Joining Jobreaders Affiliate Program (Make Money Helping Others Learn)

Joining Jobreaders Affiliate Program (Make Money Helping Others Learn)

Jobreaders is an eLearning platform that focuses on growing human capital through digital knowledge with the sole goal of helping people learn new skills, solve more problems and earn a better income doing what they love.

This affiliate Partnership is your opportunity to share in our profit while helping others learn.

Jobreaders affiliate partnership is a program designed by the growing eLearning community to ensure that everyone learns a new skill, be able to solve more problems, and earns a better income.

Jobreaders goal is that you change people’s life to also change yours. Our library is growing with information products that are not limited to online courses, practical webinars, eBooks, virtual consultation, individual training, household training resources, and pages.

Jobreaders Academy partners with industry leaders and committed instructors who are ready to keep changing the world while transforming their own lives.  

This post is a step-by-step guide on how you can sign up for Jobreaders Affiliate Partnership Program.

Before you get started, we advise that you read about Jobreaders Affiliate Partnership, learn the benefits of becoming a Jobreaders partner, and also take our 2-hour Free Affiliate Marketing Cours.

This Masterclass breaks down proven ways you can start earning a highly sustainable income doing only what you love with the Jobreaders Affiliate program.

First things first:

This is default advice for any intending affiliate. Your goal is to earn income and we understand how we can assist you with our committed community support.

Your goal to earn an income is also expected to align with Jobreaders vision of helping the world live better. You must be committed to changing the world by promoting digital learning and profitable skills.

That said, here is the procedure:

Note: Please read this guide till the end before starting your free online registration.

Step One: Start the Registration

First, visit Jobreader’s websites at and tap the Partnership tab. You will learn more about Jobreaders Affiliate Partnership Program.

You can also start the signup process by visiting the address:

Step Two: Fill the Necessary Details

Fill in your information to get started.

Use a valid email address; you may require an authentication email to proceed with your registration.

We advise you [select] choose to be receiving details via email during the registration. Jobreaders Affiliate Team will update you with tips and new techniques to reach the right audience, change lives and earn decent income.

Step Three: Follow the Guides

You will receive a second email update (a few minutes later or instantly) with a link to the Jobreaders Affiliate Marketing Course.

This course will break down all the step-by-step guides that will help you earn massive from the comfort of your home.

Upon completing the 2-hour training, our support team will be willing to inspect your funnel and activate your account to join the program.

Why the approval upon inspection?

  1. Jobreaders affiliate team want to ensure you understand the working techniques you can use to create a solid source of income.  
  2. It is the goal of the Jobreaders Affiliate team to ensure you succeed, but also be serious with web sanity and the right practices.
  3. Jobreaders wants to understand how you intend to promote the eLearning resources and to assist, you reach out to the right audience.

Step Four: Start Changing Lives, including yours.

Jobreaders’ goal is to change lives through knowledge sharing and vocational skill acquisition. We want to help more people solve more problems and also earn a better income doing what they love.

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