Quest University – Admission Processes and Scholarships

Quest University – Admission Processes and Scholarships

Are you a prospective Quest University student? If yes, this post has been tailored to give insight into the Admission processes and Scholarships you can enjoy as a student.

This post is dedicated to reporting details of Quest University, its admission processes, opportunities, and, scholarships.

Quest University is known to be Canada’s first independent, not-for-profit, secular liberal arts and science academic institution.

They are devoted to offering excellence in undergraduate education. You can check out the list of cheapest universities in Canada.

Also, Quest is unique in its groundbreaking approach to postsecondary education.

They adopt an innovative philosophy and novel curriculum, also applying teaching skills that are relevant in the real world.

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The institution has a mission to prepare students for their diverse careers in arts and science also, provide them with an environment of intellectual rigor and personal enrichment, where students help design their own education.

As a prospective international student, here is the Canadian visa requirement

This university is accredited by the Degree Quality Assessment Board of the province of British Columbia and is a member of the Education Quality Assurance.

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Below are facts about this university that will thrill you.

  • 85% of students receive financial aid. Here also, the article is organized with links for students who seek scholarships to fund their courses abroad.
  • The numerical strength of a class is 20 maximum
  • The school run in blocks not semesters
  • Students take one course per time for 3.5 weeks.
  • The school doesn’t charge prospective students application fee for both domestic and international students. However, the university charges some amount for late application.

List of programs offered by Quest University

One overly interesting thing about Quest University is that they do not run the regular program. They offer one degree to students which gives them an advantage; Bachelor of Arts and Sciences.

Their aim is to give students the best of both worlds. It is a basis for advanced studies in case you want to further in a specialty.

At Quest, you don’t have to declare a major rather, you create a question that will drive your last two years in your course of study. Also, they run a block plan where students have to focus on a course for about a month, learning in small bits.

The program is in three phases. To learn more do well to read more on the viewbook

The Foundation Program: Years 1 and 2. A Solid Base for Inquiry

The first two years of your degree consist of 16 courses, a multidisciplinary curriculum that spans the liberal arts and sciences, tackling themes from the classic to the contemporary. Toward the end of your second year, you will write your personalized Question, developed with faculty guidance in a dedicated course called Question Block.

The Question

Your Question will drive your final two years at Quest and can range from narrow to broad. Every student writes a unique Question. “How should we create General Artificial Intelligence?” “What is the relationship between symmetry and beauty?” “How can we effectively eradicate infectious diseases?” “What is a sustainable food system?” “How can biotechnology affect the quality of human health?” “How do the colonized heal?” The possibilities are endless. In Quest’s history, no two students have written the same Question.

The Concentration Program: Years 3 and 4 Depth in the Topics You’re Passionate About

In the Concentration Program, you design your own academic path while working with a faculty mentor. Inspired by your question, you’ll pursue what you’re most passionate about, taking 16 courses that include Electives and Experiential Learning along with your Focus courses.

The Keystone

The culmination of your Quest degree, your Keystone Project will reflect your passion, your research, skills, knowledge, and experience. Keystones come in all forms. You might submit an original research paper, a documentary video, a play, or a collection of paintings or poems. Whatever you create, your Keystone will be unique to you, just like your Question. Each year, several Keystones are awarded Distinction, and some are chosen as Showcases that the authors present in front of an audience that includes the Quest community and beyond.

No matter what path you pursue at Quest, here are the transferable skills you’ll take with you.

Source: Quest University website

Admission processes for Quest University

Admission into Quest University is open for students around the world. Below are comprehensive details you will need for a smooth application process into this unique and notable university.

It is to be noted that Quest University runs two applications which are the Quest application and common application.

Choose the application format that suits you and fill in all the details required. After submitting the application, an email will be sent with your specific login details for square one, which is the Quest applicant’s dashboard.

All necessary documents should be uploaded through the dashboard and the application fee paid. Additionally, monitor your application status to know if it is successful.

