10 Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria | Fees & Places

The best boarding schools in Nigeria are mostly not the most expensive schools for nursery, primary and secondary education because there are several factors put in place to come up with this list.

However, in this guide, you will discover the top schools with boarding ( or both boarding and day options) for domestic and international students who desire the excellent offerings that these schools present.

Before we dive into how much Nigerian boarding school costs, and what is really the best boarding school for girls or boys students in Nigeria, let us talk about the advantages of boarding your wards.

It has been universally proven that the best gift any parent can offer their children is the gift of quality education. When quality education is subjected to the light of posterity, it shows that getting it right at an early age is the best.

For these reasons, let us look at some of the reasons to consider great boarding schools for your students in Nigeria.

Why Are Boarding Schools Important in Nigeria?

Writing from the point view of an expectant dad, a student and a teacher in my capacity, I must try to stick to my bluntness with the subject matter. Secondly, there is no point leaving any stone untouched when it comes to what could make our younger ones achieve their dreams.

Strong Interpersonal Relationship

To start with puts our younger ones in the best position to learn and master how to live peacefully with other kids from diverse religious, cultural and other backgrounds.  

This ability to live and work in unity with other kids, in the long run, will promote national peace and elevate the status of these boarders in our different communities, by improving their social relevance.

Great Communication

The second advantage to boarding schools in Nigeria and other parts of the world is the fact that your child ( who is a boarder) will be able to build his or her communication and networking skills within a short period.

Education in Nigeria is based on a 6-3-3-4 system – and depending on the grades and level of your ward, this period of time is enough to help a child build a strong network that he or she will always live to appreciate.

Overall Academic Excellence

There is this popular belief that it takes iron or something stronger to sharpen iron. Same way, people of greater cognitive power and reading culture come together to straighten the qualities of others.

In a boarding school, there is almost time for everything and reading is not left out. As kids build other social qualities in this school, their ability to learn and handle academic challenges grows through direct contact and other forms of healthy competition, all things being equal.

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Disclaimer Information: This list of the best boarding schools in Nigeria does not follow any hierarchical order. Secondly, some of the information such as tuition may vary from season to season and readers are advised to always visit the official website for more up-to-date information regarding any of the listed schools here.

Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria [Tuition and Location]

From students’ ratings, ranking from top web platforms and rich Google’s data-driven listing, we are gathering the list of best boarding schools in the country for students at various academic levels below:

Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria 1

1. British International School, Lagos

British International School, Lagos is a private co-educational school for boys and girls, providing a homely environment for boarding students and world-class educational facilities for all students.

The multinational English secondary school was established in 2001 and has emerged as one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria.

These positive ratings are not disconnected from its rich facilities such as the multi-purpose halls, theatre, laboratories and other ultra-modern facilities that are poised to help their students become the global leaders of their dreams.

The British International School is located at 1 Landbridge Avenue, Oniru Private Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tuition Information

School fees at the British International School are around N6.1 million for day students while boarding students pay around N8.1 million per year.

Visit the Official Website: https://bisnigeria.org/ 

2. Lekki British International School

As one of the most prestigious boarding institutions in Nigeria, the Lekki British Senior School is the first British School in Lagos, Nigeria. This school is made up of its sub-arms like the Preschool, Junior School and the Senior School.

The Lekki British School (LBS) is an international school built on 25 acres of land in the heart of the metropolitan city of Lagos, offering secondary and High school standard coursework for boys and girls students from local and international backgrounds.

Tuition Information

School Fee ( and tuition) at the Lekki British School as scheduled as follows:

The tuition at Lekki British School is about $19,500, which is around N10,530,000 – and one of the schools accepts tuition and other school fees in USD.

For more updated information about the school, kindly visit the official website that is included in this guide.

Lekki British School Website: http://lekkibritishschool.org/ 

3. Day Waterman College

The Day Waterman College (DWC) is a modern co-educational boarding school housing over 500 students from ages 11 to 16. The school takes pride in the fact that life at Day Waterman College is not just challenging but fun, exciting and fast-paced to instil incredible hardworking and result-oriented values into students.

This school is located in the Western part of Nigeria and is in this listing as one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria for its consistency and high-quality offering.

