Scholarships for pharmaceutical students in the USA

In a bid to improve the quality of the health sector, the U.S government deemed it fit award scholarships to pharmaceutical students.

 As part of its commitment to continuously contribute to the increased need for qualified personnel to improve the standards of the health sector, additional nurses, doctors, physician assistants, and health technicians are needed.

Pharmacists are in high demand along with other healthcare providers.

Pharmaceutical science, pharmacology, and pharmacy technician program around the country draw from dedicated groups of science-oriented career-seekers who gain admitted to worthy U.S programs.  

Pharmacy degree programs are light on courses in history, literature and other humanities, therefore, these curricular areas should be emphasized during earlier stages of education alongside each student’s choice of sciences.

Pharmaceutical scholarships originate from a range of sources that include the industry, earn well-rounded educational associations, foundations, corporations, and private philanthropic organizations.

Why is the USA pharmacy scholarship important?

Generally speaking, scholarships are given to support the less privileged who are willing to further their educations but are somehow, challenged financially.

It is designed to help students get through colleges with less debt.

Hence, it is important for pharmacy degree candidates to earn well-rounded education since preparing for success in this competitive educational field includes a strong science background.

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What scholarship opportunities are available for pharmaceutical students in the USA?

  1. Rite aid competitive pharmacy scholarships: the rite aid pharmacy scholarships are intended for pharmacy students maintaining a grade point average of at least 2.5. Qualified applicants must have completed two years of the pharmacy degree program. The rite aid internship program opens doors to this school which is reserved for internship and dependents of rite aid employees. School-specific funding is also available, all thanks to rite aid. The corporation recruits in states like Arkansas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin where rite aid pharmacy is not established as a retail presence. Students attending pharm schools in these states are qualified for the scholarship
  2. The “gateway to research” scholarship: this is a joint effort by the American Association of Pharmacy Scientists and the American Foundation for pharmacy education (AFPE) the funding is specially disbursed to encourage promising pharmacy students to enter research fields and continue into high educvati0on programs that lead Ph.D. degrees. Up to 3 to and $5000 scholarships are distributed annually to help pharmacy degree students earn degrees centered on research. The scholarships also provide $500 stipends for winners to attend the annual American Association of Pharmaceutical scientist’s conference. To qualify, undergraduate pharmacy students apply after they have completed one year of a bachelor’s degree program
  3. The American Foundation for pharmacy education also sponsors some “gateway research” scholarships independently. Up to 11 awards are granted annually in the same way the joint awards are administered. Some of the AFPE resources for pharmaceutical students are as follows:
  • First-year graduate scholarship fellowship.
  • Pre-doctoral clinical scholarships.
  • Faculty development fellowship in community pharmaceutical practice.
  • Faculty development fellowship in geriatric pharmacy.
  • Minority pre-doctoral fellowships.

4. American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP): the American Association of Colleges of pharmacy, administers stable financial aid for pharmacy education by partnering with corporate sponsors and other interesting parties.

AACP expands opportunities for educational financing.

The group’s Walmart scholarship program encourages students to pursue academic pharmacy careers.

They do this by awarding stipends that allow students and mentors to attend the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy annual meeting.

75 students/ faculty pairs benefitted from a recent year program which provided $1000 to each pair.

Graduates students, professional doctoral candidates, and pharmacy residents are invited to apply alongside their sponsoring mentors.

Each eligible pair qualifies by submitting letters to intent and demonstrating dedication to the professional

5. American Pharmacist Association (APhA): the American pharmacist association, provides students with scholarships for degree candidates. Who have completed at least one year of education in the pharmacy program.

Qualified applicants must maintain a 2.75-grade average and submit a 500 words essay to the school committee.

The scholarship is offered to applicants who are active within their local American pharmacist Association academy of student pharmacist chapter (APhA-ASP).

6. Charitable trust pharmaceutical scholarship: The fully accredited institution of pharmaceutical education within the US and Puerto Rico, are eligible to participate in the program. Which grants institutional funding to be distributed to worthy pharmacy students.

7. New investigator award: The new investigator award is specifically reserved for start-up costs associated with pharmaceutical research facilities.

8. CVS Pharmacy: CVS pharmacy is a multi-national chain with a big stake in advancing pharmacy-related professions.

As a result, the company takes an active role in education.

9. IOM Anniversary pharmacy fellowship– IOM pharmaceutical fellowship is funded by the new initiative annually.

10. FMI foundation Health and wellness pharmacy: the FMI foundation Health and wellness pharmacy, practice an ideation award.

Supports student research project that expands pharmacy role in preventing illness.

How to apply for the USA pharmaceutical science scholarship 

To utilize this glaring opportunity, the USA scholarship for pharmacy students, applicants are advised to visit the official web address to apply.

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