Prestigious Schools that Accept Second Class and Third-class Abroad

Prestigious Schools that Accept Second Class and Third-class Abroad

These are Schools that Accept Second Class and Third-class abroad: In case you graduated with third-class or even second class, there are top schools that accept these certificates for continued education in their countries.

This article is in support of what Excellent Education has to say about students who seek how to continue their studies with a third class in developed nations like Canada, the U.S.A, and others.

To many students, their fears and their questions have been: How Can I Get Masters Admission Abroad?

As a graduate with HND or third-class, it is not going to be very while seeking admission into any University in the world for Masters, HND/third-class certificates.

Only a few schools (if not none) will assure you of that.

However, in order to deal with these questions, we present this conversation with three distinct case studies.

These include top countries that accept international students for further studies.

Most of the questions about Schools that Accept Second Class and Third-class abroad will be answered on this page on this page; these guides also include how they accept students with either HND or a Third-class degree for Masters.

Is Second Class and Third-class Accepted in the U.K? 

It is pretty much complex to answer, but the fact is that in the United Kingdom, HND and third-class degrees are accepted for their Masters.

Like what has been explained here, some Universities will offer a direct opportunity to be admitted into Master’s studies with just HND or third-class.

At the same time, some of these schools will only permit candidates who have enrolled for their Post Graduate Diploma.

The duration of this course, however, is just one year.

Can HND and Third-class do Masters in the U.S.A?

Some schools in the U.S.A made it clear that HND holders cannot be distinguished from Bachelor’s degree holders. 

They are institutions that consider your score in either GMAT/GRE with your IELTS/TOEFL more before any other certificate you may be boasting of.

In other words, these entrance examinations are seen as the strongest yardstick while considering you for master in the United States institutions.

Apart from your GRE/GMAT and TOEFL/IELTS, one other strong attribute that can ensure your position as a Master’s student with third-class and HND in the United States is your work experience in the field of interest.

Note, also, that an Associate degree holder is just an Undergraduate Academic degree offered by the college or the university that you have completed your study for two years (this means O.N.D in Nigerian education systems) while HND is more like Bachelor Degree.

Can a third-class do Masters in Canada?

The simple truth is that as it stands now, Canadian educational institutions have not been accepting HND and third-class degrees for Masters. 

This question does not mean that in Canada, students with thirst class certificates are not allowed to enroll for further studies.

Candidates that fall under this category should consider first going for a postgraduate diploma (P.G.D).

It is also known as the Pre-degree certificate/diploma or an advanced certificate in Canada.

So this is what you can do to gain access to the fact that HND and third class are accepted in Canada for further studies.

But it is Possible 

With third-class and or HND, one can pursue a Bsc with HND or 3rd Class certificates. But this cannot be seen as a firm ground for students who want to time their academic journey. And unless one possesses a good travel history and intense work experiences. 

This approach is the only way such a candidate can procure Visa for his or her travel to Canada.

The second alternative is to do a credit transfer as the candidate with HND or 3rd Class Bsc, starting from the second (2nd) or third (3rd) year to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Canada.

Even with a Second-class lower, one cannot be offered admission to continue with Masters in Canada due to the low C.G.P.A

Because graduates with either second class or third class are most likely rejected by many schools.

Without postgraduate diploma certificates, it has become almost a stigma among its candidates.

But these schools and countries accept international students with even third class for their Master’s degree.

Which countries offer scholarships to international students?

This question is another exciting challenge that we have successfully taken care of, times without numbers. 

There are many schools, countries, individuals, and other organizations that offer scholarship opportunities for students from developing countries.

These include scholarships for high-performing students all over the world. And it also comprises scholarships for students with third-class.

Can Third Class degree do a Master’s?


The third-class degree holders can enroll for their Master’s in that they can go to most schools for their further studies. But in the ideal sense, candidates with a third-class degree are encouraged to go for their Post Graduate Course.

This postgraduate diploma course is a short course that will serve as a makeup for the right faculty desired to obtain the masters.

Scholarship Opportunity

Apart from these Schools that Accept Second Class and Third-class elsewhere, there quite a good number of scholarships that are offered to a student with third-class every year. These, just like other scholarship opportunities, come in shape and various sizes owing to the level of their competitiveness.

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