University of Alberta – Admission processes and scholarship

Are you a prospective University of Alberta student? If yes, this post will give you a proper understanding of the admission processes and scholarships you can benefit from as a student.

The University of Alberta is located in Edmonton, Canada. They give a national and international voice to different variations in their region and taking a lead role in Canada in the global limelight.  

The University of Alberta is one of the top 5 Canada’s education system and research Universities. With an international reputation for dedicated excellence beyond the humanities, sciences, creative arts, business, engineering, and health sciences. Check out this Centennial college admission and scholarships.

The University of Alberta has more than 500 graduate programs, 250 Specializations, and 300 research areas; they are zealous in educating undergraduate students from diverse academics and professional training also dedicated to educating students to withhold huge quality research scholars in the business discipline.

They have one of the most charitable awards and financial aid programs in the county, and one of the highest graduate student funding rates in Canada.

Admission processes in the University of Alberta

These are the processes to gain admission in the University of Alberta;

PROGRAM SEARCH in the University of Alberta

I’m sure by now you must have chosen a program of interest. Nevertheless, as a high school student, you can put down two programs you prefer on your application, this will provide an outstanding advantage of receiving an admission offer.

Select the program here

COURSE REQUIREMENT in the University of Alberta

Every program has its specific requirements. Do well to check the requirements for the course of your choice on the school website. However, for applicants to be considered for admission, its necessary to meet the basic course requirements on the minimum average and language proficiency requirement.

The course requirement for all undergraduate programs provide direct entry from high school, demand the completion of five basic grade 12 subjects; The program may be altered, if it will always consist of English (Or that is correspondent in your province).


The University of Alberta renders a broad scope of programs; they are highly competitive and attainable.

For you to be granted admission into the University of Alberta, you must give competitive averages from your faculty or program of your choice, based on the required courses for that program.

The University of Alberta’s competitive average for all faculty/programs can be modified during the year, based on the competitiveness of the applicant chain.


Prospective undergraduate of University of Alberta applicants must have a sufficient level of English Language Proficiency (ELP)Spoken English Proficiency (SEP) is also required in order for you to admitted also French programs require French Language Proficiency. 

Most Canadian applicants will meet the ELP requirement certainly having completed at least three years of full-time education in English, in Canada. If not, there are several ways to try ELP, including TOEFL and IELTS exam scores.

OTHER REQUIREMENTS from the University of Alberta

Some programs have additional requirements, such as a portfolio, audition, or written statement.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW about University of Alberta

.          You have to know the important dates/ deadlines

.           Subject to the kind of student you are, your transcripts can be sent to the University of Alberta automatically or can be arranged to get them sent.

.           You will be given a new university email address, a special student number, and a campus computing ID (CCID), after you applied and submitted you application.

.           Always update your application; check your University of Alberta email and status.          

.           Check how the University of Alberta ascertains their eligibility and how they evaluate multiple program decisions. Also, get to know when to expect an admission choice and your application status.

.           You can get an accurate tuition evaluation based on your choice of program and choice of living arrangement.

.           Presumably, you have a high school study permit; you must acquire a new study permit for post-secondary studies if you are an international student in Canada.

. In all together for you to submit your application, it essential you submit an application fee of either CAD $125 application fee. This application is non-refundable.

However, the application fee varies for professional program applications, please check their website for more information.

NOTE: Due to the difference in location, visit the school portal to know which process is specific to you.

Official website://

 SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS offered by the University of Alberta

Do you know that 1 in 5 first year students can acquire a scholarship?

If you’re a learned catalyst or brainy student, the University of Alberta awards $32 million each year in undergraduate scholarships, awards, and financial aids.


Amazingly the University of Alberta could be starting with scholarships you don’t even want to apply for! When you apply for admission you will have access to this schlorships . However, your eligibility will be based on your high school admission average at the time of your admission offer.


Applicants with outstanding academic results attending high school in Canada can receive a scholarship up to $9,000 which will be due within the duration of four years with a study permit.


The top entrance out of province Canadian student will receive $30,000 overdue for four years.


$6,000 could be received to top 5% students in all faculty determine on your admission average.


With the average of 80%+ student attending high school in Canada could receive a scholarship up to $3,000.


Presumably, you’re not sure what scholarships you’re eligible for, also fill out a single scholarship base on your background, keen, academics, experiences. There are even more awards and scholarships are even more scholarships and awards for all types of students.

Note that once you submit your application for admission, it could take up to 2-3 business days to receive your CCID, submit your application well before the scholarship deadline.


The University of Alberta offer scholarship for the most prestigious outstanding high achiever with admission average of 95%+and prominent character.


To magnify their university experience with education abroad, Canadian students who are interested in exploring the world could receive up to $3,750.


$1,500 could be received to out of province Canadian student strong awareness to help them stay connected home.


80%+ brainy students with admission average will be assessed for scholarships to acknowledge their achievement through leadership roles.


Scholarship valued at $45,000 will be considered too high accomplishing students with Chinese or Hong Kong citizenship and financial need.


Scholarship valued at $30,000 with a duration of four years, could be eligible for students attending high school in Canada on study permit with high accomplishment and leadership qualities.

GENERAL ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS for the university of Alberta

It is essential that applicant meet the fundament standard for entrance scholarships and awards:

. It good you present an admission average that meet or surpass the requirement for a particular scholarship and award.

. With less than 12 credits of university course work during high school or time taken off between high school and university you could gain entrance into university directly from high school, given that no post-secondary credit was rendered during that time.

The University of Alberta scholarship and award are competitive; there is no guarantee that meeting the eligibility will issue in a scholarship or award offer.

The veracity of your self-recorded grades is limited to entrance award offers. If there is a split between your recorded grades and your final official transcript, your award offer will be invalidated.


Hopefully, am sure you have obtained loads of details concerning the University of Alberta admission processes and scholarships. 

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