2021 Best Buy Scholarship ($1000) How You Can Apply

After it gained its ground in 1999, Best Buy scholarship began offering scholarships and has since given away more than $20 million in funding.

The scholarship awards up to 1,200 students a check, payable to the school of your choice, made out in the amount of $1,000.

The Best Buy Scholarship is designed to ease the transition from high school to college by eliminating some of the first fall semester’s financial burden.

The payment is made in your name directly to the school, the scholarship is generally awarded towards the cost of tuition for the first semester classes.

Moreover, if any funds remain, they will be deducted from the spring semester’s tuition fees.

As the recipient, you don’t get control over where the money goes, except to state which institution you wish it to be sent to.

Best Buy calmly concentrated on employing a third-party Scholarship Management Services.

This is, as a result, to administer the scholarships on behalf of Best Buy. Although. 

However, the Best Buy Scholarship has been awarded to 1200 students in America or Puerto Rico and this is done every year.

Even if you are homeschooled, you can still win the award. There are some criteria that you must meet to be eligible for the scholarship.

Aside from being a current high school student, living in the United States, or Puerto Rico, it’s essential you know these processes:

How do I apply for the best buy scholarship?        

Note: the statement below was discovered on the Best Buy official website in November 2013: “The Best Buy Scholarship Program has permanently closed”

We suggest you check out our list of popular scholarship programs available for both high school and university students for the years 2020 -2021

Eligibility status for best buy scholarship

  • The applicants must have work or volunteer experience in your community, which can be documented.
  • Applicants should ensure to enroll in an accredited higher education school. These can be colleges, universities, community colleges, technical schools, trade schools, or web-based schools.
  • Applicants must be new. Why? The scholarship doesn’t open room for past winners. If you were successful receiving the scholarship previously, then don’t expect to get access to applying again.
  • Also, every applicant must reside in the great United States of America or Puerto Rico and must be a student of any accredited high schools in any of the countries.

For the eligible applicants, I would say congratulations because you just passed the first stage of the application.

Now the journey to success just begun. Don’t be in a haste, stay with me for more information.


Applying for this scholarship isn’t a difficult process. All you need do is to follow the set down guidelines.

To be qualified for this best buy scholarship you must have achieved all the following:

  • Applicants must show the proof of meeting the requirements for eligibility for the best buy scholarship
  • Applicants must make provision for the name and address of the high school to help the best buy verify the school and applicants’ attendance.
  • Having a good record on community services and volunteer services, leadership role in the school, can go a long way helping the applicants have a strong stand for the scholarship

Also, the best buy scholarship is opened to both men and women and doesn’t consider your state or ability.

The best buy scholarship only has an interest in students who are passionate about learning.

In addition, in return contributing positively to the development of their community may be through community services, volunteer services, etc.

Are you wondering about the deadline for the best buy scholarship?

The application process usually opens in early December, though the actual date will vary from year to year.

Most times, Best Buy announces its scholarship program through social media, advertising, and on its website.

Besides, Applicants will need to register on the Best Buy website to gain access to the application.

Once registered, you will have approximately 60 days to submit your application. Its best advised that you get to apply for the scholarship earlier before the ending of the scholarship.

Why? So you get to avoid the jam-packed traffic which somewhat delays the processes of forms on the website.

Also, ensure to follow the best buy scholarship forum through any social media to get updates

Since we have found out that the best buy scholarship is no longer in existence, you can review this Palmetto University Scholarship | Financial Aids and Requirements

The cost of best buy scholarship

Also, the scholarships provide students with $1,000 scholarships. The scholarship money is paid directly to the applicant’s college.

Therefore, the Scholarship funds cant be accessed by the Student directly. 

How can I get to spend the fund?

If I got your question right, the funds you get through the scholarship can’t be spent personally instead it goes through to your tuition fee.

Furthermore, the awards are for one year of full-time college study at an accredited 2 year or 4-year institution

In fact, money is used for tuition in the fall term after high school. Although the payment will be via the college of the winner still, the mail would be directed to the winner’s home.

I wish you good luck and success in all your endeavors! Ensure to comment your questions in the comment below and I promise a fast delivery.

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Best Buy Scholarship Application

Best Buy Scholarship Application – The Best Buy Scholarship Program has permanently closed. We suggest you check out our list of Ongoing Scholarships

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