 2, 3 and 4 EMS Sub-Districts Boss.

Vacancy at the Hospitals

Professional Nurse: Grade 1 and 2 Specialization

Hospital and Surgical Nursing Science Specialist Nurse Specialty

Specialty ICU, CCU and Emergency Center Assistant Manager Nursing

Grade 1 and 2 Clinical Nurse Practitioner

Coordinator for the Clinical Curriculum (training)

Grade 1, 2, and 3 Radiographers

Head: Psychology Grade 1 Clinical Unit (Medical)

Level 1, 2, and 3 Medical Officer (A&E)

Grade 1, 2 or 3, Medical Officer (O&G)

Grade 1, 2 or 3 of Medical Officer (Orthopedics)

Head: Grade 1 Anesthetic and Critical Care Clinical Unit (Medical) GJGG

Head: Grade 1 ENT Surgery Clinical Unit (Medical)

Director-Emergency Care

Specialty Operational Manager: (1 post) Pediatrics Ward

PHC Specialization (1 Post) Technical Manager:

Specialty Stream (Professional Nurse) Maternity

Pediatrics / ICU Grade 1&2 (Specialty) Professional Nurse

Health Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology (Grades 1, 2 and 3)

Anesthesia and critical anesthesia Medical Officer (Grade 1, 2, 3)

Chief Nursing: Clinic Elandskraal / Clinic Douglas

(School Health Services) Clinical Nurse Practitioner

Practitioner for Clinical Nurses: Wasbank Clinic / Gateway Clinic

The Umphumulo Hospital Ultra Sonographer

Adjunct Director: Human Capital

Hospital Supervisor: Emergency Care

(Grade 1-3) (Internal Medicine) Emergency Officer

PHC (Grade 1/2) Clinical nurse practitioner:

Nursing operating manager (Specialty Area)

Nursing Operational Officer

Skilled Nurse-Anesthetics Specialty (Operating Theatre)

Manager Assistant: HRM (Level 9)

Nursing Assistant Manager: Tracking and Assessment

Grade 1, 2 and 3 Medical Officer

Supervisor of Pharmacy-Grade 1

Health Director-Sessional Secretariat

Chief of Case

Nursing specialization operational boss-(Post Natal Ward)

X3 Posts (Withdrawn) Professional Nurse General

Skilled nurse-General 1 Post (Grade 1-3)

Assistant nursing manager (General) Job for the night

Grade 1 hospital manager (Medical services)

Grade 1 (PHC) operational officer

Grade 1 Optometrist

Clinical nurse practitioner (PHC) various clinics       

Operational manager nursing (PHC)

Professional nurse specialty (Orthopedic Services) 

Assistant manager nursing (Primary Health Care)   

Clinical Nurse Practitioner: Nkunzana and Buxedene Clinic      

Medical Specialist Grade 1, 2 (Radiology)

Multiple clinics for clinical nurse practitioners (PHC)

Nursing (PHC) Operational Manager

Specialty specialist nurse (Orthopedic Services)

Nursing Assistant Manager (Primary Patient Care)

Practitioner for Clinical Nurses: Nkunzana and Buxedene Clinic

Grade 1 Surgical Expert, 2 (Radiology)

Practitioner for Clinical Nurses (Grade 1 or 2)

Nursing (PHC) Operational Manager

Professional Nurse: Gr 1 & 2 Psychiatric Care Specialization X1 Article

KwaMsane Clinic Operational Officer Nursing (PHC)

Head of Gr 1/2 (Medical) Psychiatry Clinical Unit

IPC (1 Post) (Infection Prevention and Control Nurse)

Obstetrics & Gynecology Grade 1 (1 Post) Lead Clinical Unit (Medical)

Tier 1 (Infection Prevention & Control) Operations Manager (general stream) Grade 1 Clinical Program Supervisor Grade 1

Practitioner of Clinical Nurse: Clinic Madlala

Grade 1/2/3 in Medical Specialist (2 Posts) Anesthetics & Emergency Care

Co-coordinator of Therapeutic Program (QA Admin SR9)

Director of Operations: Specialization (Psychiatry)

Health officer: Mahatma Gandhi Grade 1, 2 or 3 (Family Medicine)

Grade 1, 2 or 3 Medical Officer (Medical services)

Grade 1, 2 & 3 R diagnostic radiographers. K.

Paediatrics Medical Officer R. K.

Practitioner professional nurse: stream of primary health care (1 Post)

Clinical nurse practitioner: Stream of primary health services (1 Post) Grade 1, 2 & 3 (Internal medicine) medical specialist

Health Officer (Grade 1-3) (A&E Unit) (Family Medicine Department)

Nursing assistant manager (Critical care, injuries, burns, and renal unit)

Artisan chief (Grade A)

Officer in Public Affairs

Foreman craftsman

Nursing Operational Officer (Department of Outpatients) General

Intensive Care Unit Medical Officer (Grade 1, 2, 3)

Practitioner of Clinical Nurse (Grade 1&2) (School health) Gateway Clinic.