Tuition Information

As of the time of this review, boarding students at Day Waterman College (DWC) are paying the sum of N3. 7 million per year as tuition fees. Students in this category are from the ages of 11 – 16 years old.

School Address: Local Government, Asu Village Road Off Abeokuta-Sagamu Expressway Owode, 100101, Abeokuta

Day Waterman College Website: https://www.dwc.org.ng/ 

4. White Plains British School

The White Plains British School is a co-educational school located in Jabi, a beautiful city in the Abuja Municipal Area Council of Nigeria. As one of the leading boarding schools in the country, White Plains British School prepares students for preschool, primary school, secondary school, and Advanced University Foundation Studies.

White Plains British School is open for both day and full boarding students with its educational scope covering the secondary/college, sixth-form, Cambridge and IGSCE.

Tuition Information

The tuition fee (per term) at the White Plain British School ranges from N751 000 – N1000,0000

School Address: Plot 528, Cadastral Zone B4, Jabi, Abuja

White Plains British School Website: https://www.whiteplainsbritishschool.com/

5. Green Springs School

The Green Springs School was established in 1985 in Anthony, Lagos state. It is one of the prestigious boarding schools in Lagos and one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria.

Tuition Information

At Green Spring School, tuition is around: The fee for boarding school students is N3,185,200 per year which usually covers tuition, textbooks, and school uniforms.

Visit the Official Website: https://www.greenspringsschool.com/ 

6. Loyola Jesuit College

Loyola Jesuit College is a classical secondary school for secondary school students. It was opened in 1996 and is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria.

Tuition Information

Loyola Jesuit College is way outside the cheapest boarding schools in Nigeria with a fee of N2,800,000.

Visit the Official Website: https://www.loyolajesuit.org/ 

7. Hillcrest School

Hillcrest is a K-12th grade international Christian school with an American curriculum, located in Jos, Nigeria. This school was founded in 1942 as a not-for-profit day and boarding school for children of missionaries and others. Hillcrest is run by a Superintendent and is subheaded into three schools with each of the schools having separate principals.

Hillcrest is situated in North-Central Nigeria and falls into this list of best boarding schools in Nigeria, owing to its long-aged historical background and evolvement.

Hillcrest School are as follows:

Elementary School is Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Middle School is 6th through 8th grade

High School is 9th through 12th grade – this school offers Advanced Placement classes.

Tuition Information

For the 2023/2024 academic session, the tuition ( school fee) for Hillcrest School is scheduled as follows:

Grades KN1,469,738(per school  year)
Grades 1 – 3N2,658,100(per school  year)
Grades 4 – 5N3,193,850(per school  year)
Grades 6 – 8N3,702,600 (per school  year)
Grades 9-12N4,309,800(per school  year)
For All Students, Technology FeeN20,000 (per quarter)
For All Students, PTA LevyN5,000 (per year)
Hostel Fees (Pineview)N2,078,100(per school year) plus N115,00 Additional Food Levy
For All New Students in All GradesN150,000 One-Time payment- Development Fee

Visit the Official Website: www.hillcrestschool.net

8. Atlantic Hall Secondary School

The school was started in 1989 by the Educational Trust Council (ETC). It is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria with its tuition fee that is situated very close to the Atlantic Ocean in Epe.

Their facilities encompass a medical centre, well-equipped laboratories, sports facilities, and things that are required for comfortable and versatile education. Secondary school students are involved in many social activities including talent and dance shows, concerts, and filmmaking.

School Fees at Atlantic Hall Secondary School:

The fee is N2, 270,000, and cannot be considered one of the cheapest boarding schools in Nigeria.

Visit the Official Website: https://atlantic-hall.net/ 

9. Chrisland College

Chrisland Schools is one of the best schools in Nigeria, with its campuses spanning different locations in Lagos and Abuja. The School was founded on the 2nd of February, 1987. Over the years, and have reinforced their position as one of the leading educational institutions in Nigeria and the best secondary schools in Lagos State.

As of the time of preparing this list, this school has a 1:10 faculty/student ratio, 600+ students, and boasts of guaranteeing a 100% pre-degree/university placement for students.

