University of Oregon Study Abroad programs | how to apply and Cost

An abroad study program is great and the University of Oregon Study Abroad programs are a wonderful opportunity for local and international students. Getting enrolled in programs such as this might require much of your time, but this article is here to make your search and application easy.

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In this blog post, I will educate you on the pertinent information needed for your application to the University of Oregon Study Abroad programs.

It is important that before we dive deep into the application steps, we establish an understanding of the school, its environment, and what you stand to gain while studying in Oregon.

So, sit back, relax and read through.

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University of Oregon

The University of Oregon, commonly known as UO is a public research university located in Eugene, Oregon, United States. She was founded in 1876 as the state looked actively into developing their academic stature.

Beautiful scenery can be a conducive environment for learning. The university’s grounds are crisscrossed with beautiful trees and springs that can give you a conducive learning environment.

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From history, it has been shown that the farmers in the community put together the initial start up fund to buy and set up the school grounds. These young individuals sold farm produces, mules, and held church services to raise $27,500 to buy the 18-acre land that houses the school.

The University of Oregon is organized into five colleges namely Education, Business, Design, Arts and Sciences and Honors, and seven other professional schools. The school is governed by a board of trustees and this came into play from July 2014. This has led the school to better management levels which have increased their value in the academic circles.

Studying here also means that you would be referred to as “Ducks”. This is the nickname given to those at Oregon University as they take part in competitions.

But amongst the achievements that have placed the university on a high academic standard is the University of Oregon Study Abroad programs.

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Acceptance rate

The University of Oregon has a good acceptance rate and this is in your favor. The acceptance rate is 83.4% and this means that you stand a high chance of being admitted into the University.

Graduation rate

This aspect seems to be on the mind of man applicants. But I am here to put you at ease with the right information concerning this. The graduation rate for the University of Oregon is 71.6%.

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University of Oregon Study Abroad programs 

University of Oregon Study Abroad programs are called the Global Education Oregon (GEO). This is a division that aims at spreading students of UO across the globe into specialized industries to learn more about their disciplines. Below is a list of the University of Oregon Study Abroad programs:

Faculty-Led program

A faculty-led program is mostly done for 2-6 weeks long, but at times some might last for an entire summer or quarter. The program is led by members of the faculty board and has a focus circle on one topic or discipline. This style gives students taking part in a chance to have more specialization.

Most of the programs under this category are designed to help you accomplish major and minor requirements in the department associated with your faculty leader. The sweet part about this University of Oregon Study Abroad programs is that you get to travel and do some interesting coursework. These two aspects are done together as a group and this is great because it builds a closer bond between fellow students and professors within a short period of time.

If you are the type of student that likes to work closely with faculty members and a group of students interested in a specific discipline then this is for you.

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GEO Centers

This is where the fun part is since you get to travel across nations. The GEO program is available across countries such as London, Siena, Segovia, and Oviedo at the GEO centers. Some of the programs may be a month-long while some maybe for a semester or a full year.

GEO centers offer a variety of classes and programs ranging from language to journalism, liberal arts, business, global health, and more. Opting for such a program means that you are to travel to the prescribed countries. This gives you a great opportunity for studying, getting mentored and advised, and most importantly being tutored in your respective discipline.

The GEO staff at the GEO centers are responsible for arranging your housing, organizing your excursions, and emergency support.

It’s important to note that some GEO centers also offers faculty-led programs.

Language Learning

Here is a program with a different dimension, as it focuses on the acquisition of language skills. The skills are most times intensive and time-consuming to be acquired.

If you are studying at the University of Oregon and looking for extra language credits, then this is for you. Now here is what makes this University of Oregon Study Abroad program awesome. These language credits gained can be the equivalent of one-year language coursework.

In this program, most students often engage in cultural activities and excursions. This is done because you cannot fully understand another person’s language without being immersed in his culture. This can be a very interesting experience especially if you like people, languages, and culture.

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Exchange Programs

The Exchange Programs is exclusively open to only the University of Oregon Students. An exchange program allows you to enroll directly into a foreign university for a semester or for an entire academic year.

As a student, you will be given access to most courses that the foreign university offers in a wide range of academic disciplines. Getting this experience can be beneficial to you because from research it has been shown that students who succeed in exchange programs typically have high levels of self-reliance, resourcefulness, and willingness to adapt to unfamiliar teaching styles and living arrangements.

Before engaging in such a program, students will be required to take language classes from native speakers from a foreign country.

Note: the exchange programs are highly competitive and it is good not to place all your eggs in one basket. It is a good idea for you to consider more than one of the University of Oregon Study Abroad program.


Some of the GEO sponsored programs involve a research component in addition to classwork. The research aspects are the options of Field Research and Lab Research. If you are looking forward to building your research portfolio for the future, then this is for you.

This is a great way for you to gain practical knowledge experience in research.


This is my favorite part of the University of Oregon Study Abroad programs. The reason for this is because internships give you real-life experiences in your industry and this can greatly boost your learning curve.

The GEO has programs that offer both full internships and internships blended with coursework. On the bright side, the internships offer academic credit towards your degree but they are unpaid.

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Service-Learning here is where you as a student will assist with local issues in addition to your coursework while you are abroad. This is only offered by a few selected GEO programs that involve service-learning opportunities.

Academic credits are also awarded based on the projects you perform and how you perform generally.

Third-Party Sponsored Programs

As a student at the University of Oregon, you can also participate in programs sponsored by GEO and has an approved UO credit. These programs are operated by organizations such as  CIEE, IE3 Global, SIT, and DIS. These are third party organizations where you can be trained and educated in your respective discipline.

The third-party sponsored programs have on-site staff to support you while you attend them.

To apply for the above-mentioned programs, visit

Advantages of enrolling in the University of Oregon Study Abroad program

These advantages were collected from research and they can prove very beneficial to you if you are planning to study here. They are:

  1. Great learning environment
  2. Educated lecturers who have stood out in their respective fields
  3. Exposure to new environments that can boost your learning
  4. Additional academic credits

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is University of Oregon known for?

A: Oregon University has placed itself on the academic map because of its drive for excellence. The University of Oregon is known for its great research and commitment to teaching. The beautiful and conducive environment also paves the way for academic excellence. Their sporting teams also bring them to the spotlight.

Q: What is University of Oregon known for academically?

A: Academics has is the livewire of many universities in multiple nations. The University of Oregon also known as UO ranks in the top 20% of universities in the Nation known for creative writing, education, environmental law, landscape architecture, psychology, sports marketing, sustainable business practices.

In summary, it is essential that you apply on time for easier means of securing your admission. The University of Oregon Study Abroad programs can be truly beneficial to you as an international student.

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