Hospital Head Unit: Grade 1 Surgeon / Urologist

Grade 1 Rheumatology Head Clinical Unit (Medical)

Hospital Head Unit (Medical) Gastroenterology Grade 1

Anesthesiology-Surgical specialist (Grade 1, 2, 3) (1 Post)

Health professional-Various fields (Grade 1, 2, 3) (1 Assistant Director-Administration of human capital

Practitioner clinical nurse-Samungu Clinic

KZN Contact Info

Postal: X9051 Private Bag, Pietermaritzburg, 3200

Physical: Natalia House, 11th Floor, 330 Langalibalele Lane, Pietermaritzburg

Phone: 033 395 21111

Fax number: 033 345 4433

KZN Health Career Opportunities

The KZN health vacancies – health career opportunities is unquestionably a significant contributing factor towards hunger and unemployment.

A variety of ailments. In a bid to reduce unemployment and hunger.

With its Human Resource Development Aspect, the department offers Internships, Jobs, and experiential jobs for graduates who are unemployed.

A graduate is expected to gain career experience and expertise through these programs.

The labor market demands it. The department also provides bursaries that are worthy of fields linked to students enrolled in Health Science.

The Department’s main business is to increase the standard of services, to provide primary health coverage for families across the District Health System.

Thereby, minimizing the Rates of death, revitalization of hospital facilities, and emergency provision services in Pharmacy.

The KZN Health Department’s Overall Priorities

The strategic priorities of the KZN Department of Health are:

  • Implementing the systematic HIV and AIDS plan successfully at all times.
  • Strengthen to have careful, and being sensitive to quality primary health care.
  • Promoting wellbeing, disease prevention, and control with a focus on poverty, lifestyle, trauma, and abuse
  • Management of human capital for public health Investment in infrastructure, in healthcare technologies, connectivity, administration buildings, and computer networks.

Services Provided by the KZN Health Department

Our hospitals or organizations are divided in line with the service levels below.

Rate of district

After the pharmacy or the community health center, this program is the second entrance.

It deals mostly with common disorders where there are no specialized facilities. An

The Church of Scotland and Hlabisa are examples of this institution or hospital.


This is a referral facility where patients who require a referral are forwarded by district institutions.

Support for professionals. Madadeni Regional Hospital, an example of such an institution, is

Stage Provincial / Tertiary

It is an automated referral service in which a physician is assigned to patients.

Specialized Agencies

Which is an agency in which specialist programs such as TB and psychological programs are offered.

The Key Institution

In the Province, this is a highly advanced institution representing the whole KZN

Sections of the Province of Eastern Cape services offered at this organization are specialized exceptionally.

Programs offered by KZN Production of Human Capital


The Department of Health encourages health science professions and deals.

Bursaries for the following research students as defined by a student’s training needs

The Specific District:

Audiology Bachelor’s Degree

Dentistry Bachelor / Oral Therapy

Entomology Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor and Bachelor of Pharmacy

Chirurgie (MBCHB)

Bachelor in Nursing Education

Bachelor in Optometrists

Bachelor in Pharmaceuticals

Audiology Bachelor of Science

Bachelor in Dietetics in Medicine

Occupational Counseling Bachelor of Sciences

Criteria for KZN Health

Applicant Should:

  • Live or be born in the specific district in which the request is made.
  • Satisfy the District’s preparation needs.
  • Apply proof of application to a tertiary institution.
  • Be financially deprived (parents’ net gross income must be less than R120 000 annually).
  • Send application forms to the local health institution in person at the latest, August 31.


All good applicants will be allowed to sign back a year’s job for the year.

A pledge equal to the number of years funded by the Health Department.

When the advert is out, bursary forms will be obtained from institutions.

The minimum requisites for Admission to the Programs

1. The pupil must be from the province of KwaZulu-Natal.

2. The pupil must be financially deprived (i.e. the income does not exceed R120 000 per annum for both parents).

3. The student should have outstanding learning outcomes (i.e. algebra, physical science, and technology, Life / Farm Technology, and English as the home language or first language.

4. The student is not expected to have a national certificate or degree.

5. The recipient does not earn another scholarship.

6. The effects of the English language must be strong,

7. Sex — Sex

8. Race Racing

9. Health checks are performed for conception, HIV and hepatitis.

10. History of Epilepsy


Currently, the department is offering a 12 month internship program for

Unemployed graduates aged under 35 years of age. The department publicizes the

Every year in January, the internship program according to its needs. Its consumption is

On April 1st of each year.


Learning is an academic and preparation curriculum that blends theory with theory.

Practical with where a learning process leads to a certificate that is recorded on the

System for National Qualifying Captions (NQF).

Experiment / In-Service Preparation to Jobs

Students and graduates can apply for experience / in-service training in the workplace.

The department can consider applicants if there is a vacancy.

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