Best Online Business Opportunities for Beginners and Experts

Best Online Business Opportunities for Beginners and Experts

Opportunity is the ability of an individual to be able to make good use of privileges around; and these online business opportunities present a couple of opportunities for anyone proactive enough to either diversify or try only businesses, in this era.

The difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich grabs every good opportunity that comes around while the poor neglects it.

The word poor can be likened to an acronym which means passing over opportunities repeatedly.

There are several online business opportunities for which I will be explaining in details for you to make your choice.

List of some online Business Opportunities


Dropshipping is all about selling other peoples products to buyers without coming in contact with either the buyer or the seller.

These days this type of online business became popular when there is an increase in online stores. Some website like,, these are examples of dropshipping stores

Forex Trading

In forex trading you predict currency fluctuation that is the rise and fall of currency, how it works is that when you predict that a particular currency will rise up within a particular time frame and your predictions turn to be correct then you win the trade and it will be credited to your account immediately and if it turns to be false you lose the trade.

In this type of business, you need good practising before going into real account trading.

When you open an account with any platform you will be given two accounts the Demo and Real account, as a beginner you trade with a demo account till you master it very well before using the real account but if your already a professional in forex what you do is to just deposit to the real account and start trading.

In the trading platform, you will get indicators that tell you the direction of the market whether it is rising or falling.

Buying and Selling from Online Stores

This is a very good method of making money below is the image of a phone that is sold in one of a popular online store.

The phone in is being sold online for the rate of N15,693 (Fifteen Thousand Six Hundred and Ninety-Three Naira) and it a new phone from factories with good specifications.

This is the type of phone that is sold for N45,000 (Forty-Five Thousand Naira) here in Nigeria, imaging buying such product at the rate of N15,693 and sells it at the rate of N45,000 you will be making a profit of N29,307, what if you buy two of it imply that you will make profits of 58,614.

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When you go through the website they will tell you that their delivery is 30days which is up to a month but that is maximum it can stay but their normal delivery is 2weeks.

The image below is gotten from but there are other online stores both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria you can buy and resell.

The one within Nigeria are,, there is also but this one is different from others because they don’t have the store where they keep the products but provide a platform where sellers and buyers meet to negotiate on their products.

The one outside Nigeria, there are several sites such as,,,

One good thing about this is that you can start with low capital #5,000(Five Thousand Naira) I could remember the last time I purchased memory card worth #3,000 and it was delivered to the post office near me.

As in the case of they do give out some products for free, all you have to do is to pay for the shipping cost to your various country.

Content writing

Bloggers are seriously looking for content writers and some people who are good in writing and creating content are looking for where and how to monetize their writing skills.

The gap between these two types of individual is just a platform to meet each other and strike a business deal.

It pleases me to bring to you a very nice platform where you can sell and buy contents which is, the name Fiverr implies that their basic work does not exceed $5 (Five Dollars) and it is in two-phase, those that are looking for who will work for them and the ones that want to be hired.

Here your profile tells people the type you are. For instance you as a content writer you will put in your profile that you will write website content for $5 or more.

When contracted, you will be handed a detail to write it and when to get it delivered before you will be paid. The image below explains more of it.

Snapping and Uploading Pictures Online

Snapping pictures and selling it online is one of the easiest ways of making money as it involves snapping a clear picture of yourself or a place post it online and set a bid on it.

It can be done on sites like, and

Social Media Marketing

This type is another good one as it has to do with people contracting you to promote their social media handles or account.

You do some services like getting likes and followers to Facebook and Instagram account and you will get paid for it, if you don’t have enough friends to share with you can visit this website, where you like and follow other persons and they follow and like you back. There by increasing your followers and likes

Online Graphics Design

Graphics design is a branch of ICT that is booming these days, all over the place you see adverts everywhere about businesses and organizations that are in need of Graphics designers.

However, we are not only talking about local aspect but now online and international clients looking for who to design logos and do branding for them. You can get this services on fever and but before opening Account with them you must have a PayPal address


Survey is all about individual that created products and services but they want people’s opinion concerning their product so that they will improve.

In doing this they call for the services of survey companies that also employ Worker to give them feedback on their product, the work of the survey company is to provide a platform where manufacturers come and get information about their products from the employee.

This type of work is based on contract as you will be paid depending on how you work, some survey companies are,,,

These are the survey companies that I have tested and they worked but the issue with these is that some of them pay with gift-card while some require you to spend a little money before you start making money but they are all legit.

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All these are the best online business opportunity for beginners and experts also I will like to let you know that it not a get rich quick scheme but you get rich from it by your hard work and persistence.

Getting referrals for websites and blogs

There is no website that you visit for one thing or the other without them talking about a given referral so that their website will keep growing and for some platforms, you don’t even need to do anything just to get some referral and get paid.

I will teach you a way you can make money with referral without talking to someone about any website, recently google introduced their browser known as crypto tab browser where you browse at the same time you mine bitcoin without even knowing that your mining bitcoin.

The truth about this is that if you continue like that you might end up not getting anything tangible but I came to notice that they give out more bitcoin to referrals than mining so what I do is to visit some advertising website like www. to contracts them to give you traffic on your referral link. In this website you spend a token of $10 and the referral you will get will be amounting to Bitcoin worth $20 if you do it repeatedly you will be making a reasonable amount of money.

Faucet Claims

This particular one is for crypto lovers that’s for those that have interest in Cryptocurrency, in fact as it stands now everybody supposed to develop interests in Cryptocurrency because it is the future currency but mining of Bitcoin can be stressful and not profitable.

So If you really want to make Bitcoin without investments, mining and trading you can also make it by claiming from Bitcoin faucets such as and

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Their payout maybe too small but as time goes on it will accumulate, there are also other android app where you can claim Bitcoin such as Freelitcoin and Freebitcoincash. It is the name of the app and both of them is from


This post has some external and internal links to good platfroms that can help anyone trade, work, or reviews to earn some decent cash, from the conform of their homes; and it aligns to the topic “Best Online Business Opportunities”.

However, we don’t go with the assertion that this journal has comprehensively covered all the legitimate ways people can earn online.

This is why we also recommend this category, for followup on recently published contents on profitable online businesses.

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