7 Cheap Universities in Dubai (Suitable for International Students)

The 7 cheap universities in Dubai have been compiled for you. if you are an international student then follow through as you will be given enlightenment that would fit into your financial abilities. Your academic dream in Dubai is just here.

Dubai being an Emirate in United Arab Emirates has been a sought after in terms of education. this is due to the recent upgrade in standard. it has become very famous amongst international students.

Being an international student in Dubai would require a pre process of acquiring a visa. however, we have written Dubai Golden Visa Requirements (Cost, Duration, and Eligible Groups). This is for am more prolonged residency.

The UAE has invested billions of dollars of its oil money in their universities, allowing them to develop modern infrastructure, hire outstanding professors, and award scholarships to foreign students. Many foreign students choose to study in the UAE because of that.

You can see a common trend when you read a review of the universities in the UAE. In the past twenty years, many of them have been produced. To meet the demand for high-quality education in the UAE, several higher education institutions in the United Arab Emirates have been created. That’s something you should note, which is the latest and world-class facilities you can use.

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How do I study in Dubai? 

There are many things you have to bear in mind to research in the UAE. To support you with this process, we have prepared a guide for international students on how to study in the UAE.

The application process, application requirements, and student visa process are included in this document, so read the guide if you are interested!

Is university education free in Dubai? 

UAE residents are eligible to attend government/public institutions without tuition fees. This does not extend to private educational institutions, however.

On the other hand, if they wish to pursue studies in this country, international students typically have to pay fees. You can research for free in the UAE using various methods.

What are the student visa requirements?

Student Visa permits typically require a resident of the UAE to support the student. The appropriate university will take action and support the student if this is not feasible, so be sure to consult with your university about this. Student visas are also issued for one year, but for the remainder of your degree, they may be extended.

Can foreign students work in Dubai? 

Foreign students with a student visa are usually unable to take up part-time jobs alongside their studies. Some colleges offer internship programs that are the only means of doing real work within particular courses or degrees.

in addition to that, if you have acquired a golden visa or you have the privilege to work, here are Popular Menial Jobs in Dubai for International Residents and Worth

7 Cheap Universities in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

Here’s a list of seven cheap universities in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai).

However these colleges do have excellent scholarship services for international students. We have included links to the official website for every university.

American University in Dubai

Tuition fees: From AED 80,000

Link to the university website

Dubai’s American University is a private higher education institution located in the city of Dubai. Established in 1995, this university in the United Arab Emirates, as indicated by its name, focuses on providing education focused on the American educational system.

It presently has a student enrollment of over 4000 students, including over 120 nationalities from an international student body. It has also been listed as one of the most diverse universities in the world.

In the areas of engineering, business administration, education, arts, architecture, and technology, a variety of courses are offered. The university is located in the heart of Dubai and reveals to its students.

Dubai’s rich and vibrant cosmopolitan experience with its many opportunities to promote your education and work experience. The United States has further accredited many of the university’s key courses.

British University in Dubai

Tuition fees: From AED 50,000

Link to the university website

Dubai’s British University is a private research university located in the UAE’s international academic city of Dubai. Founded in 2004, it was formed in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, the University of Glasgow, and the University of Manchester.

Since its establishment, this affordable university in the United Arab Emirates has become one of the country’s fastest-growing higher education institutions. The bulk of the university’s courses are focused on offering postgraduate education.

Approximately 8 undergraduate degrees focusing on the fields of finance, accounting, and engineering are offered. Also, some additional MSc programs are offered both in the same fields and in information technology.

Khalifa University

Tuition fees: From AED 3000/credit hour

Link to the university website

Established in 2007, Khalifa University is situated in the city of Abu Dhabi. It is a private science-focused higher education institution and was originally established to contribute to the post-oil future of the country.

Today, the university has over 3500 students taking its courses. It operates academically through an engineering college that offers approximately 12 bachelor’s degree programs and approximately 15 postgraduate programs, all of which focus on various engineering fields.

With the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology as well as the Petroleum Institute, mergers were further maintained. It has also been ranked among the top 30 institutions in Asia, as well as among the world’s top 500 universities.

American University in Sharjah

Tuition fees: From AED 80,000

Link to the university website

The American University of Sharjah, based in Sharjah, the third-largest city in the UAE, is another private higher education institution that was established in 1997. It is located in Sharjah University City and is about 25km outside of Dubai.

There is a student population of over 5500 at the university, of which foreign students come from more than 90 countries. Students have access to several cutting-edge facilities that are relatively new, as well as the recent inception of the university.

Thus the university has been labeled as one of the region’s most multicultural and diverse universities. Programs are provided by four key arts/architecture, science, engineering, and business administration colleges.

This inexpensive university in the UAE has about 70 key courses at the undergraduate level, 16 master’s degrees, and many Ph.D. opportunities across these faculties.

United Arab Emirates University

Tuition fees: From AED 1000/credit hour

Link to the university website

The United Arab Emirates University, which was established in 1976, is known as the country’s oldest higher education institution. The university is situated in the eastern region of the UAE in the city of Al Ain and is also one of the country’s first 3 government-operated universities.

It has developed into one of the UAE’s best and cheapest universities and has a student population of over 15,000 students as well. About a fifth of the student body is now made up of foreign students. The university’s academic constitution consists of 9 major colleges that offer courses covering a wide range of fields.

There are also foundation services that further provide students with the requisite grounds for learning, where necessary, English, Arabic, and Mathematics. Besides, the university is one of the few institutions with a high degree of research commitment.

Al Ghurair University

Tuition fees: From AED 35,000

Link to the university website

Established in 1999, Al Ghurair University is a private higher education institution situated in Dubai’s International Academic Area. The Ministry of Education is among the first private universities to be accredited.

The university has grown since its establishment into a leading community-related institution that provides education to more than 3,000 students. The campus is undergoing rapid growth and provides its students with state-of-the-art facilities.

Information technology, applied sciences, computer sciences, and business administration are courses offered by the university.

Alhosn University

Tuition fees: From AED 30,000

Link to the university website

Alhosn University is another private higher education institution situated in the city of Abu Dhabi. Established in 2005, it is one of the few segregated universities in the world that consists of a separate male and a female campus.

As of 2019, about 18 undergraduate programs and 11 postgraduate programs are also available at this accessible university in the UAE.

These are run under 3 arts/social sciences, business, and engineering faculties. Prominent external organizations such as the ACCA for Business Courses further accredit several of these degrees.

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