9 Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Student in 2022

9 Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Student in [UPDATED]

Here is an updated list of the cheapest universities in Canada for International students for students seeking admission in 2022.

If you are a student wishing to get your degrees in Canada and you are bothered about the tuition, this article is created with a recent and updated list of universities with the cheapest tuition rate in Canada for international students, there are lots of benefits you can enjoy with this most recent updates

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The Cheapest Universities in Canada

This list consists of the cheapest Universities in Canada that can be resourceful towards your journey of studying in Canada. This article is put together as a result of several demands from a series of search queries from prospective Canadian students all over the world.

Firstly, let’s consider one of the Universities in Canada with the lowest tuition, how about I tell you of a university whose fee is as low as $2000, isn’t that amazing.

Queen’s University

Queen’s University has been ranked as one of the top universities in Canada, here is why. Research made by QS World University Ranking placed QS world as the 239th position in the world and the 10th spot in Canada. 

The university has a total of 25,260 students from over 100 countries, an undergraduate population of about 8,367 students, and a postgraduate population with over 6,893 students studying over 125 graduate programs.

Queen’s’ University ranks almost first among the Cheapest Universities in Canada but yet with great landmark and academic prowess

Across the globe, Queen university has over 159,000 alumni in 153 countries the alums stay in touch with the university and their friends with Alumni Events. The University has many notable Alumni like tech entrepreneur and engineer Elon Musk, Canadian Chemist, businessman, philanthropist, and fine art collector Alfred Bader, geophysicist, NASA astronaut Andrew J Feustel and many more.

The university charges between $4000 – $6000 as tuition fees for both citizens and now Canadian citizens or £4,530 per annum for full-time undergraduate programs.

McGill University 

The University Mcgill of Institution, even with well-equipped classroom facilities, is one of the Cheapest Universities in Canada that opens a welcoming arm to international students.

McGill tuition fees fall between $4000 – $6000, and being honest, I must tell you that this is cheap.

Most universities charge as high as $30000 to & $70000, and comparing these high fee universities, you will know why I said McGill is cheap.

University Of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is a university to talk about when listing the lowest tuition fee universities in Canada, not just because of its flat tuition fee alone but because of its openness to international students.

This University admits a good percentage of international students yearly and has an unbelievably small tuition fee that attracts the students.

It made my list of small tuition universities in Canada for accepting a tuition fee between $4000 -$6000 both for domestic students and international students.

University of Alberta

This school is a role model for many other institutions in Canada! The University of Alberta, despite being one of the top Universities that offer the Lowest Tuition Fees In Canada For International Students, still remains top among schools in Canada with a standard of Education.

The University of Alberta charges a tuition fee of between $4000 to $6000, and it has kept this rate for a very long time enabling international students to graduate through the school with ease. For more information on the acceptance rate, admission requirements, and lots more visit the official website

Concordia University

This University accepts between $2000 to $4000 per student’s tuition fees and not just that these fees are low, you can also pay to gradually, also don’t be surprised this school made it to our list of Universities with the Lowest Tuition Fees in Canada for International Students.

A more believable fact is that the school has a system of installment for the payment of school fees acceptance and its great accommodation sense for international students.

If you are one of those students who consider opportunities to study in Canada as achievements, then Concordia University is the best plug for you.

University Of Manitoba 

This is a leading university when it comes to counting low tuition universities in Canada. the institution accepts $2000 to $4000 as tuition fees just like Concordia University.

The amazing thing about the University of Manitoba and international studentship is that it allows international students to secure admission, pay school fees, do the clearance, secure accommodation, and do other necessary things right from their home country only to come to Canada and relax as everything has been put in place for them.

If you are looking for a stress-free admission into a low tuition fee Canadian university, lookout for a date with this school!. Find out more from the university’s official website

Simon Fraser University

This school accepts as low as $2000. Although, in some cases, courses and departments, you might find yourself paying higher than what is mentioned here.

The university is described as one the most community-engaged research institution, the university now boasts, three campuses, 30,000 undergraduate students, 5,700 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, over 160,000 alumni, and close to 1,000 tenure-track faculty.

Simon Fraser is on our list of top 10 Universities With Lowest Tuition Fees In Canada for accepting such low fees as $2000. for more information on the university acceptance rate, admission requirement, and procedure for application check this link for more details.