First School Address: 72, Old Ejigbo Road, Idimu, Lagos, Nigeria.

ChrisLand College is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria with its tuition fees. It is situated in Lagos. The school is filled and equipped with modern laboratories, air-conditioned classrooms, and lots more.

Visit the Official Website: www.chrislandschools.org

10. Dowen College

The Dowen College is positioned in Lekki, Lagos, and consists of boarding houses including provisions for day students. The year of establishment is 1997 and ranks amongst the 21 best boarding schools in Nigeria with their tuition fees and also one of the boarding schools in Lagos.


The students can receive here a very broad and balanced education in a good academic environment. There are computer centres in the school, rich libraries, cultural facilities, and more.

For various reasons, in recent years, this school has been on various new headlines. In this ranking, however, it falls into the list of best boarding schools in Nigeria for its facilities, quality of education and a number of key advantages for students and parents alike.

The boarding school students are to pay N2,000,000 per annum while day school students N1, 250,000 per annum. The fees cover school uniforms, feeding, and textbooks including house wear.

Visit the Official Website: https://dowencollege.org.ng/ 

11. White Dove School (WDS)

Founded in 2004, White Dove School is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria and one of the best boarding schools in Lagos. It comprises a nursery and primary and secondary school.

The nursery school offers the British Early Years Foundation Curriculum in addition to the Nigerian Curriculum. Also, the Montessori principles are applied to the upbringing and teaching of these children at White Dove Nursery Schools.

White Dove School Website: thewhitedoveschools.com

12. St. Gregory’s College (SGC)

St Gregory’s College is one of the oldest boarding schools in Lagos. Located in Ikoyi. SGC was founded in 1928 and has grown rapidly since then.

This school has been known for its contributions to training students to become excellent in their endeavours and to become leaders of their generations.

SGC is one of the 9 Catholic Mission boarding schools in Nigeria and it is primarily a boys’ only school with standard boarding facilities.

Visit the Official Website: https://stgregoryscollege.ng/ 

13. Holy Child College

Holy Child College is a Catholic secondary school for girls in Lagos, Nigeria. It was set up on 9 April 1945 by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus and run by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos. 

 The school is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria situated in the Ikoyi area of Lagos State.

This school is equipped with state-of-the-art boarding facilities. The educational system here is based on the Universal Basic Education System (UBE) and is not dependent on any country’s system.

Visit the Official Website: www.holychildcollegeswikoyi.org

14. Rainbow College

This boarding school is in Lagos. It is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria renowned and well-known for having high educational standards. 

 The school was kick-started in 1996 as an all-boys private school. However, the school merged with Pampers Private School to become bigger and has turned into something that looks exquisite.

Visit the Official Website: www.rainbowcollege.org 

15. Emerald Schools

Established in 1995, Emerald Schools was started as a nursery and primary school in Gbagada. It is one of the most-rated boarding schools in Lagos. However, the secondary school of Emerald was started in 2005 and it is located in Ogunrun-Ori village in Lagos.

Visit the Official Website: www.emeraldschools.com

16. Ostra Private Schools (OPS)

Ostra Private Schools is one of the boarding schools in Nigeria and is known for its high academic standards. Their curriculum has been tailored to meet the academic demands of the 21st century.

 The school has a state-of-the-art ICT centre with interactive boards and over 25 laptops and computers.

 OPS admits pupils from the creche level to the high school level.

Visit the Official Website:  www.ostraschools.com

17. Apata Memorial School (AMS)

Apata Memorial School is another top-class boarding school in Lagos and one of the well-reputed boarding schools in Nigeria.

Equipped with standard boarding facilities, AMS is not on the list of cheapest boarding schools in Nigeria but offers affordable opportunities.

 AMS is a co-educational Boarding school and has hostel facilities that have been designed for both male and female students. The boarding facilities have been well secured with good security personnel and the students are well-fed.

Visit the Official Website: http://www.apatamemorialschool.com/ 

18. Baptist High School

Baptist High School is one of the best boarding schools in Abuja; it is a coeducational boarding school and a private Christian institution offering a comprehensive secondary school education in a serene, safe learning environment.

