How to Register and Get Union Bank Transfer Code in Nigeria

In this blog post, I will show you how to use the Union Bank money transfer code. For Union bank users, the Union bank transfer code is eligible. It lets them connect without stress and tension.

You can move money from your Union bank account into other Union bank accounts with the union bank USSD code. Or give money to Nigeria’s other bank accounts. 

This saves the hassle of using ATMs or filling bank slips for money transfer, which can be solved with only a few codes.

You can ask well to purchase airtime using Union Bank USSD codes (charge your phone any time any day), send cash, pay NEPA bills, subscribe to DSTVs, start times, etc. 

With USSD codes, you will enjoy Cardless withdrawal from the ATM.

No data connection or internet connection is needed for this service to operate. 

It is open to all telecommunication network customers, such as Glo, MTN, 9mobile, Airtel, etc.

What is Union Bank Transfer Code Features? 

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The following is what you can do with the mobile banking code of Union bank. 

  • Make it easy and smart. Pay the bills. 
  • Give money to other bank accounts and UBNs. 
  • You almost forgot to buy your wedding or birthday present. 
  • For Cardless withdrawal transactions, establish a pay-code and PIN. 
  • Keep linked on all major networks, purchase Airtime on Self and others. 
  • Keep tabs on your growing empire, search on the go for Account Number, Balances, and BVN.

How to Register for Mobile Banking at Union Bank? 

To register for Union bank Mobile bank and start enjoying the shortcode for Union bank. 

It is completely free to register on * 826 #!! To register, just dial * 826 #. Registration is only performed once the first time you dial the digits. 

The phone number used to open the Union bank account must be used to do this. You can start using the USSD code for transactions now.

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How can the Union Bank Transfer Pin be created? 

To approve each transaction you make, this pin will be used. The pin lets you secure mobile banking, ensuring that you keep it secret from anyone. 

Simply dial * 826 * 5 # to generate a transaction PIN to create a 4-digit transaction PIN (Personal Identification Number). 

How to use the Transfer Code for Union Banks (Send money to other accounts) 

You want to transfer money to users of other banks. You can transfer cash to other accounts via Union bank USSD code.

How to move money to bank accounts in the Union Bank? 

To deposit or transfer funds to a fellow Union bank account, simply dial * 826 * 1*amount*account number # Example: * 826 * 1 * 2000 * 1234515683 # to complete this transaction, you will need your PIN. 

OR dial * 826 # and select 1 to complete your transaction and follow the instructions on the computer. 

Please ensure that beneficiary details are entered correctly. An error can result in a transaction error or sending money to the wrong recipient.

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Union bank transfer code to other Banks

If you want to transfer money to other account holders, follow the guide below, maybe first bank, unity bank, or Gtbank users. 

Just dial * 826 * 2*amount*account number #, for example: * 826 * 2 * 2000 * 1234512149 # # 

OR dial * 826 # and pick a switch from one bank to another. Then follow the on-screen procedures to finish your transaction.

Union Bank transfer charges

This is the money or feeling that is withdrawn as you make purchases from your account. This means transferring money to another from one account. 

The cost for the transfer of funds to other banks is 52.50 naira per transaction. Another Union Bank account is free of charge.

How to check the balance of your Union Bank Account? 

You can verify the balance of your Union bank account by simply dialing * 826 # with this code. 

Service charge added to enjoy this service text from BAL to 20123. The balance of your account will be sent to you as a message.

How do I buy airtime from Union Bank? 

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Have you been curious about the airtime transfer code for Union Bank? Here is a shortcode that allows you to purchase airtime anywhere from your Union bank account at any time simply dial * 826*amount # with the phone number. The Union bank recharge code never runs out of conversation time.

Airtime Transfer limit at Union Bank 

The maximum airtime that you can buy from your Union bank account in a day is 20,000 naira (Self & 3rd Party) available. 

When you’ve hit the cap, you can no longer buy airtime for that day from your account. This means you’ve got to wait until the next day.

For Self Recharge or Top Up Self 

This approach is used when you want the same phone number you used to open a Union bank account to be recharged. Simply dial * 826*amount # with the phone number.

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How to buy airtime from Union Bank to another Number? 

You should ask for a union bank recharge code for third parties to use this form well. 

Recharge a phone number that has not been registered with the Union bank. With your registered phone number, this must be done. Call * 826*amount*mobile recipient no # # 

You can use the long-form, dial * 826 #, and pick your preferred choice to enjoy this service.


I hope you can use Union bank transfer codes now, huh? It makes banking fun and simple. 

For years now, this service has been available, and I can assure you that it is 100% safe and reliable. 

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