National FFA Scholarship 2021-2022|How to Apply

Having a flair to venture into the farming sector? The National FFA scholarship presents you an opportunity into a career you’ve longed for.

What is FFA?

FFA is an acronym standing for future farmers of America.

It is a foundation that is youth-oriented with the aim of changing their lives.

The FFA Foundation also trains and develop her members for leadership, personal development and success in their career via education in agriculture.

It focuses on harnessing potential of members, aiding them in discovery of inbuilt skills through some practical experiences equipping them with tools to achieving success in a competitive world.

It has an organization known as the National FFA organization with members ranging from different profession like veterinarians, entrepreneurs, teachers, bankers, business leaders, biologists and chemists.

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This means that FFA isn’t restricted to members with interest in just agriculture.

Due to the vast opportunities emerging in the agricultural industry, the organization accommodated other fields.

In the year 1988, after delegates voted at the national convention, the organizational name was upgraded to encompass this diversity.  

Mission and Motto of FFA

Every organization must have a mission which is why they are in existent and FFA does.

Firstly, the founders of FFA were some group of young farmers which established the organization in the year 1928.

They purposed a mission of preparing generations to come ahead of the challenges associated with feeding an ever increasing population.

They had and passed the understanding that agriculture isn’t restricting to planting and harvesting but much more of it being a science, business and an art.

FFA members, has inculcated a motto of which they live; learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live and living to serve.

What are the levels of FFA?

FFA programs are structured on levels which are basically three.

They are the local FFA chapters, state FFA Association and the national FFA organization.

I will be enlightening you on this level in an ascending order.

Local FFA Chapters

This serves as the core of the National FFA Organization. 

It may be spearheaded in a public school which have an established program for agricultural education.

The leadership of this chapter is basically made up student officers usually elected yearly by the members and the teacher in charge of agriculture serving as chapter’s advisor.

To know more visit the Local FFA Chapters

State FFA Associations

The second level in the ascending order is the State.

This builds up to the FFA association itself.

The local chapters builds up to form the State FFA association.

It majorly functions in sync with the constitution binding the National FFA organization.

But has the allowances of creating its peculiar leadership structures, programs, awards, and competitions.

The leadership position is led by the state officers of which are elected by the convention delegates of the state.

To know more, visit the State FFA Associations

National FFA Organization

The highest level of FFA is the national body. It is led by board of directors and six student national officers precisely.

They are led by recommendations of the national convention of delegates and stakeholders of agricultural education towards positing the vision and policy of FFA.

Principles, authority, procedures, and objectives utilized by the national FFA organization have been established by the National FFA Constitution and Bylaws.

Additionally, it is also worthy to note that the National FFA organization is a federally chartered organization.

Does FFA offer scholarship?

Yes, the National FFA organization offers scholarship.

It is done through the national FFA foundation, businesses, and supports individually.

It is awarded to students who merit and have educational and career goals.

The scholarship isn’t limited to just FFA members but also non-FFA who are high school seniors and collegiate members.

Multiple opportunities lies in one application.

How many scholarships does the National FFA organization offer each year?

A whooping 120. This is what the National FFA scholarship program offers yearly.

National FFA scholarship program has been accumulated to monetary worth is over $ 2.7 million being made available. For more information on scholarship simply go to our page

How is the National FFA Organization Funded?

Every FFA programs get funded through sponsorships to the foundation, individual donations at the different levels which are local, state and national.

Also, each member remits $7 as national dues yearly.

How to apply for FFA membership

If you did read intently you’ll know that having an FFA membership comes with tons of benefits that cannot be trampled upon.

It’s a step towards career and personal advancements.

The different programs they carry out, one shouldn’t miss out on.

Firstly, since FFA is an important part of agricultural education, intending members must get enrolled into an agricultural course in the school. Then, proceed to if you are not enrolled, but if there’s no course of sort there, you can learn to create one here.

Next is to find an FFA chapter near you. Do well to learn more using the organizational official website.

Learn more at

Also, in case you have a pressing question, do well to contact state FFA staff, or call the National FFA body at 888-332-2668 or email [email protected]

Eligibility for National FFA scholarships 2021

Due to the varied scholarship sponsorships, there are different templates to determine eligibility. That is to say criteria are specific or peculiar to each sponsorship body. Nonetheless there are some general demands to being eligible.

  1. You should be a current member of FFA or otherwise stated
  2. Be a citizen of the United States of America. The scholarship is limited to this nationality.
  3. You must possess a social security variety to aver scholarships.
  4. You must have plans of attending post-secondary education in the united state
  5. You must be a regular student in the institution of study.
  6. You must possess not less than twelve credit hours if you are already enrolled in a post-secondary institution.

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How to Apply for National FFA Scholarships

An important step in applying is to set up an account or if already done, log in to the portal for scholarship application. This can be done using the available link. the link was active at the time of posting this article.

Additionally, intending applicants may gain access to the lists of scholarships available here

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