Universite de Montreal 

The University de Montreal is one of the best schools in Canada that accepts tuition fees as low as $2000.

If you are searching for small tuition fee universities in Canada that takes as little as $2000 tuition fee, then the University of Montreal is the best for you. The institution is open for international students, for inquiries about admission requirements, acceptance rate and lots more check this link for more details

Though the tuition fee is not as accurate as the $2000, some courses and departments pay as low as that.

It is one of the most amazing experiences for international students in Canada going through Montreal in Canada.

For real, you are not going to regret a bit of it.

But just like we have mentioned earlier, we have completed the list of Universities that charge as low as $2000 in Canada, as tuition fees.

In this list of Universities with Lowest Tuition Fees in Canada for International Students, we will be going over to not-too-expensive universities in Canada that accept about $4000 per student as tuition fees.

We believe that this guide is going to be accepted by you in that there is a lot of competition out there. But having seen this list, you can proceed with contacting your desired schools without fears of tuition fees in Canada, as some are in the habit of doing.

University Of Western Ontario

The University Of Western Ontario is another University in Canada with very low tuition.

It has an excellent reputation for admitting and accommodating international students, and for a very long time now, it has been on the papers for many excellent reasons.

We clearly shared the facts about this school in this list of Universities with the Lowest Tuition Fees in Canada for International Students.

It is one of the schools on the list that international students have significantly given a positive review, the institution tuition is between $4000 – $6000, and this fee is for both domestic and international students.

For more details about the University of Western Ontario admission requirements and acceptance rate, check this link

University Of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is the last on my list of top 10 Universities with the Lowest Tuition Fees in Canada for International Students, and there are excellent reasons why it made this list.

The University Of Waterloo is a pioneer school for international students and yet keeps its tuition fee low and affordable.

Myriads of international students from Africa and Asia end up in this school, and a thousand have graduated from school too.

The University of Waterloo accepts an average of $5000 as tuition fees and still provides a series of scholarship opportunities for students.

List of Scholarships for International Students

Aside from this list of Universities with the Lowest Tuition Fees in Canada for International Students, there are quite a couple of scholarship opportunities that can fully take care of your studies in Canada.

With this, you don’t need to be worried about how to raise funds to cater to your studies.

This is why we made this Scholarship Page freely accessible for international students who search for opportunities to be aided financially in their international studies.

This notion was motivated by the number of great potentials that are left utilized in various undeveloped nations, due to poor financial backgrounds among intelligent students.

We hereby encourage you to take the applications and accessing of scholarship pieces of information as great deals for your career development.

You can also apply for the 2021 Generation of Google Scholarship For USA And Canada if you are eligible, considering the criteria and requirements set by the institution.

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Preparing for Journeys to Canada?

Journey to Canada for studies has been considered, by many, as opportunities of the century. This time, not because of the affordability of the institutions but life and career outside the four walls of the institutions.

You can learn more about these opportunities in Canada as we continue with the exploration of best Canadian Universities that will cost you almost nothing to grab the degree of your choice.

Note: Some of the figures that describe the tuition fees for most of the institutions are subjects to further verification, and this time, through the official website of the institutions that you can source out.

And unless otherwise states, Jobreaders is not affiliated with any Canadian institution or even the bodies that publish the career opportunities (jobs and scholarships) that are found on this page. Contents created and shared here are exclusively for information purposes.

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And some of the factors include:

  • Food
  • Language 
  • Finance and 
  • Weather 

In Africa, there is no history of extreme weather conditions, except the already existing effect of global warming that arrived as a result of poor cultural practices.

While researching for the content of this post, Universities with Lowest Tuition Fees in Canada for International Students, I came across a lot of reasons to touch climate change in my next publication.

However, these factors of consideration for students who intend to go for their studies in Canada have become a popular topic among websites and blogs in most education niches. 

But to a more considerable extent, the topic cannot be exhausted because it has cost many students their opportunities for servicing in Canada.

Apart from these Universities with the Lowest Tuition Fees in Canada for International Students, the cost of living and study in Canada may not be the same as what is obtainable in most African countries. 

Perhaps, a good number of families can afford these tuition, accommodation, and other studies needs but myriads from certain classes will only admire the read unless a scholarship is made possible.

If you are seeking more information on Canadian visa requirements click this link or start applying for a top Canadian Scholarship to check where you may be eligible.

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