This is the list of the required documents;

  • High school transcript. Also, international students may be required to submit additional documents
  • Long and short essay: The program at Quest requires intensive writing. Therefore, the essays demanded relays to the university how you can communicate your ideas. Note that the submission is graded based on its originality, structure and flow, and language and mechanics.
  • Bursary/ application form: Quest University offers financial aid to students. If you are interested in this offer, kindly complete this form or opt-out of need-based aid.
  • English language proficiency test scores

Some optional documents include;

  • An original piece of work that demonstrates your individual interests and abilities, such as an artistic portfolio, video statement, or research project
  • SAT/ACT test scores
  • Reference letters from educators or community members
  • Your professional resume or CV
  • An additional writing piece (e.g. an assignment prepared for class)

Please note that an application is not considered complete until all required documents are shown as received (with a green checkmark) in SquareOne.

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The next step in the admission process are;

Interview: Once you have submitted all required supporting documents, your Admissions Counsellor will review your application. Selected students will be contacted for an interview, which can take place in person, by phone, or by video call. Once you finish your interview, your application is complete for review.

Admit: Admissions decisions will be released through your Application Status Page.  If you’re in, congratulations! There’s no place like Quest.

Deposit: If admitted, your next step is to confirm your enrolment with a $500 CDN deposit. Please ensure you have your nine-digit student number ready. If you are unsure about your student number, contact your Admissions Counsellor.

Deferral Policy: Admitted students wishing to defer their start date may apply for a deferral before May 1, 2021. Deferred admissions offers must be held by a $500 CDN deposit. Any applicable Entry Scholarships will defer with the offer of admission, but Bursaries must be re-applied for and are not guaranteed.

Financial aids/ Scholarships

Quest University offers scholarships to students whose applications show they could make extraordinary contributions to Quest and beyond.

How to Apply

You can access and submit Scholarship applications on SquareOne, Quest’s application portal. Applicants will receive login information for SquareOne after submitting their Quest Application or Common Application.

Scholarship applications must be submitted at the time of application and before posted deadlines. The various scholarships available are listed below.

David Strangway Award for Excellence

This scholarship honors the first president and founding chancellor of Quest University. The award provides full tuition for the period of the student’s academic years.

However, emphasis is placed on students with very high levels of academic excellence and outstanding leadership and service.

Students with a high school average above 90% are encouraged to apply. Additionally, this scholarship is for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Presidential Scholarships ($2,000 to $8,000/year)

The presidential scholarships are awarded to students who are distinct academically, curious, leadership-minded, and willing to contribute to the growth of their community.

Additionally, to strengthen your application, you can include reference letters and a resume or CV.

Note that the award is available to all students.

Canadian Academic Performance Scholarship ($10,000/year)

Quest is committed to providing a liberal arts and sciences education of the highest quality for Canadian undergraduates. The Canadian Academic Performance Scholarship (CAPS) provides a $10,000 scholarship; it’s available to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents who apply with an 80% average or above and are accepted into Quest as full-time students.

LEAP Scholarship (Presidential) ($5,000/year)

The Leaders in Elite Athletics & Performance (LEAP) program helps eligible candidates pursue both an education and excellence in their art or sport, and is designed for athletes and performers at the professional or elite level. Applicants must indicate within their online admissions application that they plan to apply for the LEAP program, and the LEAP application will be available if and when a student receives a general admission offer. Successful applicants are automatically awarded the scholarship amount, which constitutes the first portion of the Presidential Scholarship. To retain their LEAP scholarship, recipients must remain eligible for the LEAP program. 

Gap Year Scholarships (Presidential) ($5,000/year)

Quest University is proud to partner with select Gap Year Programs. In recognition of completion of these programs, successful applicants will be awarded a $5,000 annual scholarship, renewable for four years. This award constitutes the first portion of the Presidential Scholarship.

To apply now, visit the official website.

Official website:

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