This school competes with the best boarding schools in Nigeria.

Visit the Official Website: www.baptisthighschool.org.ng

 19. Funtaj International School

Funtaj International School is amongst the coeducational Boarding schools in Abuja, amongst the top boarding schools in Nigeria and with day boarding facilities.

FIRS is known for its intrinsic motivational way of teaching as the school believes motivation is one of the most important teaching tools that shape and help students’ attitudes about educational activities.

 It is not one of the cheapest boarding schools in Nigeria but offers quality education and value for fair fees.

Visit the Official Website: www.funtajschoolltd.com 

20. Glisten International Academy

The Glisten International Academy was accredited and recognized by the Department of Policy and Implementation in 2007 and has since become one of the best boarding schools in Abuja.

When the boarding complexes were completed, the school moved to its permanent site. It was initially located on the same premise as the primary section.

Visit the Official Website: www.glisteninternationalacademy.com

21. The Regent School

The Regent Secondary School administrates with an adapted version of the National Curriculum for England and Wales in Years (7) and (8), CIE Checkpoint in Years (9), and CIE IGCSE in Years (10) and (11).

The school started in 2007, and initially, the primary and secondary schools shared the pioneer campus for the first couple of years after the secondary school was established; in 2009, the high school students moved to a new purpose-built campus in September 2009.

The school is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria and amongst the top boarding schools in Nigeria.

Visit the Official Website: www.regentschoolabuja.com

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Students and Parents Are Also Asking

Having seen that the best gift any child can get is quality education, parents and students are asking other questions relating to the best boarding schools in Nigeria. As usual, we believe that providing these answers will help you further get what you are looking for:

What are the Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria?

Here are the top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria 2023:

  1. Christ the King College, Onitsha.
  2. Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja.
  3. King’s College, Lagos.
  4. Chokhmah International Academy, Port Harcourt
  5. Grange School, Ikeja, Lagos State.
  6. The British International School, Lagos.
  7. Vivian Fowler Memorial College, Lagos.
  8. Lumen Christi College Maya Ikorodu, Lagos
  9. Day Waterman College, Ogun State.
  10. Capital Science Academy, Abuja.

How much does a Nigerian boarding school cost?

From the most prestigious boarding schools in Nigeria to the least expensive, each student pays from N50,000 to over N5,000,000 respectively. However, it is worthy of note that the most affordable boarding schools are government-owned institutions and these can be found in all states of the federation.

What is the most expensive boarding school in Nigeria?

One of the most expensive boarding schools in Nigeria is the American International School, Lagos. This school schedules $28,049 for Middle school, and $32,165 for High school for its 2023/2024 academic session.

Recently, Nairametics published an article on the most expensive boarding schools in the federation and the list goes as follows:

1) American International School
2) British International School
3) Lekki British International School, Lagos
4) Grange School, Ikeja Lagos
5) Day Waterman College, Ogun State
6) Meadow Hall School, Lagos

Which state has the best school in Nigeria?

Based on elementary, secondary ( in some cases, tertiary), states leading in the best schools as follows:

  • Lagos State
  • Federal Capital Territory, Abuja
  • Anambra State
  • Ogun State
  • Jos, Plateau State

Kindly Note: In each state of Nigeria, there is a list of the best school ( both primary, secondary and other tertiary) institutions that are privately or publicly run. Choosing the best school should be based on factors that are peculiar to your choosing.

What are the names of the best boarding schools in Nigeria?

Aside from their review here, here is the best boarding school in Nigeria, by their names:

  1. British International School, Lago
  2. Lekki British International School
  3. Day Waterman College
  4. White Plains British School
  5. Green Springs School
  6. Loyola Jesuit College
  7. Hillcrest School
  8. Atlantic Hall Secondary School
  9. Chrisland College
  10. Dowen College
  11. White Dove School (WDS)
  12. St. Gregory’s College (SGC)
  13. Holy Child College
  14. Rainbow College
  15. Emerald Schools
  16. Ostra Private Schools (OPS)
  17. Apata Memorial School (AMS)
  18. Baptist High School
  19. Funtaj International School
  20. Glisten International Academy
  21. The Regent School

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