7 Popular Scholarships in Belgium for International Students

7 Popular Scholarships in Belgium for International Students

There is no year that tons of Scholarships in Belgium for International Students will not surface, and these scholarship opportunities demand different application approaches, for different levels of students

It is no longer new, the rate at which we seek for foreign scholarships. i has been a function of our different motives/agendas. But, our business today is not to talk on why but rather on the available, numerous, and existing scholarships for both Undergraduates and Graduates.

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Today, we shall be discussing and listing the various scholarship programs available in Belgium. Belgium is our focal point in today’s article; her universities (Belgian Universities) are ranked among the top 100 best universities in the world. we have also written Top 8 Best Scholarships in Belgium for International students

Before we go on to discuss, you can also review this scholarship also for international students in other countries.

The Belgian government, as part of her contribution to Development Corporation, offers scholarships to international students, mostly from developing countries who wish to study in Belgium. Below is a list of all the available awards and a brief detail about each:

VLIR-UOS Training and Master’s Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to 31 students from selected developing countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to engage in a Training or Master’s Programme associated with development at Belgian Universities.

The scholarship includes travel costs, tuition fees, accommodation, allowance, and other program-related expenses (O.P.R.C.).

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Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarships for International Students

This is a new scholarship launched by the government of Flanders Education. It awards approximately 35 scholarships to exceptional Master’s students from all countries. Each awardee is offered a maximum of €7,500 per academic year. The Flemish host institution can ask the candidate for a €100 tuition fee per year.

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Erasmus Mundus Programme

in the Wallonia

Brussels Federation: this offers study grants to Masters and Doctorate Degrees students at the Belgian Universities.

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Science at Leuven Scholarship for International Students

It is only for students who wish to pursue a Master’s Programme in K.U. Leuven Faculty of Science. The scholarship amount can be up to €10,000 per year, and it also includes; tuition fees for 1(one) year, basic health insurance, and a varying living expense.

Ghent University Master Grants for Developing Countries: This scholarship offers Top-up grants to candidates from all countries on the O.E.S.O.D.A.C. list who wish to obtain a Master’s degree at the Ghent University. It consists of an allowance of €60 per month and all-in insurance.

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Liege Heritage Foundation Scholarship for International Students

Liege University offers a scholarship to both E.U. (European Union) and non-EU students who desire to obtain a Master’s or Doctorate at the University.

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A.R.E.S. Scholarships

The A.R.E.S. is known for its yearly Master’s degree and Training Scholarship through courses to nationals of developing countries. It offers an average of 150 slots for Masters and 70 slots for Training. It also includes international travel expenses, living allowance, tuition fees, insurance, and housing allowance.

Belgian American Education Foundation Fellowships: this is strictly for citizens or permanent residents of the United States of America for a fellowship on advanced study and research during one academic year, at a Belgian university or institution of higher learning.

The B.A.E.F. awards up to 10 scholarships, each carrying a stipend of $27,000 for Master’s/PhD fellows and $31,000 for Post-doctoral fellows.

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How to Apply for Scholarships in Belgium

Depending on the time you come across this post, various scholarships in Belgium for international students depend on a free online application. Currently ( as at the time of creating this content, the Covid-19 affected the date of application for mosT of the scholarships).

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