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2022 Centennial College Admission and Scholarships Application

Centennial college is one of the colleges in Canada with little or no application fee. The university offers many scholarships and awards to its students both domestic and international students.

The university acknowledges that they are on the treaty lands and territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation and pay tribute to their legacy and also the legacy of all First Peoples of Canada.

As they strengthen ties with the communities, however, they serve and build the future through learning and through their graduates.

Canada has been the habitat of many international students around the globe, which dream to study abroad with scholarships.

However, most of the scholarships are merit-based scholarships, that is to say it is for students with high academic excellence.

These scholarships, grants, awards, jobs for students and also loans are been sponsored by the Canadian government, big companies and universities and rich individuals.

The essence of these financial aids is to facilitate education and upset most of the bills and reduce the tuition fee of most of the universities in Canada.

Smart and extraordinary students are given the opportunity to enrol in studies and even have some chance to save.

There are different universities with no or little application fees check out these 15 Universities in Canada without an Application Fee for Aspiring Students.

Why a Canadian university?

Canada as a country gives international students the opportunity and also breathing space and environment to start or continue their education with ease.

These are possible by giving the students financial aids such as scholarships, jobs for student/part-time jobs, grants, awards and even

 Admission into centennial college

There are phases of application deadlines into the centennial college which are the fall, winter and summer semesters.

Applicants are hereby advised to apply as soon as possible to complete the application and however, for the final decision can be made.

Consequently, some applicants may require to take an admissions assessment (test) which is dependent on the programme the individual is running. Check out these related articles University of New Brunswick Admission and Scholarship.

Programmes beginning Summer 2021

Admission is usually ent out January-February. The previous Application time for 2021 was May 10, 2021which had May 17, 2021, as its deadline. 

This, is, however, just a guide for you. You can visit the institution’s website for current information regarding the year you intend to apply.

Programmes beginning fall 2021

The admission offer is usually was sent out in February, and the last date to apply September of the same year. However, consider these dates as a guide as a lot of Calenders may have been affected by COVID.

Programmes beginning winter 2022

The admission offer was sent out on February 1, 2021, and the last date to apply is, however, January 2022.

Moreover, the classes will start in January 2022. The complete requirements into the centennial college: here: requirements for admission


Tuition guidelines are established by the Ontario government and are subject to revision. These are scheduled for the 2020-2021 Academic Year Fee.  Below are sample full-time fee summaries.

Ancillary Fees: Ancillary fees are vital to supporting student services provided by the College and the Centennial College Student Association (CCSAI). However, students are required to pay ancillary fees, as determined through a collaborative review completed by the Board of Governors and the CCSAI. Check this topic  9 Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Student in 2021

Learn more about our Ancillary Fees.

Post-secondary Programs


·First year $2,721.00 for two semesters

·Second year $2,721.00 for two semesters

Third year $2,721.00 for two semesters



First year $14,937.50 for two semesters

Second year $14,720.00 for two semesters

Third year $14,291.00 for two semesters

Students taking a full-time program part-time

Students who take less than 70% of the student contact hours and less than 66.6% of the courses required for the program of instruction in a given semester are considered part-time for that semester and will be charged tuition based on the number of student contact hours in the courses they are taking.

  • Canadian part-time students are charged $5.90 for post-secondary and also $10.89 for post-graduate per contact hour for courses they are registered in
  • International part-time students are charged $29.46 for post-secondary and also $38.11 for post-graduate per contact hour for courses they are registered in
  • Canadian and international part-time students are charged health insurance and also Ancillary Fees. Ancillary Fees include student service fee, technology fee, student activity fee, and also program incidentals.

Apprenticeship Fees

As of Fall 2003, the Ontario Government implemented Classroom Fees for apprenticeship training. However, these fees are payable to Centennial College by the apprentice. Moreover, apprenticeship programs are not available to International students.

Sample Fees

ProgramSemester 1Semester 2Total
Truck and Coach$1,219.00$979.00$2,198.00
Volvo and Mack$1,219.00$979.00$2,198.00
Canadian Tire$440.00$1,400.00$1,840.00
Ford Asset$440.00$1,400.00$1,840.00
General Motors$440.00$1,400.00$1,840.00

 Centennial college Scholarship offered to students

  • All students (domestic and international)
  • International students
  • Citizens, permanent residents and protected persons


There are, also scholarships opportunities that are only for international students as earlier said that the college makes good rooms for international students.

Visit the general Centennial college scholarship page here

 Available to Citizens, Permanent Residents and Protected Persons Only

These scholarships are solely for Citizens, Permanent Residents and also Protected Persons Only.

Visit the general Centennial college scholarship page here

In conclusion, Centennial college provides a conducive atmosphere for both the domestic and international students. However, if you are not eligible for the above-listed scholarships, you can simply check these 10 Cheapest Canadian Universities for Local and International Students. You can as well sign in to our free email newsletter for more updates.

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