$9,000 University of Arizona Scholarship 2023 – For All Students

The University of Arizona University scholarship is worth $9000 for both the freshmen and transfer students. This scholarship is designed to help freshmen students cover their tuition fees for the various online and regular degrees awarded in the institution.

The University of Arizona is one of the US-based institutions whose interest does not neglect the importance of international students.  

And they achieve all these by helping international students stay on track towards earning their US degrees in various disciplines wherever they are in the world.  

The school enrollment creates a customizable plan for students offering flexible and affordable options for their on-campus or off-campus studies.

Study Option for International Students

To study at the main campus in the U.S. this fall

To study at any Microcampus locations across the globe, and the main campus Transition

These options are designed to ensure you earn your U.U degree from any location near you.

For the enrollment and further information regarding theses available locations, we encourage you to visit the University of Arizona official website below this content.

However, for students outside the United States, the University of Arizona offers programs at their unique Microcampus locations across the globe so you can earn a full U.S. degree through these scholarships– or Arizona credits – in a city near you.

Each Microcampus offers something special, tied to the specific location.

The University of Arizona locations are on university campuses, offering a full college experience, or in purpose-built student accommodations, offering a safe and engaging community where you can live and study. You choose your Global Campus Experience.

Customize your education too. Participate in a dual degree program, earn a full Arizona degree online, take a mix of in-person courses with our local university partner, or take courses to prepare you for virtually any undergraduate major in the U.S.

Above all what enticed us here at Jobreaders, to share the features of the University offers is tagged the University of Arizona Scholarship. Sharing scholarships information is part of goal to keep helping global citizens tap into global career opportunities.

And you are hereby encouraged to ascertain your eligibility to proceed with the application. You can also use the link below, to browse the global campus locations:


About University of Arizona University scholarship

The scholarship by the University of Arizona is worth about $9000 annual funding for students. And it is broken down into the following offering package:

Do you want to Study in the United Stated?

As an incoming freshman, earn up to two years of University of Arizona scholarship at a university near you – or fully online – and then finish your degree in the U.S. Choose from pathways that prepare you for virtually any major.

Take courses online from Arizona professors as you enjoy Global Campus facilities, activities, and in-person support.

When you’re ready, we’ll help you transition to our main campus in Arizona or to another U.S. university. We offer scholarships to high-performing students who continue at our main campus.

How to Apply for University of Arizona Scholarship 2020?

Interested and eligible students (based on the details above) should proceed with the free online application, using the link below:


Note: Endeavour to go through the external terms and whatever conditions that may be applied to these offers. Read through before finally submitting your applications for any admission considerations or applications.

Do you want to Transfer your current degree?

The University of Arizona is offering any one of the flexible transfer options described above to any student whose desire to go on with the transfer.

If you are looking to stay on track toward your degree, contact an Enrollment Counselor to identify the best option for you.


Whether you want to complete a full bachelor’s degree, graduate degree, or graduate certificate, the University of Arizona Global Campus has plenty of high-quality online options.

Choose from more than 40 undergraduate degrees and 20 graduate programs as you enjoy a flexible class schedule from your home country. Substantial scholarships are available in many regions and countries through our partners.

You may also study abroad at our main campus in the U.S. for a semester at a special rate.

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