Universities in Canada without Application Fee for PhD Programs

This guide will help offers you insight into the list of universities in Canada without application fee for PhD programs, if you aspire to continue your education in Canada. Kindly note that information shared here will vary as it applies to you, based on your choice of course, faculty and home country.

Students all over the world come to Canada for various studies, and we have shared previous guides on what it take to get offer of admission, work or live in Canada.; you can find the from this content category. However, this guide is focusing on the list of school, official links and information you will be needing to proceed with possible application.

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Keep in mind that information can change, so it’s always a good idea to double-check the details on the official university websites. To ease the burden of searching through search engines, we have included the specific page links that will help you learn more about the school, or to begin your online application.

Universities in Canada without Application Fee for PhD Programs

Based on data from dozens of web resources, pieces of information from the school’ official websites, here is the list of schools:

  1. University of British Columbia (UBC):
    • UBC offers application fee waivers for citizens of certain countries. For specific details and eligibility criteria, check their official website.
  2. University of Toronto:
    • The University of Toronto may offer fee waivers to students from a defined number of countries; and you may be from an eligible country. Visit their admissions page for PhD and other graduate programs.
  3. University of Alberta:
    • The U of A provides fee waivers for select countries. For everything you need to know about the University of Alberta PhD admission, requirements and your eligibility to submit your document without an application fee, kindly see this graduate page of the official website.
  4. University of Calgary:
    • Results show that international students who demonstrate financial needs may get application fee waiver, in the University of Calgary. To find out your eligibility for this possible waiver, do well to visit the admission page for international students.
  5. McGill University:
    • McGill may offer application fee waivers to students in financial need or from specific countries. For all the information about McGill University admission, this official page is an ideal place to start your journey.
  6. University of Waterloo:
    • The University of Waterloo may provide fee waivers for international students; from undergraduate to graduate programs. To ascertain your other eligibilities for admission in this school, you can start your journey with the international students page of the official website.
  7. Simon Fraser University (SFU):
    • SFU might offer fee waivers for citizens of certain countries. Many countries are eligible to submit application without fee, even aside of PhD programs. Eligibility and more information about this, students should refer to the official website of the institution.
  8. University of Ottawa:
    • The University of Ottawa may have fee waivers available for international students. Check their admissions guidelines for the most accurate details.
  9. University of Manitoba:
    • U of M may offer fee waivers for international students. Check their admissions page for the latest information.
  10. Dalhousie University:
    • Dalhousie may provide fee waivers for specific circumstances or countries. The graduate program page of this schools provides you everything information you need about your eligibility.

Remember to check the specific requirements and criteria for fee waivers on each university’s official website. Additionally, it’s advisable to contact the admissions office directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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